Items to Keep at Grandma’s House

keep at grandma's house

Items to Keep at Grandma’s House

Whether you only see Grandma and Grandpa once or twice a year, or you visit them (with baby in tow) regularly, traveling with all of the necessary baby gear can be a real pain in the you-know-what. Rather than make yourself crazy, why not leave a few essential items to keep at your parents’ house (permanently) and make the trip a little less miserable for everyone involved? Check out our must-have items to keep at Grandma’s house!

1. Somewhere for baby to sleep.

Grandma loves her grand babies, but we’re guessing she probably doesn’t want to listen to your little darling scream bloody murder all night long. Can we get an amen? A safe, comfortable place for baby to sleep is a must-have. A portable crib is a fantastic option. We love the Lotus Travel Crib from Guava Family!

Lotus Everywhere Travel Crib | Baby Chick Lotus Everywhere Travel Crib | Baby Chick

Unlike the heavy, clunky, dinosaur cribs of yesteryear, the Lotus is lightweight, portable (it packs neatly into a backpack), and even machine washable. Hallelujah! 

Items to Keep at Grandma's House | Baby Chick Lotus Everywhere Travel Crib - Baby Chick Baby Chick - Lotus Everywhere Travel CribGuava Family | Baby Chick

The Lotus is approved for newborns through toddlers under 35 inches of height. It even features a fun, side-access door, doubling as a play yard where baby can hang out. Love! And don’t even get us started on the thoughtful accessories Guava offers; these guys have seriously thought of everything!

2. Don’t forget the diaper essentials!

Make sure Grandma and Grandpa have all the diapers, wipes, and diaper cream necessary to care for your little one’s bum. You could even store it all in a cute little caddy for them, so that everything is kept together — on a shelf in a spare bedroom might be ideal. Hitting the road, and worried your stash might need refilling? Place an Amazon order a couple of days before you head out, this way no one has to make a grocery store run when you arrive. Ain’t nobody got time for that! A transportable changing pad is another nice thing to have. This will save you valuable travel space.

Items to Keep at Grandma's House | Baby Chick

3. Pack and stash an extra diaper bag for the Grandma on-the-go.

Why not pack up an extra diaper bag for Grandma for all of those solo trips to the neighborhood playground or shopping? (We know Grandmas love to shop!) That way you don’t have to leave your own beloved diaper bag behind, and you know she’ll always have what she needs!

Items to Keep at Grandma's House | Baby Chick

4. A carseat, or at the very least an extra carseat base.

Planning to leave your little one with Grandma and Grandpa for an extended period of time? Why not just get them their own carseat? There are many fabulous options on the market. We love the Evenflo Lite Max 35 Infant Car Seat — it looks sharp, and won’t break the bank!

5. An inexpensive stroller.

Grandma probably doesn’t need a Bugaboo, but she might want something for those trips to the zoo! Check out a few of our favorite umbrella strollers here. With four littles under the age of six, the UppaBaby G-Lite is definitely on my Wish List! You could also go for a Doona and combine the stroller and carseat in one!

Doona Infant Car Seat Bundle with All Day Bag & Insect Net - Turquoise/Sky | Baby Chick

6. Bath Time must-haves.

Think soaps, lotionshooded towels, and wash cloths.

7. An inexpensive high chair or booster seat for meal time.

We love the Ikea Antilop high chair! It is perfect for Grandma’s house — cheap, low profile, and easy to clean. This could make an excellent new grandparent gift! A Bumbo chair with tray is another great (and cost-efficient) option when baby is smaller.

8. A way to keep an eye on your little one.

A baby monitor you can check from your smart phone is the perfect solution! Just make sure you give Grandma and Grandpa a quick tutorial before heading out for Date Night!


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We realize this list will probably change as baby gets bigger — at which point you may want to keep things like spare toys and favorite DVDs on hand to entertain, and avoid total toddler meltdown. Nor is this list exhaustive. But we think it’s a great start! Don’t you?

Items to Keep at Grandma's House | Baby Chick

What items do you keep at Grandma and Grandpa’s house? We’d love to hear! 

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