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12 Reasons to Have ‘Just One More’ Baby

Choosing to have another child is a major life decision. 'Just one more baby' could positively impact your life in many ways.

Published January 6, 2023 Opinion

Choosing to have children is a significant life decision. Whether you have one or five (or more!), everything changes the second you lay your eyes on the brand-new tiny human you’ve created. There are many factors to consider when deciding whether to grow your family even more and have just one more baby, but if you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance you’ve at least thought about it.

12 Reasons to Have One More Baby

Adding a new member to the clan isn’t something to take lightly. Choosing to have another baby is personal, but if you’re considering expanding your family and need more convincing, take this list as your sign to go for it. Here are 12 reasons to have just one more baby:

1. You’re Seasoned at This Point

You’ve already been a parent and know a thing or two about the ins and outs of it all. Sure, every baby is different, but there’s a confidence that comes when you’ve gone through it once. You can forget about a lot of the stress that comes with being a new mom and focus on enjoying another little bundle of joy.

2. You’ve Got More to Learn

Parents are undoubtedly our children’s first teachers. They, too, have so much to teach us about life, love, and all the lessons we never knew we needed to learn until they came along. Having another baby is not only a chance to nurture another human but also a chance to grow together.

3. You’re Only Adding Chaos to the Chaos

Or will you add a newfound sense of peace and calm that only a baby could bring? It’s all a matter of perspective, but there’s something about that sweet newborn scent and long baby snuggles at the end of the day that makes everything else feel less hectic.

4. There’s a Special Joy in Seeing Your Children Become Older Siblings

Even if the children you already have are still little, you’ll melt watching them take on their new roles. While new babies are an adjustment for everyone, the sweet little sibling moments along the way will make you feel a sense of gratitude you never knew existed.

5. You Get to Experience All the Firsts Again

Their first smile, first laugh, when they start to crawl and walk, when they say “mama” and “dada” — they’re all the best! And with a new baby, you get to experience all of those firsts again.

6. You Still Have Baby Items to Get More Use Out Of

If you haven’t parted with every bib, baby toy, or book, maybe there’s a reason. Deep down, you might yearn to use those items just once more. While having a baby is about so much more than those material aspects, it is much less stressful to prepare for one when you already have most of the necessities.

7. You Can Look Forward to Big Family Gatherings

The younger years will fly by in the blink of an eye, but the future can still be something to look forward to. Part of the beauty of having just one more baby is that you do not just have one more baby; you’re bringing a whole new human into the world. Having one more baby means you’re building a larger crew to do life with for years to come. If you’re on the fence, picture your Thanksgiving table a decade later. If it doesn’t feel complete as is, you probably already know why.

8. You’ll Fall in Love with Your Other Children Again

Whether they’ve merely entered the trying twos or are well into those tough teenage years, having another baby will remind you of the innocence each of your kids embodied. It might be bittersweet to come to terms with how fast time has flown, but you might also be encouraged to slow down and appreciate what’s left of your active parenting years.

9. Siblings Make the Best Helpers

And the best friends. Sure, they won’t always get along. But when there’s a fuller house while you’re in the thick of it, there’s more love to go around for the long haul. And that’s a win-win for everyone.

10. You’re Giving Your Older Children Another Best Friend

Being a parent is the best, but the hardest thing about being a parent is realizing that we won’t always be around to take care of our children. One day, they will take care of us, and then, thankfully, they will have each other. Your other children one day just might thank you for giving them another built-in best friend for life. And you wouldn’t be able to imagine life without this child.

11. Babies are So Darn Cute!

And snuggly, precious, perfect, and wholesome. Okay, this probably isn’t reason enough to have another (though it isn’t untrue). But seriously, the world could always use a bit more positivity and goodness that only a new soul could offer. And to get to be that brand-new soul’s safe space? It couldn’t get any better.

12. You’re Already Considering It

You’ll never regret choosing to become a mom to another little one. If it’s on your mind to have just one more baby, the idea is likely weighing on your heart, too. And that’s something worth listening to.

If you’re anything like me and dread the day you won’t have a tiny baby to cradle in your arms, you might ponder the possibility of having at least one more. While only you and your partner can make that decision for your family, there’s no denying the plethora of reasons for having another.

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