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8 Must-Have Labor Induction Hospital Bag Items

If you are being induced, here are 8 must-have labor induction hospital bag items to bring with you to the hospital.

Updated May 25, 2024

You may face a labor induction if you have reached your baby’s due date (or have passed it!) and your little bundle of joy is far too comfortable to come out on their own. Or, you may need to be induced for a medical reason.1 An induction can be planned, or it could be sudden in an emergency. Also, for some women, their medical labor inductions can go quickly and they will deliver their little ones within the same day. For others, their bodies and babies may need more time, and meeting their little ones may take a day or two (or three). There are many different experiences women can have. However, no matter your experience, you can still plan and prepare in advance if you think a medical labor induction is in your future. So, if you are being induced, here are some hospital bag items for labor induction that you should have on hand that can help you with a smoother, more comfortable labor and delivery experience.

8 Labor Induction Hospital Bag Must-Haves

1. A Few Comfy Outfits for You and Your Significant Other

The labor induction process can be long, so you may be at the hospital for many days. One of the best things you can do to make this a more comfortable experience is to pack a few changes of clothes for you and your significant other in your hospital bag. Then, if you end up being there for four days, you can rest assured that you will have plenty of clean clothes to be comfortable in!

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2. Entertainment

Checking in for labor induction slightly differs from checking into the hospital when you are already in labor. Since it can take a little while to get things going, it is best to plan ahead. For example, bring a few books, movies, or anything to distract you and your partner. There’s nothing worse than sitting in a hospital room being induced and waiting hours upon hours for some action to occur. Distracting yourself will make things go smoother, and the time may seem to go just a little faster.

3. Snacks

Depending on your hospital’s policy, you may be able to snack during some parts of your induction. Be sure to ask when you arrive, but preparing snacks that will give you some energy to power through labor will help. Ensuring your partner is fed will also help everyone be on their game when it comes time to welcome your little one into the world.

4. Essential Oils & An Oil Diffuser

If essential oils are your thing and you have a doula or midwife who can help you select essential oils that will help support the labor process, you may want to pack them in your hospital bag! Be sure to check with the experts on your team, though. Essential oils can also be very calming, which all women need during labor.

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5. Nursing Essentials

If you are planning on breastfeeding, don’t forget your nursing essentials! A breastfeeding pillow can make things much easier, and a nursing gown is also super convenient. This is a tip for all mommas, not just those being induced.

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6. Your Computer

Bringing your computer can help keep you busy and distracted if your induction seems to be going on longer than you would like. Try to relax and watch some of your favorite shows. Or do some guided meditation or even hypnobirthing as you progress through labor. Adding these things to your computer before you head to the hospital is ideal so you don’t have to worry about it when you check in.

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7. Slippers

Hospitals often offer portable monitors so you can get up and walk the halls to help progress labor. So pack a comfortable pair of slippers in your hospital bag to hit the hallways and get that labor progressing!

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8. A Pillow

If you are in the hospital for more than one night, those pillows can be super uncomfortable. Come prepared with your pillow from home to be more comfortable while you rest.

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The key to any labor induction is to make yourself as relaxed and comfortable as possible to help progress things. The last thing you want is to be overly tense and stressed out. So prepare as much as possible by packing these eight hospital bag items for labor induction. Remember that inductions can take a few hours or days, so don’t get discouraged. Your baby will be here soon.

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