10 Thank You Gifts to Give Your Nurses in Labor and Delivery
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10 Thank You Gifts to Give Your Nurses in Labor and Delivery

Get 10 great ideas and suggestions for thank-you gifts to give to the labor and delivery nurses.

Updated July 9, 2024

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Few angels on this planet can compare to those who work in labor and delivery, and they deserve a gift or two. These men and women can be true godsends during the birthing process. They are the calmers of fears and the keepers of the ice chips.

A good labor and delivery nurse knows when a mom needs quiet and when she can use a little cheering on. They are there to support parents as they begin the most challenging and rewarding journey of their lives. These miracle workers deserve to be spoiled.

Gift Ideas to Thank Your Nurses in Labor and Delivery

These are great gift ideas for thanking those who have helped you along your journey to parenthood.

1. Cookies and Treats

This is an easy but always appreciated gesture. There are so many companies out there that offer amazing treats any nurse would love. Some great ones are Crumbl Cookies, Tiff’s Treats, Great American Cookies, and more. Many places change their menus often, so it’s a good bet that no one at the hospital will get sick of a cookie. Sending a sweet treat is a great gift idea to say “thank you” to the nurses in labor and delivery for being such an essential part of your special day.

2. A Spa Basket

Spa basket

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Those hands that stroked your brow and helped your baby to latch are constantly being washed and get super dry. Lotion is an excellent gift for nurses. Get a little spa basket with some hand lotion, maybe even a bottle of bubble bath or a bath bomb so your nurse can relax after an exhausting shift. They deserve that little bit of pampering.

3. A Water Bottle or Cup

Water bottle

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Nurses need to stay hydrated during their long, grueling shifts. Gift your nurse a cool new water bottle or cup. There are tons available online that have fun sayings and graphics. If you have a super crafty friend, you could also have them personalize something for your nurse with their name. They will be grateful for your thoughtfulness.

4. Daily Survival Kit

Nurses survival kit

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Trust us; a nurse is always looking for a pen. Try to find one with a special saying, maybe about babies or being a superhero. Find a fun badge holder. Nurses must wear a work badge; why not make it unique? You could also grab some hand sanitizer and lip balm. All of these are necessary to get through a long shift. Throw in a few hair ties, and you have a sweet gift.

5. A Pair of Fun Socks

Socks for nurses

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Nurses are limited in what they can wear to work. One of the best ways to show off their flair is with footwear. You can find all kinds of vibrant and stylish socks online. Your nurse will love to add a little bit of fun to their wardrobe for the hospital.

6. Flowers

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Everyone loves receiving fresh flowers. It can be a simple arrangement with a few pretty stems, or you can go all out with something extravagant. No matter what it looks like, this is a classic thank-you gift that everyone in the nurse’s station can enjoy.

7. Candles

Valuspa small jar candle

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Who doesn’t love a fresh-scented candle? Find a scent that fits the current season and bring it to your nurses. When your nurses get home, they will love being able to light their candles and smell the sweet scents. It will help to remind them how important they are.

8. A Gift Card

Amazon gift card

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It doesn’t have to be extravagant; even $5 to $10 would be appreciated. It could be for anything from coffee to Amazon to iTunes. Just a little something for your nurses to use and enjoy when they are away from the hospital.

9. Snack Basket

The Snack Bar box of snacks

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Long shifts and many patients mean that nurses must eat quickly and on the run. Put together a basket of grab-and-go snacks to share. Think of simple things like granola bars, trail mix packages, and individually wrapped snacks and chips. Make it something that your nurse can enjoy between patients.

10. A Handwritten Note

Rifle & Co. "many thanks" thank you card

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Your thoughts don’t cost a thing but will undoubtedly touch your nurse’s heart. A sweet note thanking them for being a part of your special day and expressing how much you appreciate their hard work and kindness is a beautiful way to brighten someone’s day. You never know when someone needs that extra word of encouragement.

When you have a baby, you hope your experience will be positive. Often, your nurse will make all the difference in the world. If they have made your labor and delivery experience a good one, let them know with a token of your appreciation.

A labor and delivery nurse’s hard work isn’t always recognized. They often run from room to room, patient to patient, with hardly a moment to think. Acknowledging that they made your birth experience great will make your nurse and you feel good. There is no need to spend a lot of money. Be creative and have fun with your gift ideas for your nurses in labor and delivery. Thoughtfulness matters; no matter what you do, they’ll appreciate the gesture.

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