Recommended Pregnancy & Baby Books for Your Partner to Read

Recommended Books for Your Partner to Read | Baby Chick

Recommended Pregnancy & Baby Books for Your Partner to Read

There are so many pregnancy books out there for moms to read, but what about soon-to-be dads? What should dads be reading to prepare for their baby’s birth and for fatherhood? Yes, a lot of the books that moms are reading, dads can read too. But if he’s looking for somethings that is just for him, then these are some gems that we’ve found.

Books for Your Partner

1. The Birth Partner by Penny Simkin

Recommended Books for Your Partner to Read | Baby Chick

This book is one of the best go-to guides for preparing to help a woman through childbirth. It’s an essential manual to have at hand during the event. For the partner who wishes to be truly helpful in the birthing room, this book is what you need. It includes thorough information on:

  • Preparing for labor and knowing when it has begun
  • Normal labor and how to help the woman every step of the way
  • Epidurals and other medications for labor
  • Non-drug techniques for easing labor pain
  • Cesarean birth and complications that may require it
  • Breastfeeding and newborn care
  • And so much more
2. The Expectant Father by Armin A. Brott and Jennifer Ash

Recommended Books for Your Partner to Read | Baby Chick

This information-packed, month-by-month guide incorporates the expertise of top practitioners in their fields, from obstetricians and birth-class instructors to psychologists and sociologists. It also draws from Brott’s own experience as a father of three and from the real-world experiences of the thousands of dads he’s interviewed. With the humor of New Yorker cartoons and Brott’s gentle approach, The Expectant Father serves as a friendly and readable companion for dads-to-be seeking confidence, guidance, and joy!

3. The Bradley Method by Robert A Bradley, Marjie Hathaway, Jay Hathaway, James Hathaway

Recommended Books for Your Partner to Read | Baby Chick

This book started a revolution in the birthing experience and helped millions of women and their partners to a safe and natural childbirth. This new, updated edition has all the information you need to approach a natural childbirth safely, confidently, and wisely. From the reasons to choose the Bradley Method to the steps you will take as your birth day approaches—and after the birth of your baby—this book is designed to help couples share completely in the birthing experience and help the laboring mother have the birth that she desires.

4. Raising Cole by Marc Pittman with Mark Wangrin

Recommended Books for Your Partner to Read | Baby Chick

Pittman crosses the boundary and stigma of the “tough guy” and shows that while being very tough, you can also be very compassionate. This book will make you appreciate not every hour, but every second you spend with someone you love. It’s basically a roadmap for parents seeking to create a lasting relationship that can withstand the storms of life.

5. The Circumcision Decision by Susan Terkel and Lorna Greenberg

Recommended Books for Your Partner to Read | Baby Chick

Trying to decide whether or not you will circumcise your son if you’re having a boy? The Circumcision Decision is the only unbiased, thoughtful exploration of the important question of whether to circumcise your son or leave his foreskin intact. With a highly readable approach and reliable information, it guides parents through the full range of issues to help them make a decision that is best for their newborn son.

6. Men, Love & Birth by Denis Walsh and Mark Harris

Recommended Pregnancy & Baby Books for Your Partner to Read | Baby Chick

There’s a wealth of information out there for expectant moms on pregnancy and birth, but so often the dad is left out of the conversation. Male midwife Mark Harris seeks to redress the balance with this book, drawing on his decades of experience with couples as they make the transition to being new parents.
Covering topics from massage to sex, and pain relief during labor to breastfeeding, this is a lively, honest and frank discussion of pregnancy and birth from a man’s point of view. Mark explores how to harness the power of birthing hormones, how to remain calm and aware in the birthing room, how to communicate effectively, and ultimately how to live the process of becoming a father to the full.

7. The Book of Dads edited by Ben George

Recommended Pregnancy & Baby Books for Your Partner to Read | Baby Chick

At turns humorous, irreverent, poignant and tender, The Book of Dads brings together twenty well-known and beloved writers on the subject of fatherhood, offering fathers—or anyone who has been or loved a parent—unrivaled insights into the complexity of fatherhood as it’s experienced now. It is a literary reader for the contemporary dad, hip and on point, but with an eye toward becoming a classic for readers return to again and again.

8. We’re Pregnant! The First Time Dad’s Pregnancy Handbook by Adrian Kulp

Recommended Pregnancy & Baby Books for Your Partner to Read | Baby Chick

Being a great first-time dad doesn’t mean being perfect. It means having the tools you need to be a supportive partner during and after pregnancy―which is exactly what We’re Pregnant! The First-Time Dad’s Pregnancy Handbook is all about.

From heartburn and headaches to birth and breastfeeding, We’re Pregnant! features practical, action-oriented pregnancy advice from the author of the Dad or Alive blog, Adrian Kulp, a (once clueless) dad who’s been there and done that―three times, in fact!

We’re Pregnant! addresses and alleviates the stress first-time dads face through candid pregnancy guidance, including:

  • Week-specific pregnancy milestones so you’re not left wondering what’s happening, what’s going to happen, or what you should be doing during the pregnancy
  • Practical suggestions for supporting your partner’s changing needs during pregnancy and thereafter
  • Action-oriented goals that will support baby’s development, mom’s pregnancy experience, and the wellbeing of your relationship
  • Up-to-date information on “The Fourth Trimester” so you’re as prepared for the first months of baby’s life as you were during pregnancy

We’re Pregnant! delivers real-world pregnancy advice with a humorous tone that will get first-time dads ready, willing, and able to carry their portion of the pregnancy weight . . . pickles and ice cream not included.

9. The Expectant Dad’s Handbook by Dean Beaumont

Recommended Pregnancy & Baby Books for Your Partner to Read | Baby Chick

Becoming a dad can be a daunting time, and most pregnancy and parenting information is targeted towards women. This exciting new book, from a leading expert in working with expectant dads, doesn’t sideline or speak down to men. Instead it provides an array of targeted information to fully prepare men for their new roles as both birth partners and fathers. This is a one-stop guide for men on their path to fatherhood. It provides practical answers to all the questions on the mind of a dad-to-be, from what to expect at each stage of pregnancy to how to cope with any worries and fears about becoming a father. It also reveals unique insights into a dad’s role during labor, showing key strategies for improving the birth. Both practical and accessible, this guide will provide all the information and advice fathers need for the journey ahead.

10. Daddy Blues by Mark Williams

Recommended Pregnancy & Baby Books for Your Partner to Read | Baby Chick

A touching story from a rarely explored perspective, Daddy Blues tells the tale of a man learning to deal with a problem he never knew he could have. His wife was experience baby blues and postpartum depression and he shares how he too felt as though he had lost something, succumbing to feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. He had never heard of fathers going through postnatal depression. This sheds light on a topic that is seldom discussed that more soon-to-be fathers need to know about.

What were some books that you read during your pregnancy–or even after baby–that you found helpful? What would you add to this list? Let us know!

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