Everything You Need for Your Home Birth

Everything You Need for a Home Birth | Baby Chick

Everything You Need for Your Home Birth

Home births have been slowly on the rise since 2012. With more women doing their research, watching documentaries such as The Business of Being Born, and talking to other women about their birth stories, more have been choosing to give birth outside of the hospital. (Of course, this is only recommended to low-risk, healthy women and babies.) Being a healthy and low-risk pregnant woman myself, I have also decided to skip the hospital and have our sweet baby boy at home. I’ve been meeting with my midwife regularly, taking Bradley Method classes, reading lots of books, and–of course–after attending hundreds of births in homes and hospitals over the last six years, I feel more prepared and comfortable to welcome our sweet baby in the comfort of our home.

But what do you need when you give birth at home? There are TONS of lists when it comes to “what to pack in your hospital bag.” And recently we shared what you need to pack for a birth center birth. But what do you really need if you are staying at home? You really don’t need too much, but there are some things that you should get that can help make things much easier and overall better for you and your birth team. I’ve been getting everything ready for our home birth and I’m sharing my complete list of everything you will need for your home birth.

Everything You Need for a Home Birth | Baby Chick


When you’re in labor here are the things that you will need to have with you:

Everything You Need for a Home Birth | Baby Chick

1. Lip balm

There’s a lot of breathing when you’re in labor. It’s common for women’s lips to become dry and chapped which can become an annoyance and really uncomfortable. That’s the last thing we need, another thing making us uncomfortable during contractions.

Everything You Need for a Home Birth | Baby Chick

Everything You Need for a Home Birth | Baby Chick

2. Birth ball and/or peanut ball

Changing positions during labor is very important and helpful when in labor. A birth ball and peanut ball can really help open your hips and get baby lower.

3. Massage oil or lotion

Your support person should have something to massage you with. Massage will help you relax those tense muscles.

4. Thermometer

Your birth team will use the thermometer to check the temperature of the water–if you decide to labor in the tub or have a water birth.

5. Massage tools

As a massage therapist, my hands are used to working nonstop and not getting tired. But your partner may feel differently. Have some tools that can help him/her out to keep you comfortable. These TendHer Buddies are great for counter pressure, and deep tissue massage which help relax your tense muscles, especially swollen feet, achy hips, and tired lower back.

Everything You Need for a Home Birth | Baby Chick

6. Birth outfit

I am going to be wearing this bralette and a sarong when I’m in labor.

Everything You Need for a Home Birth | Baby Chick

7. Crockpot & tongs

Your midwife can use the crockpot to heat up wash cloths to use on your perineum to support those tissues and help them to stretch during pushing. The water can get hot, so the tongs will help her not burn her hands!

8. 1-2 dozen white washcloths

Washcloths are great for hot and cold compresses on your forehead, neck, shoulders, and lower back during labor. The majority of them will be used on your perineum for support during pushing.

9. Support person and/or doula

Laboring is so much easier when you are surrounded by love and support.

10. Heating pad and/or rice socks

Heat is a great way to relieve discomfort. It’s great to sit on a heating pad and have it on your perineum while you labor as well as have a rice sock on your lower back.

11. 1 small unopened bottle of olive oil

They need an unopened bottle of olive oil (for sanitary reasons) for when you start pushing. This will be used to help your perineum stretch when giving birth.

12. 1 cookie sheet

Your midwife will have tools that she will need during your labor and delivery. To keep everything together and clean, have a cookie sheet out for her to have all of her tools easy to access. If you decide to move to a different room in your house to labor or push that will help her transfer everything in one trip.

13. Essential oils

Everything You Need for a Home Birth | Baby Chick

Immediate Postpartum

When you’re in the hospital, they have everything there that you need for recovery. Of course they will charge you for everything that you are given and use so use it all! But since you’re at home, you will need to have those recovery items with you. Luckily, Earth Mama makes it super simple with their products. They have amazing products that you’ll need and you can feel good knowing that all of their items are safe for you and baby.

If you don’t know about Earth Mama, they believe in the natural process of birth, and the healing power of nature. This is something that really spoke to me since I am preparing for my natural home birth. Their mission is to provide safe, herbal alternatives for pregnant, postpartum and breastfeeding women, and babies of all ages, and to help educate people about traditional plant medicine and safe personal care. They manufacture natural and organic products that work, combining generations of women’s wisdom and traditional plant medicine with the safety and assurances of contemporary evidence based research. If it doesn’t measure up to Mama’s standards, it doesn’t leave their building. I know that my baby and I are safe and well taken care of when choosing any of their amazing products. This is why I’m a big fan. Here is everything that you’ll need right after you have your baby:

Everything You Need for a Home Birth | Baby Chick

1. Bottom balm

You just pushed out your baby boy or baby girl. Congratulations! Your bottom will probably be quite sore from all the stretching caused by pushing out a tiny human and you might potentially (or inevitably) have hemorrhoids. You’ll need something that will provide fast relief and healing to that sensitive area. Earth Mama’s Organic Perineal Balm will do just the trick. It’s made with an herbal cream blend of organic witch hazel and rich organic botanicals traditionally used to soothe, cool and provide perineal relief before and after childbirth. It’s recommended that you keep it in your refrigerator for extra cooling. Apply 2-3 times a day. Your bottom will thank you!

Everything You Need for a Home Birth | Baby Chick

2. Bottom spray

Along with their perineal balm, this herbal perineal spray is equally amazing. When you use them together, it’s heaven. I highly recommend using both daily. The Herbal Perineal Spray is made with cooling cucumber, organic witch hazel, and rich organic botanicals traditionally used for postpartum relief. It also has no artificial fragrance or preservatives and helps soothe perineal discomfort before and after childbirth. Apply 2-3 times a day as well and store in the refrigerator for extra cooling.

Everything You Need for a Home Birth | Baby Chick

3. Postpartum bath herbs

After giving birth, it’s incredibly soothing and healing to take a postpartum herb bath. I love the Earth Mama Organic Herbal Sitz Bath because they are USDA Certified 100% organic, and there are six individual herbal sachets inside the box. That makes it easy to use and much easier for cleaning up. No one wants to clean out the herbs from your tub before it drains.

Everything You Need for a Home Birth | Baby Chick

4. 1 bottle of Ibuprofen

This will help with the after pains of birth.

5. Nursing outfits/pajamas for after delivery

After you have your baby, you need to have some outfits or pajamas that are nursing-friendly for easier access for breastfeeding.

Everything You Need for a Home Birth | Baby Chick

6. Pads and/or Depends Silhouettes

After you have a baby there can be a lot of blood. Remember, you did just gave birth. The placenta was attached to your uterus and the place where it was attached now needs to heal. Your uterus is also trying to get back to it’s original plum shaped size, so it will be contracting and shedding blood to do just that. This is why large pads and/or Depends can help keep you comfortable and clean during the recovery process. Padsicles are a great idea too!

7. Milkmaid Tea

To help bring in your milk, drink Earth Mama’s milkmaid tea! It will take a few days for your milk to come in, but drinking this tea will help you have a good start.

Everything You Need for a Home Birth | Baby Chick

Everything You Need for a Home Birth | Baby Chick

For Baby

Just like at a hospital birth, you’ll also need to have some things ready for baby. Here’s what you’ll need:

Everything You Need for a Home Birth | Baby Chick

1. 4-6 receiving blankets

Have blankets that you don’t mind getting messy. These will be used to hold baby skin-to-skin and keep baby warm after delivery.

2.  1 baby gown or outfit and socks

Something for baby to wear.

3. 1-2 baby hats

To keep baby’s head warm.

4. Pack of newborn diapers

For obvious reasons.

Once you are ready to give baby his/her first bath, Earth Mama has a safe body wash and shampoo for you to use. It was formulated by a nurse and herbalist and is chosen by hospital NICUs because it is mild enough for super delicate baby skin and hair. There are no artificial fragrances or preservatives, Triclosan, phthalates, parabens or harsh sulfates, which we love! It’s gentle and perfect for your little one who has just entered the world.

Everything You Need for a Home Birth | Baby Chick

Earth Mama’s Baby Lotion & Baby Oil

Everything You Need for a Home Birth | Baby Chick

Their baby lotion and baby oil are also wonderful. The lotion is made of a moisturizing blend of gentle calendula rich ingredients which comforts and soothes sensitive, delicate skin. The baby oil is made of a naturally effective grape seed baby oil blend infused with moisturizing organic calendula. It’s so safe, hospitals use it for infant massage on NICU babies! It’s reassuring to know that Earth Mama is a brand that we can trust since they will only use the best ingredients.

Everything You Need for a Home Birth | Baby Chick

If you’re unfamiliar with baby’s first poop, meconium, it is black, tar-like and very sticky. I am going to be using Earth Mama’s #1 best selling salve Baby Diaper Balm. It’s a naturally vegan blend of synergistically beneficial herbs like organic calendula, organic tea tree oil, organic chickweed, organic shea butter and pure essential oils. Zinc and lanolin-free, and also safe for cloth diapers! I will be applying a thin coat of this ointment to diaper area right after birth to easily wipe away that sticky meconium as well as after each diaper change and after bath time.

Everything You Need for a Home Birth | Baby Chick


Luckily you don’t have to do the cleaning even though you are at home. You just had a baby! Your midwife and the birth team will help keep things tidy and will clean up afterwards. Here is what you need for them to help do that:

1. 1 box of trash bags

2. 1 roll of paper towels

3. 6-8 of soft bath towels (preferably old)

When you’re giving birth at home, you will need a lot of towels. Especially if you plan on laboring in and out of the tub and shower. They will need those towels to keep you comfortable and keep your home clean.

4. 2 plastic shower curtain liners

One shower curtain will be placed under your sheets over your mattress to protect your bed, and the other will be placed on the floor between the bed and the bathroom or your birth pool and the bathroom. This will protect any blood or fluids from dripping on your floors or carpet!

5. 1 large bottle of hydrogen peroxide

If blood does so happen to get on your carpet or other items, hydrogen peroxide is the best, quickest way to get it out.

6. 1 large pack of under pads or bed pads

If your water breaks or you have some bloody show, this will protect your bed.

7. 2 flat sheets

After you have your baby, your birthing team will remake your bed with fresh linens.

8. 4-6 pillow cases

LOTS of pillows are used during labor. They also want you to have some fresh pillow cases on your pillows after you have your baby.

9. 1 big bowl

This is used for your wet/dirty washcloths.

10. 1 container of cleaning wipes

This will keep your home clean and disinfect everything that you may have used or been around.

Everything You Need for a Home Birth | Baby Chick

There’s the whole list of what you need for your home brith. As you can see there are quite a few things that you have to search for. I love that Earth Mama has taken the searching and guess work out of finding safe and effective products that you need for birth and baby. You’re all set!

This article contains affiliate links. These opinions are our own, however, if you buy something we may earn a small commission, which helps us keep our content free to our readers. To see more of our recommended products check out our Chick Picks Shop here. It’s our carefully curated shop of products we love and recommend! ❤️


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