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To Wax or Not to Wax Before Giving Birth

To wax or not to wax before giving birth? Should you go smooth for the "Big Day"? Join us as we weigh all of the pros and cons.

Published July 31, 2018 Opinion

Many women (and even their medical practitioners) will tell you there’s nothing wrong with a bit of pampering before the “Big Day.” (Baby’s Delivery Day, that is.) And when you think about it, this is a brilliant idea. Veteran mommies can tell you there’s no tired like new baby tired. Trust us on this. Making time for a mani and pedi will be the last thing on your to-do list after baby arrives. At least for a couple of months. So why not go for the big shebang ahead of time? Get a prenatal massage, trim, and color touch-up…but should you get a bikini wax before giving birth? Or worse, a Brazilian?

Will it hurt like hell? And more importantly, is it safe? We’ve heard that some OBGYNs will advise against shaving or waxing down there for at least 30 days before your due date to avoid the risk of infection. Others have no issue with it, kind of like the whole solids vs. clear liquids during labor debacle. It all depends on your doctor. Our advice? Just ask. See what they have to say.

There’s No Question About It

I could see how getting a bikini wax (or even a Brazilian) before heading to the hospital might help you feel “cleaner” (and less Chewbacca-like, for lack of a better term) postpartum. Like the aforementioned mani and pedi, “maintenance” down there will be the last thing on your mind — especially if you experience tearing. And I mean, there are a LOT of eyes (and hands) down there near your lady business. But these guys are professionals. These doctors and nurses have seen IT ALL. You do not have to be embarrassed. Birth is beautiful. Everything else is secondary. And if you are going to do it? Maybe try not to wait until the last minute. About a month before your due date seems ideal.

You May Consider Going Another Route if You Aren’t Consistently Getting Waxed

I would not (under any circumstance) recommend getting waxed for the first time right before giving birth. Some women say they experience more pain and even bleeding with waxing during pregnancy. Yikes! Better yet, can you even imagine trying to get your legs over your head (and your big pregnant belly) for the poor aesthetician to get at you? The imagery alone is downright laughable. It might be easier (and slightly less awkward) to hop into the shower as labor begins and let your significant other help you tidy up a bit because it’s hard to see around the baby bump. Whatever you decide, you do you.

Tell Us! Did You Decide to Wax Before Giving Birth?

Why did you decide this (or not)? Did you experience any problems or complications? We’re curious and want to hear! Happy laboring!

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