A Doula For a C-Section?

Tuesday, December 27, 2016 By Nina Spears
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“You’re hiring a doula for a scheduled c-section?…What?! Isn’t a doula for women who want to have natural births? What would she do to help during a c-section anyway?!” This is a common response from people when they hear that someone hired a doula who is also planning on scheduling a c-section. And that’s a normal response. I can totally understand that. You’re also right, doulas are mainly hired by women who want natural births. However, more and more women are recognizing the benefits of hiring a doula even when they have an epidural or are having a c-section. Doulas are hired…


This Is Birth

Wednesday, December 21, 2016 By Mary Alice Martin
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As a doula and student midwife, it’s sometimes difficult to explain my profession to people. My automatic answer is, “I help deliver babies!” This normally either scares people off or intrigues them enough to ask more questions. I want to strike a balance between educating people about the kind of gentle, supportive births that I know doulas and midwives make possible and overloading them with too much information. Birth workers have a reputation as hippies, witches, medicine women, that is often negative and not indicative of the very professional and important work that we do. I’ve always known I wanted…


The Greatest Gifts to Give Your Growing Family

Tuesday, December 13, 2016 By Nina Spears
the best gift to give your growing family, health, family, baby chick

With the holidays approaching we are all rushing to complete our shopping lists. We’re trying to think of and purchase the perfect gifts for our loved ones. This is always a difficult task… at least it is for me. But when you really think about it, what are the most important gifts in life? I would have to say they are health, time and love. Especially if you have a little bun in the oven. All you are hoping and praying for this holiday season is for your baby to be healthy, that he/she has a long and happy life, and that your little one will…


What’s the Difference Between a Midwife and a Doula?

Monday, December 12, 2016 By Nina Spears
what is the difference between a midwife and a doula, doulas, midwives, natural hospital births, baby chick

As soon as I tell people that I am a doula, a lot of them immediately assume that I can “catch” or deliver their baby. Once I explain to them that I can’t do that because I am not a midwife, they become confused. “Aren’t they the same thing?,” they ask. No. The two jobs are very different from one another. Yes, we both provide care to women that are expecting so we understand that this can be confusing, however, our roles are quite different. This is a common misunderstanding so I wanted to explain it a little further. Midwives are the traditional care providers for…


What the Heck is a Peanut Ball?

Thursday, December 8, 2016 By Nina Spears
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We have partnered with Premier Birth Tools for this post and are so grateful for their guidance and trusted information. Read our policies page for more information. You may know or have heard what a birth ball is, but do you know what a peanut ball is? (No, it’s not a delicious popcorn treat.) Most women have no clue when asked this question. I actually wasn’t familiar with them either until a few years ago when one of my birth doula clients wanted to use one during her labor. They are actually really beneficial to all pregnant mamas during labor so I thought I would share this information with…


9 Tips for an Easier Labor & Birth

Thursday, November 3, 2016 By Nina Spears
how to have an easier labor, how to have a faster birth, baby chick

Every pregnant woman wants to know if there is anything they can do to help them have an easier and faster labor. We’ll you’re in luck, mamas. Having supported hundreds of women during labor and birth, I know a few tricks that can help ease and speed up your labor process. Today I’m sharing with you my 9 tips on how to have an easier labor. 1. Eat Dates I’ve actually written a whole post on the benefits of eating dates during pregnancy. It’s been proven that women who eat dates daily during the last 6 weeks of their pregnancy are less likely to be induced or need pitocin to help the progression of…


How to Prevent Tearing During Childbirth

Tuesday, October 11, 2016 By Nina Spears
reduce your chances of tearing during birth

A lot of women are fearful when it comes to labor and childbirth. It’s the unknown and the unexpected that gets them. This is normal, which is sad to say, but I totally understand this fear. For me, what I’m afraid of during childbirth is tearing. And I’m not alone when it comes to this. Around 90% of all women experience vaginal tearing during childbirth — which isn’t a great number for us. I’ve had a lot of clients express this same fear to me during their pregnancies so I thought sharing some tips on how to help prevent tearing might help….


Epidurals: What You Need to Know

Friday, September 16, 2016 By Nina Spears
what is an epidural, what you need to know about epidurals, getting an epidural, childbirth, labor and delivery

More than half of all pregnant women in the USA decide that they want an epidural during childbirth. The problem is most of these women know very little about epidurals, the procedure or the benefits and risks when making that decision. I want every woman to have the desired birth that they want, however, I also want them to be able to understand more about the options that are available to them so that they can make an informed decisions. Below I’m sharing the frequently asked questions that I get asked about epidurals as well as the answers. Hopefully this will help more women when they are making their decision — epidural…


What is Delayed Cord Clamping?

Tuesday, August 30, 2016 By Nina Spears
What is delayed cord clamping, umbilical cord clamping, after birth

While preparing your birth plan for your baby’s big day, you may have stumbled upon the option of delaying the umbilical cord clamping after the birth of your baby. But what does that mean? What is delayed cord clamping? And what are the benefits and risks of doing it? Here are the different answers to those questions to help you choose if delayed cord clamping is something for you and your baby. What is Delayed Cord Clamping? It depends on who you ask… World Health Organization (WHO): According to the World Health Organization, delayed clamping is when the cord is…


What NOT to Do/Say to a Woman In Labor

Thursday, August 25, 2016 By Nina Spears
what not to do, support person, birth partner

I’ve been to a lot of labors and births as a birth doula over the years. Over 200 births to be exact. And I have seen a lot of things while supporting mothers and their partners. Some things that the support people do are super helpful to the woman in labor, but other things… not so much. To better prepare all support people, I thought I would share some of those things that people should NOT do or say when they are visiting or supporting someone during labor and birth. Most of these points apply to pretty much every labor and delivery, but…