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Best Labor and Birth Playlist When Having a Daughter

birthUpdated August 11, 2023

by Nina Spears

The Baby Chick®: Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Expert


Your birthing day is one of the most monumental days of your life. As a mother and birth doula, I’ve witnessed and experienced it. It’s the moment that you are about to meet your newest forever. The little person that you’ve been growing inside you for nine long months. It’s a day — or sometimes days — that you will never forget. This is why making the best choices is important for you to have the best possible experience. Will you have a doctor or a midwife as your care provider? Where will you birth your baby — hospital, birth center, or at home? Who will be with you supporting you as you experience labor and birth? Making your labor and birthing room as comfortable as possible can help you have a more calming and enjoyable experience, and one way to do that is to play music.

Music can help set the tone that you want in the room. When I discovered I was having a daughter, I knew I wanted to create a labor and birth playlist that I could connect to when giving birth to her. If you are expecting a daughter and are looking for inspiration for your birthing playlist, look no further! I hope this list gives you what you’ve been looking for.

Songs About Daughters

These are some of the sweetest songs for the daughters of the world. Some of these were written for the artist’s daughters, and others were inspired by the daughters of the world. They are beautiful options to add to your birthing playlist for your daughter.

Peaceful and Beautiful Songs Perfect for You and Baby Girl

If you’re looking for some loving music to take you to a peaceful place, these songs will do the trick. They’re perfect for your birthing playlist for welcoming your new daughter.

Powerful Songs That Will Push You Through

Labor can be challenging. It will push you, and sometimes, you might feel like you will break. These songs playing in the background can be a helpful reminder of how strong you really are.

When putting your playlist together, think about what you want the vibe to be like. Some may want more upbeat music — especially during early labor and active labor. And you might want more calm and peaceful music when things get more challenging. Add the songs that speak to your heart that will help you through this powerful and beautiful time. You got this, mama.

*These songs were on my playlist when I gave birth to my daughter

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