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Our Favorite Amazon Baby Products

Bringing home a new bundle of joy soon? Here are the best Amazon baby products you'll want to put on your registry!

Updated April 29, 2024

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Bringing home a newborn baby is the most exciting time, but it can also be overwhelming! There are so many things to plan and prepare. There are diaper changes, bath time, feeding, sleeping, and more to consider for a new baby. More products for babies exist now than ever. Fortunately, they are all available to order via Amazon at the click of a button. However, deciding what you need and which products are the best for your baby can be challenging. We’ve researched the top Amazon baby products, so you don’t have to! Add these to your baby registry or cart to purchase. Happy Shopping!

Our Top Picks for Baby Products on Amazon

1. Rattle Socks

crinkle rattle socks and wristbands
Buy Here

These sensory infant rattle socks are perfect for babies to help them discover their feet! The fun colors and design will capture their attention quickly. The sound of the rattle will also help keep their attention focused on them! My son had these as a baby and loved playing with them for months.

2. Handprint Kit

baby handprint frame
Buy Here

The days are long, but the years are short! With this handprint kit, you can celebrate how tiny your baby’s hands and feet are before they grow. It also features two places for photos. This kit would be such a great keepsake for any mama!

3. Dumbbell Rattle

Baby Dumbell Rattle
Buy Here

Dumbbells for a baby?! This one is a rattle, but it looks identical to an adult dumbbell you would find at the gym. This type of toy is great for helping a baby learn spatial awareness. It also gets them exploring the usage of their limbs!

4. Inflatable Water Mat

Inflatable Water Mat
Buy Here

This inflatable water mat is perfect for tummy time! My son had this one. This water mat is mesmerizing. The movement of the water and all the colorful, moving pieces inside captured his attention. You inflate the sides and fill them with water! You can easily deflate and drain the water when it is not in use.

5. Mess-Proof Baby Bib

Tiny Twinkle Mess Proof Baby Bib - Waterproof Baby Apron
Buy Here

Feeding time can get messy with your baby. That’s why this waterproof baby bib is a favorite of ours! It is the perfect apron for your baby during feedings and messy sensory play or craft time. It protects your little one’s outfit and your table and floor. We love how the bottom pocket stays open and catches all accidental spills. It’s easy to put on, has a non-scratch closure, and is lightweight and machine-washable! We love ours and recommend having these in your home and a diaper bag for feedings on the go. They also have short-sleeve and long-sleeve options and a three-pack option!

6. Crinkle Books

Crinkle Books
Buy Here

Crinkle books were some of my son’s favorite things to play with during his entire first year of life! These have bright colors and sensory experiences your child can benefit from, like various sounds and textures. Choose from the rainforest, jungle, and farm tails!

7. Teething Blocks

Teething Blocks
Buy Here

These soft teething blocks include numbers, letters, and animals. They also are different colored with varying textures for a full sensory experience. When squeezed, they will make a squeaking sound! They are made with food-grade silicone, so they are also safe for teething. You can also get the six-piece version or the 14-piece version.

8. Light Up Rattle

noggin rattle
Buy Here

This light-up rattle was specifically designed with brain research in mind! It boasts a soft red, blue, and green light to promote visual stimulation. It also encourages tracking skills! The base makes a gentle rattling sound to encourage fun play by your baby.

9. Stroller Fan

Stroller Fan
Buy Here

These fans are a must when the weather warms up! I used mine while giving birth in the hospital, and it has been a lifesaver ever since. The fan can be charged easily using a USB port. It can be taken virtually anywhere and molded to stay put on whatever surface is needed. This is a must-have for strollers and any outdoor adventure!

10. Booties

HsdsBebe Booties
Buy Here

Keep baby’s feet warm with these cotton nonslip booties! Newborns don’t have good body temperature regulation like we do and need extra help staying warm. Even summer babies need these booties due to indoor air conditioning!

11. Organic Bandanas

Organic Bandana
Buy Here

These organic bandanas are perfect for whatever the day throws at you! They can easily catch drool, milk, or food. Throw them in the washing machine to clean them and have them ready for the next round!

12. Touchless Thermometer

Touchless Thermometer
Buy Here

This touchless forehead thermometer is great to have on hand when your little one isn’t feeling well. It has a large digital display for you to read the temperature. It also has a gentle vibration mechanism that will alert you when it’s read the temperature!

13. Car Mirror

baby car mirror
Buy Here

We have one of these mirrors in every car, plus the grandparents’ cars. They are great for seeing the baby via the rearview mirror. The shatterproof aspect won’t necessarily be a dealbreaker right away, but as children get older, they sometimes don’t like their car seats and begin to fuss. My son has kicked the seat fairly hard before, and it’s great to know it won’t break on him!

14. Electric File

baby electric nail file
Buy Here

An electric nail file is less daunting than a typical set of nail clippers. The electric file is gentle and won’t harm babies if it touches their skin. There are different settings and heads, so you groom your child’s nails as needed! This is one of my top must-haves for a new baby and worked well for us until my son was a little over a year old.

15. Floor Seat

Frog Baby Chair
Buy Here

This is a great chair for when the baby is learning to sit up! It comes with entertaining toys and a cover you can remove for washing. It folds completely flat when not in use for easy storage.

16. High Contrast Mirror

High Contrast Tummy Time Baby Mirror
Buy Here

Tummy time is essential for babies, and keeping it fun can sometimes be challenging! This high-contrast mirror toy has plenty of activities to keep them entertained. It also includes a teether and touch-training ruffles. This mirror can easily be transported on the go or in the car since it folds flat!

17. Stroller Organizer

Stroller Organizer
Buy Here

A stroller organizer is a must! This one will fit any brand of stroller. It includes an insulated cup holder, bottle holder, zipper pockets, and a mesh pocket for your phone. The organizer also has extra hooks and a shoulder strap for even more versatility.

18. Silicone Clips

Silicone Pacifier Clips
Buy Here

This four-pack of stretchable silicone clips is so handy! They can be attached to pacifiers, teething toys, and bottles to avoid getting tossed on the ground or lost. You can hook them to a car seat, stroller, high chair, bib, etc. The clips are made of food-grade silicone, so your baby can safely chew on them.

19. Pacifier Clips

Braided Pacifier Clip
Buy Here

These gorgeous braided pacifier clips are perfect for home or on the go! They can be attached to virtually anything or even your baby. It will easily help you keep track of those precious pacifiers!

20. Digital Rectal Thermometer

fridababy rectal thermometer
Buy Here

During the first year of life, it is recommended that a baby’s temperature is taken rectally for a more accurate reading. This thermometer from FridaBaby boasts a comfortable, flexible tip. It has a short end to avoid inserting it too far and has a large backlit display that is easy to read. It also delivers a reading in ten seconds, which is great because every moment your little one doesn’t feel well feels like ages!

21. Playmat

Baby Play Mat
Buy Here

If you have tile or hardwood floors, keeping your little ones protected as they play on them is important. This neutral patterned mat is perfect for doing just that! It will offer them soft support as they are on the floor. It also can easily be wiped clean or vacuumed as needed. These mats are chemical-free and can be rolled up when not in use!

22. Board Books

Baby Boards
Buy Here

Board books are perfect for babies and younger children since they are so durable! Reading to your baby early and often helps immensely with language development. This set contains ten brightly colored and eye-catching books. They are on various learning topics that will help stimulate your baby’s budding vocabulary!

23. Portable Rocker

Portable Rocker
Buy Here

This is such a cool product. It is a portable rocker that can be used in any chair. This is handy for on the go or sitting in bed or on the couch with your baby! I would love to have something like this the next time I have a baby. Read our review of the Ready Rocker.

24. Tortilla Swaddle

baby tortilla swaddle set
Buy Here

Are burritos your favorite? Then you need a tortilla swaddle for your babe! This blanket has a tortilla print, perfect for making your little one into the cutest burrito. It would also be great for photo ops!

25. Milestone Blanket

Milestone Blanket
Buy Here

This monthly milestone blanket would be perfect for a baby boy or girl! It comes with milestone cards for photographing. I love the neutral and boho style! For inspiration, check out these monthly baby photo ideas!

26. Shopping Cart Harness

Baby Shopping Cart Cover
Buy Here

Many people touch shopping carts, so they are notoriously covered in germs. A harness like this will help keep your baby comfortable and germ-free on your outings to the store! It can be easily machine washed and decontaminated to keep your baby healthy.

27. Baby Gym

wooden baby play gym
Buy Here

This beautiful wooden baby gym would look great in any nursery or playroom! It comes with six hanging toys to keep your little one entertained. It comes with great reviews and at a very affordable price! There’s also an option for a mat to come with it for an extra charge.

28. Headband Bows

baby girl bow headbands
Buy Here

Bows can sometimes be hard to keep on baby girls! No matter how much or little hair your baby has, she can keep these headband-style bows on her head. This pack of seven bows comes in neutral colors that match any outfit!

29. Portable Diaper Carrier

luxury little Diaper Caddy
Buy Here

A portable diaper carrier is a must for a newborn! This large organizer has dividers and will fit all the essentials for changing your baby’s diaper. I always liked to have mine filled with diapers, wipes, diaper cream, burp cloths, pacifiers, and even an extra outfit!

30. Baby Essentials

pippette baby care products
Buy Here

These baby essentials by Pipette are plant-derived and super safe for newborn skin! It includes a baby wash + shampoo, baby wipes, lotion, baby oil, balm, and a 100% cotton washcloth. Truly all the must-haves for baby day and night!

31. Earmuffs

baby earmuffs
Buy Here

Protect your newborn’s hearing with a pair of baby earmuffs! These are perfect for infants through age 2. The super-soft padding in the ears will keep your baby’s ears comfortable.

32. Crib Sheet

Rookie Humans Crib Sheet
Buy Here

This is the cutest crib sheet that would be adorable in any nursery! It’s made of 100% cotton sateen and is soft for a baby’s sensitive skin. This sheet is free from all harmful chemicals. It would be a great backdrop for precious photos of your little one!

33. Bath Mat

Hallo Sponge Baby Bath
Buy Here

Newborn babies shouldn’t get in a baby bathtub until their umbilical cord stump falls off. Until then, sponge baths are recommended! This sponge bath mat is perfect for getting them clean and comfortable when giving them their sponge bath. It will safely support their neck, head, and back for a comfortable bath!

34. Syringes

baby medicine SYRINGE
Buy Here

This three-piece pack of syringes is perfect for feeding your new baby or giving medication. We love how it has two holes on the sides so the liquid doesn’t shoot down and potentially choke your little one. Instead, it dispenses the liquid to your baby’s cheeks, a gentler way to receive food or medication. They also have a scale on the side to easily measure the liquid.

35. Diaper Cream Brush

Baby Bum Brush
Buy Here

Diaper cream is the last thing (besides baby poop!) that you want under your nails and all over your hands. Use a silicone brush like this one to keep them clean! It is also hygienic and can easily be washed with hot water and soap.

36. Portable Changing Pad

Portable Changing Pad
Buy Here

Change your baby on the go anywhere with this portable (and waterproof!) diaper-changing pad. The Velcro straps and buckle loop allow you to attach this changing station to strollers, bags, or anything else, making it easy to carry. It also has pockets for storage!

37. Boon Lawn

Boon Lawn
Buy Here

The easiest place to keep your bottles while drying is the Boon Lawn. This drying rack comes in different colors and holds bottles of many shapes and sizes. It also has a removable tray for draining excess water. My son is a toddler now, and we still use it for his cups!

38. Portable Sound Machine

Portable Sound Machine
Buy Here

This is a perfect sound machine for on-the-go because it’s small enough to fit in your diaper bag or backpack. Charge it using a USB plug-in and attach it to your baby’s car seat or wherever you go to help soothe your baby. It also has a gentle nightlight and lets you choose from three soothing sounds.

39. Hatch Rest Sound Machine

Hatch Rest Baby Sound Machine, 2nd Gen
Buy Here

The best white noise machine for sleep! We love how parents or kids can choose from different sounds and colors to set the sleepy scene. It also can be used as an okay-to-wake clock. It also has a nightlight which is very helpful for feedings in the middle of the night! Read our review of the Hatch Rest Sound Machine.

40. Baby Brezza Formula Pro

Baby Brezza Advanced Formula Dispenser
Buy Here

Make warm formula bottles easily and instantly with the press of a button with the Baby Brezza Instant Warmer! Press the button, and it dispenses warm water to the perfect temperature. It fits bottles of any size and brand and works with most formulas. You and your baby will love it! Read our review of the Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced and Baby Brezza Formula Pro MINI Review

41. Cradle Cap System

baby frida cradle cap solution
Buy Here

If your baby has cradle cap, you can easily get rid of it using this 3-step kit. Lather your baby’s head with the sponge, use the brush to loosen the flakes on their scalp, and lift those flakes away using the comb. I only used it for two to three days on my baby before the cradle cap was gone forever!

42. Baby Carrier

LÍLLÉbaby Ergonomic 6-in-1 Baby Carrier
Buy Here

This ergonomic, all-position baby carrier features six different carry styles! It comes in multiple colors and gives you both inward- and outward-facing options for carrying your baby. You can also widen the seat as your baby grows, allowing you to use it from the newborn to the toddler stage. Check out our favorite baby carriers.

43. Baby Monitor

Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor
Buy Here

For more peace of mind at night, we recommend this smart baby monitor from Cubo Ai, which alerts you if your baby is face down or their mouth or nose is covered. Its HD night-vision camera, true-cry detection, and other features can help determine when your baby needs you. It also has analytics that assess your baby’s sleep health.

44. Child Carrier Sling

Moby Wrap Baby Carrier
Buy Here

This Moby baby wrap is super easy to use and works with many types of holds. It’s made of soft, durable fabric and evenly distributes the carrying weight between your back, shoulders, and hips, making it more comfortable to carry your baby. And it can be used as a blanket or pillow!

45. Bathtub Toy

Nuby Floating Purple Octopus
Buy Here

Interactive water toys can keep your little one occupied during bathtime! This Octopus Hoopla bath toy from Nuby is cute and colorful, and it comes with three rings to help them improve their hand-eye coordination. It’s also made of soft materials and designed to avoid mold, which is great for your child’s health and safety! Read the best bath toys for babies and kids.

46. Baby Paper

Baby Paper
Buy Here

Baby paper is a teether and sensory toy that babies and infants love! It makes a crinkly paper sound that’s super satisfying to their little ears and is fun for them to chew and squish. Baby paper can also calm them and help them develop their grabbing, listening, and motor skills. See the best sensory toys and products for babies, toddlers, and kids.

47. Wet Bags

Bumkins Waterproof Wet Bags
Buy Here

These waterproof Bumkins wet bags are ideal for transporting diapers and other necessities, even non-wet items! Using the snap handle, you can easily attach these travel bags to a stroller, changing table, or suitcase. They’re also machine-washable, making them super easy to reuse!

48. Gym and Play Mat

Lovevery Play Gym
Buy Here

The Play Gym from Lovevery combines a gym mat and a playmat! It features five development zones that help babies explore their senses, learn about colors, and engage in other activities! The accessories are also removable, so you can slowly introduce concepts to your little one in stages. And this play gym only takes two minutes to set up and take down! Check out the best playmats and gyms for babies.

49. Toothbrush Teether

Blue Banana Baby Toothbrush
Buy Here

Baby Banana toothbrushes are excellent teething toys that can help infants, babies, and toddlers develop oral hygiene habits! The soft, silicone bristles make this toothbrush gentle on the teeth and gums, and the peel handles prevent your little one from choking. It’s also dishwasher and freezer safe!

50. Baby Bottles

Comotomo Baby Bottle
Buy Here

We love these squeezable Comotomo baby bottles! Since they’re designed to mimic breastfeeding, allowing for a smoother transition from breast to bottle. The non-leaking vents also prevent gas and spit-up! These bottles are dishwasher safe and have a wide neck, making them very easy to clean. See the best baby bottles.

51. Teething Pacifier

Smily Mia Penguin Teething Toy
Buy Here

This Smily Mia penguin teether is simply adorable and helps prevent thumb-sucking! It’s designed for little ones to hold on their wrists, which prevents them from dropping it and helps with their motor skill development. Plus, it comes in many cute colors and is super soft for babies to suck on!

Those first days with your baby are full of precious memories and firsts! Don’t forget to capture plenty of photos and videos of your newest bundle of joy. Also, remember to take it one hour at a time. Don’t be afraid to call your mom friends or pediatrician with questions. Hopefully, you’ll feel more prepared to bring home your baby with your shopping list of the best Amazon baby products!

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