5 More Reasons Why Reading To Your Kid(s) Should Be A Top Priority

5 More Reasons Why Reading To Your Kid(s) Should Be A Top Priority | Baby Chick

5 More Reasons Why Reading To Your Kid(s) Should Be A Top Priority

As mothers, we are all about giving our children the best possible life we can provide for them. We seek to expose them to nature and educational apps; we encourage them to play outside and we prioritize their needs over ours because we want them to grow up being kind, intelligent and happy human beings. Sometimes however, in between prepping the healthiest lunches for them and organizing their activity schedule, we can find ourselves not making time for one of the most important part of our child’s day — reading time.

Reading does so much for children and this has been proven over and over again by research. More than simply highlighting the usual benefits of reading to your child, such as academic excellence, the following points will shed light on other ways reading books can be so beneficial to your child. Hopefully this will convince you to make more time for this peaceful ritual.

Less Gadget Time

You can still remember a time when the world functioned perfectly well without smartphones. Your child will never know a world devoid of smart technology. You are going to witness your child grow up in a world that expects people to always be ‘on’. Exposing your child to books won’t make gadgets less interesting, but it will show your child that there are other forms of entertainment. These other forms can bring some much needed peace to their day by making the world turn quiet through reading.

Spark Their Imagination

Children’s imagination is already a brilliant one without books. You can only imagine how much stronger their imagination can become when they are exposed to books. Give your children the ability to believe in unlimited possibilities. Arm them for those years when they are choosing how they want to spend the rest of their life. Having that sense of unlimited possibilities imbued in them from early on, will help them to work and create the best life they can possibly imagine for themselves.

Teach Them to Search for Beauty

Someone once wrote that to slow down time you have to go in search of beauty, and what easier way to seek beauty than in the arts, including books?! As with the first point, your child is set to grow up in a fast paced world. Everything is instant and things are expected fast. Exposing children to reading will teach them to go in search of beauty every day. When this happens — when they are exposed to the unfamiliar, only then will time feel like it has slowed down and given them the chance to process something new.

Create a Stronger Bond

Reading time is the part of the day when distractions are ignored. You and your child can focus on the story, where you interact and discuss. You don’t have to wait until your child is a little older to start doing this. Start reading aloud to your baby as early as you can. The tone of your voice changes when you are reading to your baby, and this will help set the base for you to create a strong bond with your child.

The Valuable Exposure

There are so many hours in the day and you can never expose your child to everything firsthand, but with reading, you are giving your child a window to different cultures and ways of life. You are giving your child the chance to see how other people think and act. You are exposing them to rich language that will stay imbued in their minds without them even realizing it.

When it comes to books, don’t feel pressured to stick to what the media bombards you with. Read your children everything from classic stories written by Dickens and Twain to the latest stories found online. Read them excerpts from Shakespeare even if they are only six months old and simply babbling away. And don’t forget to read poetry as well. The more you read, the more they learn to love reading.

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