The Portable Rocker for You and Baby: Ready Rocker Review
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The Portable Rocker for You and Baby: Ready Rocker Review

Rocking is essential to soothing a baby, but sometimes you don't have a chair. The Ready Rocker is the solution! Here's why we love it.

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Published October 18, 2021

by Nina Spears "The Baby Chick"

The Baby Chick®: Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Expert

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There are so many rocking chairs and gliders on the market for expecting and new parents to choose from. But what hasn’t been on the market until recently is a rocker that you can take on the go! That’s where the Ready Rocker comes in — a portable rocker that can turn any seat into a comfortable rocking chair.

Like all babies, your baby will find lots of comfort from being held and rocked in your arms. For generations, rocking has been an instinctual response to provide babies with a calm and soothing response. Hence why some mothers say that a rocking chair is one of their top nursery must-haves. However, not every parent can afford to buy a full-blown rocking chair or glider for their baby’s nursery. And sometimes, you need the rocking to take place in other areas outside of the baby’s nursery. What if you go to grandma’s house or out of town? What if you live in a small apartment in the city without enough space for a rocking chair or glider? The solution? A Ready Rocker!

What is the Ready Rocker?

The Ready Rocker sitting on the sofa.

The Ready Rocker is an award-winning, portable, and storable rocker that can transform any seat into a place to rock your baby. It’s compact, easy to carry around the house or pack up for traveling, and—best of all—it can help ANY parent, grandparent, or caretaker rock their baby’s fussiness and discomfort away.

How to Use It

Woman sitting on a chair holding her daughter using the Ready Rocker.

Setting up and using the Ready Rocker is so simple. First, put the Ready Rocker against a firm, stable surface. That could be against the back of a chair, a wall, in bed against your headboard, or on the sofa. (I recommend removing any soft pillows from behind the Ready Rocker because they will not provide it with enough support for you to rock.)

Then, sit against the Ready Rocker and angle it in the position that feels most comfortable to you. Next, try pushing your weight back gently, creating a rocking motion. If you want a softer or stronger rebound, adjust the rebound force by turning the dial. Turn the dial counter-clockwise for a lower, softer rebound rock level or clockwise for a higher, stronger rebound rock level. That’s it! Then rock on and enjoy.

Adjusting Ready Rocker rebound level.

Benefits of Using the Ready Rocker

Every parent knows the pain of standing and bouncing their baby for (what feels like — and sometimes is) hours. Your back, shoulder, neck, and arms ache, and all you want to do is sit down. And if you’ve ever tried rocking your baby by sitting up on your bed, chair, or couch, you know how difficult that can be and how hard that is on your body. Here are the benefits of using a Ready Rocker:

  • Portability—can be used to rock your baby practically anywhere
  • Incredibly easy to carry/transport/travel with
  • It has 10 adjustable rocking levels to adjust to your comfort
  • Provides lumbar support when sitting
  • Reduces the strain on your achy pregnancy/postpartum back and joints
  • Lightweight (literally weighs less than a gallon of milk)
  • Provides that rhythmical calming motion to help soothe your baby, especially when they have colic or gas pain
  • Any adult can use it — one size fits all

Reasons to Rock

Mom sitting on her sofa with the Ready Rocker feeding her baby girl a bottle.

Babies love to be held and rocked. They love motion. Think about it; a baby starts off the first nine months living and growing in their mother’s womb. Unless mom was on bedrest her entire pregnancy, you can guarantee she was up and moving around throughout the day, providing lots of comforting movement for her baby to enjoy.

A study published in Current Biology in 2013 is the first to detail and explain how the infant calming response to maternal carrying involves nervous, motor, and cardiac regulations. They also go into great detail about how “just holding” the baby and actually “carrying (aka providing gentle motion)” plays another significant role in this calming effect.

I found rocking my baby to be most helpful during the fussy evenings when all my baby wanted was to be nestled up onto my chest. Carrying her or wearing her throughout the day is fine, but there are times when I just need to sit. The Ready Rocker has been beneficial and soothing for us both in these moments.

Best Places to Use Your Ready Rocker

The places you can use your Ready Rocker are limitless! I found using it around the house to be very easy. Here are some areas that I’ve found it to be the most helpful:

In Bed

Woman sitting on the bed feeding her baby a bottle using the Ready Rocker.

If you are a newly postpartum mom or are at home not feeling well, you should rest and stay in bed. After giving birth to your baby, you need to recover and take it easy the first weeks of postpartum. The baby’s nursery and the rocking chair or glider will often be on a different floor than the master bedroom. I think the Ready Rocker is a wonderful tool for mothers to rock their babies without having to leave the comfort of their bed.

On the Couch

Mom sitting on her sofa with the Ready Rocker feeding her baby girl a bottle.

The first couple of months after having both of my children, you could find me a lot of times on my living room couch. It’s near the kitchen (and all the snacks), it has a TV for entertainment, and I can hang out with the rest of my family. Having a place to rock my newborns is so convenient, and now I can do that with Ready Rocker. I also love how grandparents can easily use this too. My mom has found this super helpful and supportive while she is holding and soothing our daughter.

On the Floor Against the Couch, Bed, or Wall

Woman sitting on the floor feeding her daughter a bottle while using the Ready Rocker against the sofa.

Now that I’m a mother of two, I have to find ways to be there for both of my children. I can’t be in two places at once, so a lot of times, I will be on the floor in our playroom or living room playing with our toddler and soothing our baby. I love how the Ready Rocker can easily be transported to a new room, to a seat, even to the floor as long as you have a firm surface for it to position against. Now I can comfortably keep both of my kids happy, and my back and shoulders thank me too!

In My Office

Mom sitting in her office holding her daughter and using the Ready Rocker.

If you work a lot (like I do), you are often in your office. I love how the Ready Rocker can turn your office chair into a rocker. Now, when I’m working on the weekends or in the evenings, I can sit comfortably, calm my daughter, and get work done.

At Grandma’s House (or anywhere I’m traveling with baby)

Mom sitting in a chair holding her daughter up while using the Ready Rocker.

It’s silly to think you will always be home with your baby. And on the days when you do venture out to see family or travel, you can’t pack your glider or rocking chair with you. But with Ready Rocker, you can! My daughter requires to be rocked before each naptime and bedtime to go to sleep. Sometimes she needs as long as 20 minutes to get her ready to drift off to sleep. The Ready Rocker is a helpful tool that will allow me to do that without straining my body while we are away from home and away from her nursery.

It’s even perfect for families who live in tiny houses or small apartments who can’t fit a regular rocker or glider into their baby’s nursery. These are all reasons why I love the product. It’s easy to use, and you can have it in one room one minute and another room on a different floor of my house the next.

Accessories for Your Ready Rocker

Ready Rocker also makes a few accessories for their portable rocker. We had the chance to try them all out.

Ready Rocker Smart Strap

Ready Rocker Smart Strap

Buy Here

Their Smart Strap allows you to carry your Ready Rocker around entirely hands-free. You can also use it to strap your rocker to a chair, post, or other suitable location to keep it in place! The strap has a thick cushion that sits on your shoulder, making it comfortable to carry so that it doesn’t dig into your skin. As you can see, I could carry around my rocker and my baby simultaneously, which is perfect when you are moving to a new room with your baby.

Ready Rocker Dust Bag

Ready Rocker Dust Bag
Buy Here

Whenever your rocker is ready to be tucked away or put into storage or if you plan to take it outdoors, you can use the dust bag to keep it safe, clean, and ready to rock. I like having this bag because it is lightweight and keeps my Ready Rocker clean from dust, dirt, and debris. It has a handle on the top for easy carrying!

If your Ready Rocker does get dirty because accidents and spills happen with babies, you can spot clean with mild soap and water. You cannot remove the fabric and throw it in the washer, and soaking the material is not recommended. Thankfully, Ready Rocker is made with a durable stain-resistant fabric. If you address the spill or accident quickly, there should be no issue.

The Travel Tote

Zipping up the Ready Rocker Travel Tote
Buy Here

If your family likes to travel and you have a baby, the Ready Rocker is a great product to have! And another product that you should get with it is their Travel Tote. It’s perfect for packing your Ready Rocker when traveling by air, land, or sea to your destination.

Woman holding and carrying the Ready Rocker Travel Bag

I like how this custom Ready Rocker Travel Bag makes it easy to load up your rocker with its wide zipper compartment. The material is sturdier and thicker than the dust bag providing even more protection for this baby item.

Where Can You Buy It?

Ready Rocker sitting on a sofa.

If you want to check these out in person, you can conveniently find them at your local Target or buybuyBaby store. You can also purchase them online at these stores as well as on

And Ready Rocker is offering 20% off to our audience by using THIS LINK or using this code BABYCHICK-20 at checkout on their site!

With this product, you’ll be able to rock your little one anytime and anywhere comfortably. Rock on, mamas!

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