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Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced: Closer Look + Review

productsPublished January 26, 2022

by Nina Spears

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I have been working with moms as a baby planner, doula, and educator since 2011. This has allowed me to test thousands of baby products over the years. Not only have I gotten to see them in action with my kids but also by hundreds of other families in their homes. I know a good baby product and baby brand when I see one. And one of my favorites is Baby Brezza. Here’s why.

Who is Baby Brezza?

Baby Brezza is a baby product company that creates unique, game-changing products for parents that makes our lives easier. I’ve seen it! I am very familiar with their brand and have recommended them for years to my clients and friends. They have products for everything: from bottle prep, bottle cleaning, food prep, to sleep, soothing, and more! I own several of their products and have used them with my kids.

The first product I saw of Baby Brezza’s years ago was their Formula Pro Advanced. If you have not heard about or seen this product in action, let me blow your mind! It is truly a game-changer for parents who make formula bottles for their babies.

What is the Formula Pro Advanced?

Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced sitting on the kitchen counter with its box in the background

The Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced is a baby formula dispenser that automatically makes a warm formula bottle with a press of a button. I like to explain it to new parents as “the Keurig for baby bottles.”

If you are giving your baby infant formula, you know the process of making a bottle for your baby. First, you have to measure out the ounces of water in your baby’s bottle. Next, grab your formula can and scoop the correct amount of formula in the bottle. Then, you’ll put the top pieces of the baby bottle on the bottle and begin to shake until mixed thoroughly. And if your baby prefers their bottle to be at a specific temperature, you will then place it in a bottle warmer for several minutes to reach the right temperature for your baby. This process takes time. And when you have a hungry baby (and you’re a tired parent), you want to speed up this process as much as possible. That’s where the Baby Brezza Formula Pro comes in to make things significantly easier and faster for you — because it does the work for you!

Let me explain how the Formula Pro Advanced works and my favorite features.

How Does the Baby Brezza Formula Pro Work?

Here is a thorough step-by-step video of me unboxing the Formula Pro Advanced and explaining exactly how to set it up properly, how to clean and maintain it, as well as all of its cool features and why I love it.

Best Features of the Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced

When I first ordered my own Formula Pro Advanced and set it up on my kitchen counter, my husband was wondering, “Is this a little much?” I assured him it was well worth it (as you can see from the video above). After he made his first bottle for our daughter with the Formula Pro Advanced, he said, “Wow, this is great! I love it.” And here’s why I know you’re going to love it too.

You no longer have to scoop formula to make a bottle.

Filling the Formula Pro Advanced with infant formula.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve lost count while scooping infant formula to make a bottle. It’s one of the most frustrating moments because you don’t want to accidentally put too much or too little formula in the bottle for your baby. But when you’re tired and you have a hungry baby wanting their bottle immediately, it can happen. So I’ve had to toss what I’ve scooped and start scooping all over again. It’s so frustrating! Thankfully the Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced does all the work for you. It perfectly dispenses the correct amount of formula to water in your baby’s bottle. No more scooping. No more counting. Just make sure that the formula is filled between the minimum and maximum line in the powder container. Then you just need to select the ounce amount you want prepared, press start, and in a few seconds, you’ll have a perfectly prepared formula bottle!

Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced: Closer Look + Review

You no longer have to fill your baby bottle with water every time you make a bottle.

Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced: Closer Look + Review

Instead of taking the time to fill each bottle with the correct amount of water you need, the Formula Pro Advanced has a water tank reserve, so you only have to fill that once every couple of days. You fill it up with purified water and it then warms the water to the temperature you choose. It’s one less step I have to do every time my baby needs a bottle.

It makes a warm formula bottle to your baby’s temperature preference instantly.

Choosing the temperature on the Baby Brezza.

As I mentioned, this product is customizable because you can choose between three different temperatures for your baby: room temperature, body temperature, and a little warmer than body temperature. You no longer have to have a bottle warmer with this baby! As soon as you prepare your bottle with the Formula Pro Advanced, the formula is at the temperature that you selected. It’s pretty awesome.

Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced: Closer Look + Review

It works with virtually all formula brands.

Two necessary steps to do when you receive your Formula Pro Advanced is to thoroughly clean it (as I instructed in our video) and make sure that you select the proper formula powder setting. I love how the Formula Pro works with virtually all formula brands.

To figure out the right setting for the formula you use, go to First, you’ll select the model of your machine.

Using the baby brezza powder settings finder.

Next, you’ll choose the formula’s country or territory of origin. You can find this on the formula’s container. I give my daughter an infant formula made in the United States. However, I know plenty of families that purchase European infant formula. This is an important step for you to select the correct formula brand.

Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced: Closer Look + Review

Then, you’ll select the formula brand you use and then the formula type or stage. Many formula brands have more than one type of formula, so double-check that you choose the correct brand and type.

Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced: Closer Look + Review

After that, you’ll scroll down to step four, which will tell you your powder setting. It said that my setting number was 6. I then turned on my Formula Pro Advanced and pressed the “powder setting” button until it reached the number 6.

Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced: Closer Look + Review

It also works with all baby bottles!

The Formula Pro Advanced comes with a bottle grate and drip tray.

Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced: Closer Look + Review

Whether you have a short four-ounce bottle or a wide and tall nine-ounce bottle, the Formula Pro Advanced accommodates them all! All you have to do is move the drip tray to the level you need to fit your baby bottle. You can see that there are four different notches to choose from to fit your drip tray. The drip tray does not snap in, so you just pull and push in for it to hold your baby’s bottle.

Nina putting different baby bottles in the Formula Pro Advanced

Their patented mixing technology mixes formula and water to the perfect consistency.

When I had my first baby and chose to give him formula, I was concerned about creating too many bubbles when shaking the formula and water to mix together. When I would shake the bottle, I would see lots of bubbles forming. The last thing I wanted was to have my baby drink more air and cause him to have gas pain. So, before I had the Formula Pro Advanced, I used to put water in a measuring cup, add the formula in the measuring cup, and then mix it with a whisk before I poured it into his bottle. This helped remove the bubbles but created more work (and cleaning).

I’m so grateful that I now have the Formula Pro Advanced. This machine has saved me so much time. And I love how after I press the start button, its mixing technology perfectly makes a ready-to-serve bottle for my baby. Fewer bubbles, less time, and a much happier mama and baby!

Baby Brezza FPA making a bottle. Hand reaching for the bottle.

Can make bottles between 2 ounces and 10 ounces.

Another cool customizable feature with the Formula Pro Advanced is you can make a formula bottle in single ounce increments between two ounces and 10 ounces. Need a five-ounce or seven-ounce bottle for your baby? No problem! Just select the ounce amount on the machine and press start. Typically (for most brands), when scooping formula from the can, one full scoop prepares two ounces. So if you want an odd number of ounces, you have to do a half scoop. Now you don’t have to guess! The Formula Pro Advanced measures it perfectly for you. I have found this very helpful for the middle-of-the-night feedings.

Selecting the ounce amount on the Baby Brezza Formula Pro.

The Formula Pro Advanced is more accurate, consistent, hygienic, and faster than hand scooping.

I’ve mentioned many of these points, but one I haven’t that is really cool is that using the Formula Pro Advanced is more hygienic than hand scooping formula. How so? The formula is dispensed from an airtight powder container. When scooping the formula by hand, you leave the container open and increase the chances of potentially touching and contaminating the formula.

Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced: Closer Look + Review

It can make a formula bottle in seconds with one hand.

The best thing that all parents say they love about the Formula Pro Advanced is how quickly it makes a warm baby bottle. You can do it within seconds, with one hand and a baby on the hip. When you have a hungry baby and you’re a tired parent, this product makes life so much easier. When you add up the minutes you take to make a baby bottle several times a day, this product easily saves you 30 minutes or more a day. It’s a must-have in my book.

Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced: Closer Look + Review
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