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Baby Names for 2018

Baby NamesUpdated February 10, 2021


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Among the dozens of choices you’ll make for your baby, arguably one of the toughest to decide on is their name: for months, we mulled over baby names for a boy that I was just certain I was carrying, only to discover our little Leo or Mateo was actually a girl. Don’t get me wrong, we were elated. However, it was back to the drawing board.

We contemplated, researched, and bounced baby names off of one another. My husband and I apparently have been slighted by a few folks of the same moniker, making those easy names to eliminate from the list. If you’re currently as stumped as we were, take a look at what we think will be top baby names for 2018 below: old school names are cycling back through, some names have moved up (or down) the rankings considerably since 2017, and it’s still just as hard as ever to name an actual human being!

Top Baby Names For 2018:

A list of the top baby names for 2018: trendy names on the up and up for 2018! | Baby Chick

The top baby names for 2017 were an eclectic mix of individualism and tradition. Hipster-esque style and bold and brazen gender defiance. 2018’s names are no different. Notably, we’ve spotted a handful of names that are near and dear to the Baby Chick herself.

Curious to know which baby names were the most popular in 2018? We’ve got the list for you, AND we’re sharing which names we think will be hot in 2019! View here



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