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50 of the Most Amazing Things About Being a Parent

Learn 50 amazing facts about parenting, being a parent, and following your children along their young journey.

Updated July 7, 2024

There’s nothing in the world quite like being a parent. Whether you’re a first-time new mom or dad, an empty nester, or somewhere in between, you know what a wild, remarkable ride it is to raise children. Parenting is not always easy, but it’s a wonderful adventure.

From the moment you first meet your tiny newborn to watching your 18-year-old walk across the stage at their high school graduation, parenthood gives you a front-row seat to another human’s journey. And the opportunity to be a key player for many years. As if that weren’t incredible enough, here are more amazing things about being a parent.

50 Amazing Things About Being a Parent

Here are 50 amazing things about parenting and following your children along their young journey.

1. When you become a parent, you discover a love you never knew existed.

2. There’s no greater feeling than holding your snuggly little bundle in your arms, knowing all is right and well in their world.

3. You can’t help but be overcome with joy the first time (and countless times after that) you hear your baby giggle.

4. While you’re staring at your baby in awe that they’re real, you can rest assured they’re feeling the same wonder and awe toward you.

5. Being a parent allows you to see the world through a whole new lens.

6. Simple things like the first snowfall of the season, spotting an airplane in the sky, and a trip to the ice cream shop will light up your little one’s whole day – and yours.

7. As a parent, you can introduce your children to new places, experiences, and opportunities.

8. Being a parent encourages you to better yourself – not just for your own sake, but for someone else’s.

9. Children are perfect examples of taking chances and trying new things without fear.

10. Watching your children grow makes you realize and appreciate how fleeting and precious life is.

11. Having children adds a whole new level of excitement to life. There’s never a dull moment, whether you have a new baby, toddler, school-aged kiddos, or teenager.

12. Even if only during their early years, your children will look at you as if you’ve hung the stars and moon.

13. You get to witness the innocent nature of children up close.

14. Being a parent gives you plenty of opportunities to reprioritize what matters most in life.

15. You get to focus on building a family and life that is uniquely yours.

16. You learn to set boundaries to protect your children’s peace – and your own.

17. When you have children, you can work toward healing parts of your inner child.

18. Having children makes you realize how strong and capable you are.

19. You start to accept – and even love – parts of yourself that you see in your children but might not have nurtured before becoming a parent.

20. Being a parent allows you to break cycles and improve for future generations.

21. You get to raise a generation full of kinder hearts and world changers.

22. Your children will teach you more lessons than you ever realized you needed to learn.

23. You will experience unconditional love and forgiveness again and again.

24. You can show unconditional love and acceptance.

25. You can build up your children’s self-esteem and confidence daily.

26. You get to witness the evolution of a whole person (or people).

27. There’s something magical about watching your child’s personality blossom from the early days.

28. You get to witness your child’s language development, from simple cries to words, complete sentences, and so on.

29. The pride you feel when your child accomplishes what they set out to do is second to none.

30. Being a parent allows you to be childlike again – and bask in the joys of the little things alongside your child(ren).

31. You get to create traditions and experience new magic during the holidays.

32. Being a parent means creating new memories with (and for) your family.

33. You learn to appreciate quiet days with short to-do lists.

34. You learn it’s OK to slow down and be sometimes.

35. Being a parent forces you to grow as an individual.

36. When you have children, you learn to be kinder to everyone – including yourself.

37. Having children presents new chances to find “your people” and grow your village.

38. As a parent, you get to be by your kiddos’ side for everything from everyday endeavors to major life milestones.

39. You get to be your child’s cheerleader, advocate, and safe place.

40. Children have endless wonder, awe, joy, and love to share.

41. Children constantly evolve, meaning parenthood is full of constant change and variety.

42. You see your children grow from tiny, entirely dependent beings into independent, unique selves.

43. Children are brutally honest at times – but also genuinely complimentary.

44. You’ll hear things that make you laugh – or at least smile – regularly.

45. Becoming a parent shows you a whole new side to your partner.

46. When you have children, you have permission to be silly for no reason.

47. The nostalgia of sharing childhood classics (such as storybooks, toys, and songs) is surprisingly soothing.

48. Being called “mom/mama/mommy” or “dad/dada/daddy” for the first time can almost make your heart burst.

49. When you become a parent, you find new purpose and meaning in life.

50. Out of everyone in the world, you were chosen to be your child’s mom or dad – and they were chosen to be your baby.

Being a parent is nothing short of a spectacular feat. Sure, it can be exhausting, difficult, and even worrisome to be fully responsible for another human – but at the end of the day, there’s a lot to be grateful for when it comes to sporting the title of “Mom” or “Dad.” The list of amazing things about being a parent is boundless and notable.

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