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If you’re currently expecting, you may be wondering what the most popular baby names were for 2015. It’s always interesting to see where your favorite baby names are falling on the most popular list. Well, BabyCenter recently came out with the top baby names for 2015 and they are:

2015 Baby Names

This, apparently, is Jackson’s third year to be number one for baby boys’ names and Sophie, Emma and Olivia and have been in the top three for girl names for the past four years. Wow! If you want to look at the top 100 names of each for the year, check it on their site here.

When it comes time to picking out a name for your baby, some people prefer naming their children new and original names while others like traditional or family names. I personally like all of the above, but I wouldn’t want to have a name too high on the list. That’s just me though. I was curious to hear what our Blogger Chicks thought about this since three of them are currently expecting. They have shared with me names that they like and think will be big in 2016.


Sarah said, “My 2016 baby name predictions are all resurgence of now ‘vintage-esque’ names. We’re bringing classic names back in shortened versions that don’t need nicknames. Simple, strong and confident names for the little ladies and gents of 2016.”

Since I go to quite a few births and help many new parents, I’m constantly hearing new baby names and have a good idea of which ones will be popular this upcoming year. I have come up with a list that I think will be the hottest and most popular baby names in 2016.


With so many options, it’s tough selecting the one name that’s right for your baby. If you’re looking for some extra help, Tiny Prints has created a great and easy baby name generator which highlights popular, biblical, celebrity and hipster names to get you inspired by simply adding your last name. You can see it here for some ideas and inspiration! You just may find the perfect name for your baby. 😉

Do you like popular names or do you prefer to have your child’s name not even close to a hot list? What are some names that you love and think will be a big hit in 2016? Share with me in the comments below. I want to know!



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36 thoughts on “Baby Names for 2016

  1. Isla and Everly are my top picks for my baby girl due to arrive in May. I’m having so much trouble deciding. I’ve loved Isla longer but once I heard Everly I love it just as much now. How do I decide?!

    1. Such beautiful names! I love them both. It is a tough choice! If you really can’t decide, here are some things that might help make your decision. I would try to think which sounds better with your last name, what you would call your daughter (if you had nicknames — or think of nicknames other kids would call her), think which one you will love the longest, look at the monogram of her name, etc. And, worst case scenario, you can wait until you meet her and see which name fits her best. Either way, they are both gorgeous names so you can’t go wrong! 🙂 xo

  2. We are going with Liam and Adrianne!!!

    1. Love those names!!

  3. I’m naming my girl due in April Rory 🙂

    1. Love that name!!

  4. I just named my son Bennett, he was born 1/4! I hope it doesn’t become too popular, part of why I love it so much is because it’s uncommon, but not weird.

    1. So cute! And you’re right. Not a common name, but still handsome and timeless. And congrats on the birth of your son!! Super exciting! <3

  5. We are naming our June baby Milo. I like that it’s not an overly common name but people will recognize it, and he won’t spend his whole life correcting people on how to pronounce or spell it. Like my name 😉 We also have a Cooper, another name that’s not super popular but I love it. Uncommon but not too different!

    1. Yeah, I only have met one Milo and he was actually my very first birth that I attended as a birth doula five years ago! That name will always be a special name to me 🙂 It’s such a cool name too so I’m surprised it’s not more popular. But that’s even better for you 😉 Congrats on your pregnancy, Joyanna!!

  6. Our son born 2/11 we named Patrick. Kind of went old school, but like it because chances of there being another Patrick in his class is slim to none! We like it like that!

  7. My daughter is Adelaide we call her Laidey ????

    1. That is the cutest! I’m obsessed that you’re calling her Laidey. So sweet!!

  8. My baby due October 1 will either be Vivian Rose or Frankie June. Probably the first though since her sister who was born February 2:15 is Ava Christine. And Vivien just seems a little more glamorous

    1. Vivian Rose is a gorgeous name! I also really like Frankie June. Super cute and a fun/playful name. Great choices!!

  9. We are picking Olive June and was surprised to see it on a list!

    1. Cute name!! I’ve had two clients name their baby girls Olive so I added it to the list thinking it’s going to be more popular. 🙂 Still such a great name!

  10. Baby girl Amelia Ruth is due in August! Never thought I’d go with a name that’s in the top 100 list but it just was perfect for this one 🙂

    1. It’s such a classic name though that will never go out of style. Beautiful!!

  11. We named our 3 month old daughter Alice Catherine. I have yet to meet another Alice. Have you encountered any baby Alice’s?

    1. I have only had one of my clients name their baby Alice. Their daughter is now almost 3, but that is the only girl that I’ve met with the name Alice. Simple, elegant, and a classic name. I love it!

    2. Oh wow, we have an Alice Catherine too, great choice!

  12. My daughter is due 4th of July and we’re naming her Kelsie Alessandra ?

    1. Gorgeous!! And congratulations! How exciting to have a July 4th due date. I can’t believe that it is almost here!

  13. I meticulously chose all 3 of my children’s names because they were seldom used. I spent hours scouring all name sites I could find to make sure they were nowhere even close to “popular”. I’m super bummed to see all 3 names on this 2016 list.

    1. Oh no!! I’m sorry, June. Obviously you chose beautiful names since more people are recognizing them as well. You may have set a trend. 😉

  14. This is the first time I have ever seen my name on a list! My name is Eden.

    1. You’re right, Eden. I haven’t met anyone with the name Eden as an adult, but I have met a few babies named Eden. I guess names go in cycles. I love your name, by the way! Simple, easy to spell, feminine and beautiful.

  15. We’re naming our daughter Quinn (she’s due in December.) I’ve always loved the name, I hope it doesn’t get insanely popular!

  16. I named my daughter Matilda. I was steering away from popular. And now it’s predicted to be popular? Sure hope not.

    1. I love that name. I haven’t met any new Matilda’s being born yet so hopefully it stays uncommon.
      Hope you’re having a great day, Krista! Thanks for commenting!!

  17. whats a good middle name for JAX or JAXON

    1. That’s a great question! I think it also depends on what your last name is. Most people also consider what name they want to say when they are mad at their child. lol! But I think Jaxon Scott sounds pretty cool. With a trendy first name, I think a traditional middle name would be best. You can’t go wrong though!

  18. Need names that goes with the last name Schumann. Please help..

  19. Imogen! I love that name. I’m in the US. I have yet to talk to anyone that has heard of it. :/
    I know it’s popular in the U.K. And Australia. But here it’s a name I have to explain, spell, repeat.
    Thanks for any feedback.

  20. Fun to see my kids’ names on this list.

    I have a 10 year old named Henry and a 6 year old named Emmeline.

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