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DIY: Wreath Making Holiday Party

Instead of having a regular party or going to dinner with your friends, host a wreath-making holiday party for the perfect soirée.

Published December 23, 2015

by Nina Spears

The Baby Chick®: Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Expert

It’s that special time of the year. It’s the holiday season! You’re busy shopping, decorating, going to holiday parties, wrapping gifts, and more. We’ve been super busy here at Baby Chick too and this holiday season, I wanted to do something extra special for our Blogger Chicks for our holiday party. Instead of having a regular party or going to dinner, I decided that we should do something different and fun. I knew that I wanted to work with one of my favorite florists, Holly from Flower Vibes, since she is super talented at all things crafts, flowers and décor. (She did the flowers for a baby sprinkle I hosted in the past which were so cute!) After chatting with Holly for a bit, we came up with a wreath-making class where we could learn how to make our own holiday wreaths for our homes! We all love home and holiday décor at Baby Chick so I knew that a party like this would be the perfect thing!

One of Holly’s friends is Kristara from Kristara Calligraphy, a very talented local calligrapher. Kristara has a beautiful office near downtown Houston and she was so kind to allow us to use her space for our little party. It was the perfect spot and I HIGHLY recommend you check it out too for one of her upcoming workshops. (Thank you again, Kristara! We loved your space!)

DIY: Wreath Making Holiday Party
Photos by Jacki from Water Oak Studio
DIY: Wreath Making Holiday Party

Holly picked out different materials for us to use for our wreaths so that we could have a wide range to choose from. Everything, of course, was real, which made our wreaths smell so spectacular. This means that our wreaths will eventually die, but they are perfect to have if you are planning a holiday party or get together. Since there were lots of different options to choose from to make our wreaths, we were each able to make different designs which you could tell perfectly reflected our own taste and style.

wreath making

For yummy food and treats, I stopped by Tout Suite and SWEET Bakery. The club sandwiches and grilled cheese sandwiches from Tout Suite are AMAZING. And we had key lime pie tarts and roasted s’mores cakes with the cutest macarons from SWEETS. Truly delicious and perfect for any holiday get together. And, of course, some rosé never hurt anyone. 😉 For our expecting mama bloggers, I picked up a bottle of sparkling apple cranberry so they could have some bubbles too. Can you believe that Lanie, Quin, and Jessica are all pregnant?!


Unfortunately, Sarah couldn’t make it to our holiday party since she was busy up in Dallas, but we celebrated with her in spirit.

food and sweets
food and sweets
food and sweets

The whole set up was so fantastic. Holly even made each of us crowns. I am slightly obsessed with flower crowns and really any type of crown so these were fun for all of us to wear as we chatted and DIY’d.

DIY: Wreath Making Holiday Party
place set

We were ready to get started! Holly explained to us how to wire each piece of greenery to the wire wreath frame and slowly work our way around the frame adding different pieces.


I chose some lovely evergreen leaves, but we also had some rosemary, magnolia leaves, cotton and more.


It actually was a lot easier than I anticipated. The difficult part was to come up with a design/layout of how you wanted your wreath to look and what plants you wanted to use.


Lanie had a great idea to wrap part of hers with different types of ribbon. Such a cool, modern yet rustic look.


Adding berries to the wreaths was such a cute way to bring pops of color.


Holly and her best friend/colleague Angie were able to assist us along the way and answer any questions we had. This is why it’s so wonderful to have professionals there to help. I definitely wouldn’t have been able to put my whole wreath together with a completely look without their help. They made it a fun learning experience and a perfect girls night out!


When there were pieces that we couldn’t add with wire, we used flower glue that Holly brought. This allowed me to add some extra magnolia leaves to create a fuller look to my wreath in the back


In no time, we were done! And they were all so cute. Each very different reflecting our own personal style.


We can’t thank Holly and Angie enough for the wreath-making class. We will most definitely be contacting them again for another event in the near future!


Happy crafting and happy holidays! 🙂

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