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Grandparent’s Day Craft for Kids

Grandparents are so special in your kiddos' lives. Here is a sweet, easy grandparents' day craft to do with your littles!

Published September 9, 2022

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Other than my husband and I, their grandparents are the most special people in our kids’ lives. They’re the ones who love them just as much as we do! Today we’ve got a sweet Grandparent’s Day Craft to share. It’s easy to make and oh-so-cute. Your kids will love making it with you, and it’s sure to put a smile on Nana’s and Papa’s faces as well! Read on for what materials you’ll need and the step-by-step instructions for this floral and personal Grandparent’s Day craft.

Flower Garden Grandparent’s Day Craft

We love this flower garden craft because, with a parent’s help, kids of various ages can help to make it. Plus, there are some variations on the final product, so you can make it work for you and the materials you have on hand!

When it comes to crafts, I always keep it sweet and simple. I was able to find all of these things at home already on my craft shelves, except for the foam block. I found a set of two foam blocks for under $1 at Walmart, so it wasn’t hard to get them! However, the foam blocks are optional, so feel free to use just what you already have on hand.


Grandparent's Day Craft for Kids

Optional Materials

These materials depend on whether you want to gift a single flower, make a bouquet with your flowers, or stick them in a stand to look like a garden.

  • Single flower or bouquet: You may want to present it in a pretty vase, jar, or cup
  • Flower Garden/Stand: You’ll need a foam block and paper. You will cover the foam block with paper and stick the flowers in it.

Step by Step Directions

Grandparent's Day Craft for Kids

First, you’ll want to print pictures of your kids. I used these photos of them individually so I could get a nice circle cut out of their faces. This will be the center of the flower! To make them perfectly round, I found a cup that was the size I wanted. I traced the bottom of the cup and cut the photo to make these circular flower centers.

Grandparent's Day Craft for Kids

Then have your kids tear up plenty of tissue paper – they’ll love this part! This is what they’ll use to decorate the flower petals. Even your toddlers can help with the ripping part, so this also makes for great fine motor practice! If you don’t want to use glue and tissue, you can simply have your kids use markers to color the sticks instead.

After the paper pieces were ready, I gave each child 4-5 popsicle sticks. We spread glue on the sticks, and then they applied the tissue however they wanted. Let them be creative!

Grandparent's Day Craft for Kids

Next, you will cut each popsicle stick in half with a strong pair of scissors. It doesn’t have to be perfect – I just eyeballed it, and it took mere seconds to cut them all for the perfect flower petal length. Then we taped all the sticks to the back of the photo to make the flower. You can see how this looks from the back and front in the photos below and above. I folded over a small piece of masking tape for each stick.

Grandparent's Day Craft for Kids

After all of the sticks were glued on, I wanted to make the flower extra sturdy, so I put more masking tape on top of all of the popsicles to really bind them to the picture. My older, six-year-old son was able to help with this part too. I simply modeled the one I was doing for my one-and-a-half-year-old toddler, and he copied me on his own. I love allowing him to be as involved as possible when doing a craft together.

Grandparent's Day Craft for Kids

Then you can choose what to do with your flowers! My son used a green marker to color the bottom of the stems. We wrapped a foam block with paper and stuck the flowers in there. You can let your kids decorate the paper even more with drawings or special notes. We wrote a note and had each kid sign it on the back. You can also decorate the top and sides too if you want.

Grandparent's Day Craft for Kids

We’re so excited that we now have the perfect gift for Grandparent’s Day! I know they will just love that it includes photos and heartfelt messages. They always appreciate it when they know the kids had a part in making their gift too. We hope you are inspired by this flower garden Grandparent’s Day craft and have fun making your own version.

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