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Natural Pregnancy Products to Support Pregnancy & Birth

Published January 28, 2019

by Nina Spears

The Baby Chick®: Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Expert
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Did you know that there are things that you can do to support a better and more enjoyable pregnancy and birth? Of course we all know that we need to be eating healthy, working out, and educating ourselves on our pregnancy and birth options, but there are some other things that we can do that can help. As a doula, I’m all about keeping my clients comfortable during their pregnancies and prepared for their births. Here are some products that I recommend if you are looking for natural relief and want to support a satisfying pregnancy and birth experience. A few of these products come to us from our sponsor Traditional Medicinals, which many of you may know for its Mother’s Milk® tea, the #1 selling lactation tea. The company has a newly expanded line offering more convenient and delicious options for moms and moms-to-be.

1. Morning Ease: Lemon Ginger Lozenges

Natural Pregnancy Products for a Better Pregnancy & Birth | Baby Chick

One not so glamorous part of pregnancy is morning sickness. Many pregnant women experience normal morning sickness at some point during their pregnancy and nausea like that can be debilitating. For some women morning sickness can last all day long–not just the morning time. To help relieve nausea, I recommend eating small, light meals throughout the day (avoid spicy and acidic foods), staying hydrated (drinking fluids between meals), and these lemon ginger lozenges.

I’m sure you’ve been told by many people that ginger is helpful to relieve morning sickness. Well it’s true! Because of its warming and digestive benefits, these lozenges help curb away those feelings of nausea.* I find these lozenges tasty and I like how they are easy to throw in your bag or in your pocket when leaving the house and on-the-go. (Recommendation: Take 1 lozenge 2-3 times daily)

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2. Pregnancy Tea

Natural Pregnancy Products for a Better Pregnancy & Birth | Baby Chick

Every pregnant woman wants the best for their baby. Along with eating healthy food, a great natural way to support a healthy pregnancy and help prep the womb for childbirth is by drinking this Pregnancy Tea. In this tea, you’ll find herbs like raspberry leaf and nettle along with other tonifying herbs like alfalfa. This blend of supportive herbs create a tea that is both pleasingly mild and minty, as well as helpful in supporting a healthy pregnancy.* There is also spearmint and fennel in the blend, which make it mildly sweet and pleasant for the digestive system.

If you have the time in the morning, it’s a great way to start the day–do some meditation, prepare and drink your cup of tea, and read a good pregnancy book. All are fantastic things to do for your mind and body that support a healthier and happier birth. (Recommendation: Drink 1 cup daily)

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Natural Pregnancy Products for a Better Pregnancy & Birth | Baby Chick
Natural Pregnancy Products for a Better Pregnancy & Birth | Baby Chick

The herbs in the Pregnancy Tea blend are carefully chosen by Traditional Medicinals’ herbalists to support baby’s first home, a mother’s womb.*

3.  A Good Prenatal Vitamin

It is recommended that every expecting mom take a daily prenatal vitamin. It’s actually recommended to start taking them as early as three months before trying to conceive, but if that’s not possible taking them as soon as you find out your pregnant. Your midwife or doctor will most likely steer you in the right direction as to which brand to take, but you should still be aware of the ingredients in each and know what to look for before you make your decision. Also, I recommend taking your prenatal vitamin with food or just before bed because it can cause many women to feel nauseous. If that still happens, take these lozenges.

4. A Probiotic Supplement

GBS, or group B-streptococcus, is a colonization that affects many people and around 15-40% of pregnant women. Many people carry this bacteria in their digestive systems without even knowing it since it is often completely asymptomatic. The infection may not pose any health threats to the mother, however, it can potentially be passed on to the baby via the amniotic fluid during childbirth and cause complications to the newborn. Thankfully, there are some natural remedies to avoid being GBS positive:

  • Taking a refrigerated probiotic supplement.
  • Eating a probiotic rich diet like Kombucha, Water Kefir, yogurt, sauerkraut and other fermented foods.

All of these help create a healthy gut environment and can reduce the chances of being GBS positive.

5. Raspberry Leaf Tea

Natural Pregnancy Products for a Better Pregnancy & Birth | Baby Chick

Once you get closer to your due date, begin drinking Raspberry Leaf Tea. For thousands of years, women have used raspberry leaves to prepare the womb for childbirth. Because of the tannins in the leaves, this herb is what herbalists call astringent, which means it helps to tone and tighten tissue.* I love this healthy tonic because it is made with organic herbs, it tastes good, and it is an easy way for women to tone and prepare their uterus for labor.* (Recommendation: Drink 1 cup daily during your third trimester to experience the tea’s full benefits.)

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6. Mommy To Be: Raspberry Leaf Chews

Natural Pregnancy Products for a Better Pregnancy & Birth | Baby Chick

These Raspberry Leaf Chews are a mom’s best friend. Why, you ask? The organic herbs in these chews help support women’s reproductive health—a healthy menstrual cycle and pregnancy.* With the chewing consistency of a yummy starburst and the amazing health benefits the organic herbs provide, these are great for expecting moms. They’re an easy and great option to throw in your bag! If you don’t have the time to make your Raspberry Leaf tea, these will also do the trick! The bright raspberry flavor combined with black tea notes make this a satisfying and beneficial chew.

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7. Vitamin E Oil

Studies show that perineal massage can reduce your chance of tearing during birth. It’s recommended to use a Vitamin E oil to massage into the skin since this natural oil helps make the perineum softer, suppler, and stretchier. Perineal massage has also been shown to aid in a faster recovery from perineal trauma. All you have to do is rub vitamin E oil into the skin between your vagina and anus once or twice daily, starting at 34 weeks onward.

How do you do perineal massage? Have your partner place their thumbs shallowly into your vagina (no more than three to four centimeters) and press the perineal floor downwards towards the bowel. Once that pressure has been applied, the thumbs should sweep to both sides (one thumb to the right and the other to the left) until you feel a slight burning or stretching sensation. Maintain the pressure for about a minute before resting.

I want all women to have a better and more satisfying pregnancy and childbirth experience. While some things are up to your body and your baby, these tips and products can help you take things into your own hands and support a healthy and happy pregnancy and birth.

Natural Pregnancy Products for a Better Pregnancy & Birth | Baby Chick

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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