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Low-Cost Date Night Ideas for Couples on a Budget

Dating after marriage/baby can get tough. But it is even more important now! Here are some low cost date night ideas for couples on a budget.

Published February 14, 2020

Ah, dating. Do you remember those days? After marriage and a baby, dating your partner is probably the last thing on your mind. I get it. Dating is expensive. It takes time. It takes energy. These are things you may be lacking as a busy couple. But there are low-cost date night ideas you can incorporate into your busy schedule, and I think you should. Why? Because dating your partner now is more important than ever.

Not only is dating after you are married incredibly beneficial to your marriage, but it’s also really important to the rest of your family dynamic. Kids can feel that energy when mom and dad are happy and show love toward one another. The same is true when mom and dad aren’t happy. For these reasons, date night should be one of the most important appointments on that busy family calendar!

You can incorporate date night into your schedule with some planning. Start with one night a month, for example. Then perhaps try to find time for one night a week. You and your partner can invest in one another in many ways without spending much (if anything!) and, perhaps, not even leaving the house! Here are some low-cost date night ideas you can use to start making your dating life a priority again.

Low-Cost Date Night Ideas for Tight Budgets

Have a bonfire.

If you live in an area where fire pits are allowed, schedule a night to meet with drinks and maybe some s’mores after the kids are in bed. Enjoy the warmth of the fire and quiet conversation with each other until the fire burns out.

Visit a museum.

Pick a type of museum and spend a few hours wandering around. Is natural history your thing? Maybe science? How about art? There are so many options!

Go antiquing or thrifting.

Hit up your nearest flea market or antique mall. Or give yourselves a spending limit and see who can find the coolest treasure at the local thrift store.

Hang out by the pool.

Grab your swimsuit and sunscreen, fill a travel cup with an “adult” beverage, and get some sun by the community pool. If you don’t have a pool available, check with a nearby hotel to see if you can purchase a day pass.

Have a spa day.

After the kids go to bed, sip some wine while you give each other massages. Or go for a couple’s mani-pedi at your local salon.

Test your skills at the arcade.

Watch your husband revert to his 13-year-old self as he plays every old-school game he used to love. Ask him to teach you how to play his favorite one.

Tour a winery or brewery.

With so many craft breweries popping up nationwide, you should be able to find a place to try some new varietals or brews at a minimal cost.

Try some old-fashioned bowling.

When was the last time you bowled? If you haven’t been in a while, I can assure you that bowling with your partner is a ton of fun!

Hop on a river float.

If you live near a body of water, hop on a river float. Or find a spot by the lake or the beach to relax, play some volleyball or frisbee, and get some sun.

Enjoy a wine and cheese night.

Try your hand at wine and cheese pairings at home! Or find a local winery or bar that offers wine and cheese flights.

Hit the gym.

Do you love to work out or do yoga? Get sweaty (or zen) together.

Visit a drive-in movie.

Drive-in movies are becoming a thing again. Pick a nice evening and watch a classic under the stars with your love.

Play pool.

I love challenging my partner to a game of pool. I generally have no idea what I’m doing, but I tend to play well. Even if you’re terrible at pool, your partner will get a kick out of teaching or beating you!

Go for a hike.

For nature lovers, pack a few water bottles and snacks and hit the trails.

Have a picnic.

On a pretty day, there’s nothing better than a picnic in a beautiful park! Don’t have a babysitter? Have dinner in the backyard after the kids go down.

Challenge each other at trivia night.

Most local pubs will have a trivia night that you can join. Have some beer and see how much useless information you know together!

Take a day trip.

No matter where you live, there’s bound to be a cute little town or city you haven’t explored. Take a day and play tourist!

Plan a game night.

I love game night! You can find an old-fashioned board game, or you can find games online to play together.

Bake together.

There is something so sexy about cooking and baking with your partner. Turn on some music, light some candles, and open some wine. Don’t worry about cleaning up until the following day!

As you can see, there are countless ways to get date night back on your calendar without spending a fortune. Maybe this month, challenge yourself to schedule two date nights with your partner and see if you can’t reignite some of that excitement you felt in the very beginning. Happy dating!

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