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What Every Mom Must Have in her Pleasure Box

Moms are short on time and energy, but life in the bedroom is vital! Our sexologist is sharing her pleasure box must haves.

Published November 16, 2017

by Amy Levine

Sexologist, Sex Coach and Certified Sexuality Educator

It’s no secret that scheduling what we need and want to do, staying organized and being prepared makes family life easier for ourselves and the ones we love. As a sex coach, wife and mom who works with many couples who have kids, I know firsthand that when it comes to intimacy, the same principles apply. Our lives are beyond busy and while we may long for spontaneous, uninterrupted sex, scheduling time for solo or partnered alone time needs to be put on the calendar—or dare I say . . . it may not happen. When you’re actually able to get it on, you want to make the most of this precious time and maximize your satisfaction by having these must-have pleasure props within reach.

There are three things I believe are a must to spend money on: Great shoes, a luxury watch, and a high quality sex toy.

Organic Lube by YES

There’s no question that wetter is better. It’s completely natural to need and add lube during a sack session, as our natural fluids come and go no matter how excited we may be. My favorite organic options are YES products. YES WB (water-based) is a must if you’re using latex contraception. If you’re having unprotected sex, YES OB (oil-based) feels sensational. And if you’re testing out the back door, check out YES BUT.


Trusting your partner when your eyes are covered is a very bonding experience. Building anticipation heightens arousal. Hopefully, it’ll be a turn on, and if not you can use it for pin the tail on the donkey at your kid’s birthday party.

AfterGlow Massage Candle by Jimmyjane

It’s incredibly sexy to make love by candlelight, let alone for it to double as a massage candle with an easy pour spout. The reason you want to use a candle made of soy is that it burns closer to body temperature, so it’s safe to use on skin.

Boy Butter

For those sack sessions when you want to focus on him and ace the art of using your hand, he’ll love Boy Butter. Created by an awesome gay guy who knows what men enjoy, this lube will do the trick. Remember, if you’re using latex contraception, water-based is a must. Also, since it has glycerin and may not be vagina-friendly for all women, you may want to stick to fooling around rather than the in-and-out.

Bondage Tape by Babeland

50 Shades of Grey may be overplayed, yet nothing beats this kinky contraption which is one of my faves. It’s made of a PVC material that sticks to itself without any messy adhesive. Even better it’s incredibly strong and reusable.

Mimi Pearl by Bijoux Indiscrets

These stick on nipple covers are incredibly glamorous and erotic. Wear them for yourself first. They’ll likely make you feel like you have a sweet secret under your shirt (that’s how I feel when I wear them). Go to the grocery store, to the office, anywhere you please. At the end of the day, do the big reveal to your partner and relish the response.


This is the perfect vibrator for partnered sex as it easily fits between the two of you. It’s waterproof, rechargeable and has 8 stimulation patterns that are sure to make you both moan. Best of all since most women need clitoral stimulation to climax, you can place it on your clit when you’re having sex in any position.

CAYONA by Fun Factory

While this toy can be used for partnered sex, it’s one of my favorite for solo fun as it’s waterproof, rechargeable, has 6 speeds and 6 vibration patterns. In addition to clitoral stimulation being key, G-spot action can also lead to great climaxes. Three important things to know: Your G-spot only makes an appearance when you’re turned on (you can find it about 2 inches into your vagina, belly button side of your body. The texture when you’re aroused feels corrugated like a peach pit). If you get a need to pee feeling, the sensation that’s stirring inside your body may lead to female ejaculation. Women are lucky as we can have multiple orgasms. You just need to get out of your head or else the BIG O can be elusive.

“Blend for Women” Essential Oil

After having my son, my libido was low, I was lacking sleep and felt overwhelmed. I started to use Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils to support my wellbeing and was able to bounce back. Especially for desire, I applied “Blend for Women” daily on my wrists. Learn more about essential oils and get my Mama Mojo Essential Oil Kit.

Now that you have everything you need to get started, treat yourself to a special storage container to stash your pleasure props. Check out the Mini Moi Case  or Joyboxx that has a lock.

You can also keep adding to your collection with awesome curated selections or a subscription experience delivered discreetly to your door in a box every three months from Unbound Box.

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Amy Levine Sexologist, Sex Coach and Certified Sexuality Educator
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Amy Levine is a renowned sex coach and certified sexuality educator with a Master’s degree in Human Sexuality. For more than 20 years, she has helped numerous women achieve the… Read more

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