Swimsuits For Moms of All Shapes and Sizes

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Swimsuits For Moms of All Shapes and Sizes

So it’s July, which means summer is here. The sun is out. The pools are open. And if you’re like me. Your kids are begging you to go swimming or to the splash pad. Every. Other. Minute. 🙂


So like it or not. Ready or not. Here the swimsuits come!

And whether you love your body. Or whether you loathe it. Whether you just had a baby. Or whether your babies are grown. It’s time to dive into that dressing room and put a swimsuit on. Before you dive into the pool, of course!

Let me just add, I never really liked wearing swimsuits before having three children that altered the look of my body, but for some reason after having kids, I feel more confident to just be ME. And not a model. (Because even models don’t look like that before Photoshop! Right?!) So I hope this encourages you to do the same!


And since picking the best swimsuit for your body makes that task much easier especially if it’s going to be one of the main staples of your wardrobe this summer, I thought I would turn to some experts in mom bodies. My mommy (chic) friends! And they shared their favorites buys in all price ranges, for all bodies and from as many brands/stores as you can imagine, which included Gap, Land’s End, Lane Bryant, Dillard’s, American Eagle, Target, Splendid, Venus, Miracle Suit, Lulu Lemon, J.Crew, Roxy, Lukcy Brand and so many more!

Here is my best compilation of what they shared!

For the Flat-Chested Momma

Some women have large busts and some do not. This swimsuit from Lulu Lemon is fun because it works with a smaller chest. In fact, it was a favorite by one of our very own Baby Chick bloggers Lanie. Here’s what she had to say about it!


“This suit actually did nothing in the area of making my boobs look bigger but for some reason the racer back top made me feel athletic and better about my small chest!”


Another great idea for moms with small chests is to find a cute flounce swimsuit in the top. The extra ruffle and material adds some volume to your chest, while allowing you to have fun with your swimsuit. Here is a cute and affordable flounce by Mossimo sold at Target that I love!


For the Breastfeeding Momma

This strapless suit from Clean Water also sold at Target is not only bright, holds in the tummy and affordable, but it is also wonderful for breastfeeding!


My friend Ashlee said it is Very comfortable and camouflages my post baby body. Plus it’s easy to breastfeed in.”

For the Big-Busted Curvier Girl

Here is my favorite two-piece for the bustier momma from Lane Bryant. I love the cut, style and color. You can be bold and beautiful in this one!


And here is another one from Lane Bryant that is a beautiful green suit for a mom who has a lot going on the chest but still wants to look beautiful with a little more coverage and control in the tummy.


For the Mom Who Wants To Feel Slimmed

If your trouble area isn’t so much one area, but just a desire to look slimmer overall, here are two suits that do just that at the total opposite ends of the price range from one another. The first swimsuit comes is made from Miracle Suit and is designed to slim and contour the female body. My friend who just bought one for her trip to Hawaii had this to say about hers. You can order yours here at: www.miraclesuit.com


“I love my Miracle Swimsuit because it is comfortable and slimming. It provides support in all the right places, from the tummy support to the hidden underwire. I could stay by the pool all day and always feel great in it!”

And here is another slimming suit for a quarter of the price from Wal-Mart of all plaes. And I have to say, it is cute and my friend Allison said she and several of her friends have loved it!


For the Mommy Who Has Some Extra Weight in the Tummy

Some moms like to feel controlled in their tummies to feel comfortable and other moms like to feel covered. Here is a cute swimsuit that hides some of the extra skin in the tummy or stretchmarks that works great after baby.


And here is a high-waisted bottom that can be paired with your favorite tankini top or rashguard that can suck you in. Two of my friends recommended it. Here is what Lynn had to say: “They go up high so no muffin top and if your top floats up, your belly is still covered.”


For the Modest Mom and Sun Safety Girl

Rashguards are such a great way to block the sun (the ones from Land’s End are rated UPF 50) and keep yourself covered. This is one of my favorites from Land’s End. And it just so happens to be their Rash Guard for Breast Cancer awareness! You can wear a sports bra or bikini top under them.

This is what my friend Julie has to say about hers. I started wearing a rash guard last year. I personally am not a huge tankini fan but am not bikini ready.”


This 2-piece swimsuit by Splendid is wonderful for the mom playing with kids in the pool but it has a twist! The tank top keeps you covered as you’re swinging kids around in the water and helping kids play and swim. But when everything is settled, you can take off the tank top and just wear the bandeau binkini top.




My friend Leslie who has it say she loves it because: I personally just feel more comfortable being more covered, especially when playing with me kids it’s just more practical. But I also like having the option to just wear the bikini top if I’m laying out (ha like that ever happens!).”

My Favorite Pick for the Season

This Coco Rave swimsuit is my swimsuit pick for the season! I love the high waste light color and polka dots. It’s cute. It’s trendy. And it doesn’t make me feel totally exposed. Plus it does a great job of hiding stretch marks. And is sold at Dillards.


I hope you enjoy your time in the pool this season and feel beautiful and confident in whatever style you choose to wear!

Cheers to Confidence!


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