20 Things Every Mom Needs From Amazon This Spring
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20 Things Every Mom Needs From Amazon This Spring

Spring is the perfect time to refresh and renew your home and wardrobe. Here are the 20 things every mom needs from Amazon this spring!

Updated May 20, 2024

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Spring is just around the corner. Give me all the sunshine, flowers, and longer days! After a long winter, I always like to replace items, spruce up my home, and make a few new purchases. And, of course, we all know that Amazon is a great, fast, and affordable one-stop online shop for moms. That’s why we’re turning to Amazon this spring for some cute finds!

20 Things Every Mom Needs From Amazon This Spring

Here, I’m sharing everything you need this spring from Amazon. So, get cozy on the couch, grab your drink of choice, and click away. These are the 20 things every mom needs from Amazon this spring!


Fresh Decor

Botanical Pillow

This spring, add a touch of nature to your space with a square throw pillow available on Amazon. Featuring a white background, the pillow includes a floral and botanical print with plants, leaves, flowers, and butterflies in green, yellow, purple, and blue hues. The pattern is evenly distributed across the surface.

Striped Farmhouse Pillow

Two sage green, ribbed texture cushions with pom-pom trims are placed on a cream knitted throw. They rest on a dark grey sofa beside a leafy green plant. A white cup and a blue book are also on the throw, perfect for enjoying this spring. The background includes a white, ornate wall panel, available on Amazon.

Sky Blue Throw Pillow

Two light blue square pillows with a textured waffle pattern are shown. The pillows, available on Amazon this spring, are positioned against a white background, with one slightly overlapping the other.

Textured Knitted Throw

A beige knitted blanket featuring a diamond pattern with small raised dots and fringed edges at the bottom. The texture appears soft and cozy, suitable for home decor or use as a throw. Find this charming piece on Amazon this spring.

Cashmere Fringe Throw

A light blue blanket with a white diamond pattern is folded in half. The edges feature white fringe tassels, giving it a charming touch. The fabric looks soft and textured. Perfect for cozy moments, this delightful find is available on Amazon this spring.

Silk Cherry Blossom Branches

A bunch of white artificial cherry blossom flowers with delicate petals attached to brown stems. Perfect for brightening up your home this spring, the flowers are grouped closely together, and the stems appear to be wrapped at the bottom, creating an elegant touch. Available on Amazon.

Artificial Tulip Flowers

A bouquet of white tulips with green stems and leaves is arranged in a neat bunch, bound together with a thin string, perfect for brightening up your home this spring. Available on Amazon.

Blue and White Ginger Jar

This spring on Amazon, discover a white porcelain jar featuring intricate blue floral patterns with a fitted lid. The design includes various flowers and leaves, creating a detailed and elegant appearance. The jar has a smooth, glossy finish.

Mini Peony Arrangement

A clear glass vase holds a mixed bouquet of artificial flowers, including white, orange, pink, and purple blossoms, as well as green leaves and small red berries. The vibrant arrangement is detailed and perfect for adding a pop of color to your home décor from Amazon this spring.

Spring Wreath

A circular wreath made of lush, green eucalyptus leaves with small white accents. The leaves are dense and cover the entire wreath, giving it a full and vibrant appearance. Perfect for brightening up your home, this spring addition is available on Amazon. The plain white background highlights the greenery beautifully.

After months spent indoors, spring is the perfect time to refresh your home and make it a place you want to return to daily. And while decorating your home can be daunting, it is pretty easy to add light to your decor by buying a few staple items.

Instead of changing out big-ticket items like a couch or wall art, buy a few new throw pillows to energize your space instantly. Consider layering a spring staple color, like sage, with a matching floral design (we love this vintage pillow for its subtle pattern). A decorative throw in light colors like beige will complete the look.

To breathe some life into the rest of your home (without sacrificing any allergies or needing a green thumb), add some fake florals to your dining and end tables. These silk cherry blossom branches scream springtime and will match any decor you currently have, while these white tulips will make even those dreary days feel brighter. Bring the faux flowers to life with a gorgeous vase–we love this blue and white vase that is not only great quality (it has 5 stars on Amazon) but is super affordable (under $50!).

Round out your decor by decorating your front door with a simple yet elegant eucalyptus wreath–it will make you smile before you even go inside.


Make Up Organizers

Rotating Makeup Organizer

A clear rotating makeup organizer, perfect for showcasing your cosmetics and skincare products this spring, features various compartments for jars of cream, bottles of lotion, spray bottles, lipsticks, and makeup brushes. Find yours on Amazon to keep your beauty essentials stylishly organized.

Makeup and Jewelry Storage Display Case

A clear acrylic storage organizer from Amazon this spring holds various cosmetics, including lipsticks, makeup sponges, palettes, and skincare products. The organizer has multiple compartments and drawers, showcasing different beauty items neatly arranged and easily accessible.

Cosmetic Storage Display

This spring, an Amazon exclusive clear acrylic makeup organizer with a roll-top design holds an array of skincare and beauty products, including bottles, jars, and tubes from various brands like Chanel, SK-II, La Mer, and others. The organizer features multiple drawers and compartments.

Portable Makeup Case

Four pastel-colored makeup bags are displayed, perfect for Amazon this spring. The bags are in shades of beige, gray, purple, and light blue, with some stacked on top of others. Each bag has a handle on top and a front zipper pocket. The brand name

Travel Toiletry Bag

Image of a blush pink travel toiletry bag available on Amazon this spring. The bag is shown both closed and open. When open, it reveals multiple compartments, including clear zippered sections and elastic bands to hold items in place. The closed bag features a quilted pattern and a sturdy handle.

Clear Makeup Case

A clear, zippered makeup bag with black trim and gold zippers is shown with a variety of makeup products and brushes inside. Ideal for your essentials this spring, the bag has a handle and multiple compartments, including a lower section specifically for brushes. Available on Amazon.

Are you guilty of having your makeup laid out all over your bathroom sink? As moms, time is limited, and we don’t want to spend any time searching for our mascara in the mornings. Solve this problem and add instant organization to your morning routine with a cosmetic organizer. We love this rotating option and this sleek option for their low price point (both are under $35) and their designs. Plus, with thousands of positive reviews each, you can’t go wrong with either choice.

If you want to add a bit more pizazz (and show off your expensive skincare routine), consider spending a bit more with this professional organizer. Not only is it pretty, but it’s also dust and waterproof.

Spring is also the perfect time to travel. If you have a trip planned, you will need a good toiletry bag. No more throwing your products into one pouch, making finding what you need in a pinch impossible. These travel bags are all under $25 (we even love this one that’s just $11.99!) and will keep you organized and your makeup in great condition, no matter how far or how often you travel.


Closet Organization

Clear Bins

Four clear storage bins are shown. One bin contains folded clothes, and another holds various purses and bags. The other two bins are empty. Each bin has handles on the sides for easy carrying. Perfect for keeping organized this spring, these bins are available on Amazon.

Shoe Storage Box

The image shows a 10-tier stackable shoe storage organizer made of transparent material. Available on Amazon this spring, the organizer is arranged in a staircase-like formation with varying heights, featuring pull-out drawers designed to store and display shoes neatly.

Closet Shelf Bins

Three beige fabric storage boxes with brown handles and clear label sleeves on the front are stacked in a pyramid arrangement. Available on Amazon this spring, these boxes are of different sizes but share a uniform design.

You’ve spruced up your living room and organized your makeup, but now it’s time for the big one: your closet. Whether you have a large or small closet space, having it neat and organized can make a huge difference in your daily routine. But managing your closet doesn’t have to be expensive or tedious.

We adore these clear bins to store accessories, shoes, and sports bras and love that you can repurpose them for other areas in your home. This shoe holder will free up a ton of space and allow you to keep your shoes visible without taking up all the floor retail.

And if you want to brighten up your closet space and make it more functional, we can’t get enough of these stylish ivory bins that look great in your closet or your entryway–plus, you can label them!


Office Accessories

Large Acrylic Calendar

Introducing a white acrylic wall calendar, available on Amazon this spring, with

Dry Erase Acrylic Calendar

A white, rectangular wall calendar titled

Le Pen Brights

A package of 10 LePen fine line markers in assorted colors is shown. The markers are arranged vertically in a plastic container with a label stating they are quick drying, smear resistant, and have vivid colors. The tip size is 0.3mm. Perfect for your creative projects on Amazon this spring!

Clear Plastic Desk Organizers

A top-down view of an organized office supplies tray from Amazon this spring, containing a pink stapler, four black pens, five yellow pencils, three highlighters, clear push pins, green correction tape, and gold binder clips—all neatly arranged in separate compartments.


Three pairs of iBayam scissors with stainless steel blades and colorful plastic handles can be found on Amazon this spring. The sets come in vibrant pink, yellow, and teal green, with the brand name “iBayam” printed on each blade.

Bliss Collection Daily Planner

This spring, discover a daily planner on Amazon adorned with floral designs at the top. It features sections for priorities, today's date, schedule & to-do list, water intake, health & fitness, meal prep, notes & doodles, and today's achievements. The background is light pink.

Multicolored Ballpoint Pens

A set of six multicolor clickable pens with four ink colors each (blue, black, red, green). The pens have pastel-colored barrels: light blue, white, light purple, light pink. Each pen has a clip and a ridged grip section. Available on Amazon this spring.

Acrylic Pen Holder

A clear, rectangular acrylic container with a gold-colored base. The container has smooth surfaces and sharp edges, giving it a modern and minimalist appearance, making it a perfect find on Amazon this spring.

Acrylic Scissors

A pair of scissors with gold-colored blades and clear handles is shown against a plain white background. The scissors have a metallic pivot and an ergonomic design, perfect for your crafting needs this spring. Available on Amazon.

Acrylic Hole Punch

The image shows a transparent rectangular display stand with three gold-colored brackets. Designed to hold or display items at an angled view, this acrylic stand is perfect for showcasing your favorite finds from Amazon this spring.

Whether you work from home or in an office, having a nice space to get things done is essential. Truthfully, there’s nothing moms need more than a calendar. As the spring activities get started, and you suddenly need to keep track of your schedule and your kids’ soccer practice, swim lessons, and dance recitals, it’s ideal to have a calendar everyone can see (not just one on your phone). We love these acrylic versions that can be customized and work double duty as a calendar and a piece of art for your wall. While they may be a bit of an investment, they last forever, and the reviews are incredible.

When it comes to your desk, who says you have to use black pens and ugly scissors? Have your office match your style this spring by upgrading to pretty pieces like these smooth Le Pens in fun colors and these high-quality pastel scissors with almost 50,000 five-star reviews.



Cateye Sunglasses

A pair of tortoiseshell sunglasses featuring a sleek, angular frame design and gradient brown lenses. The temples and arms are also tortoiseshell in pattern. These trendy, modern sunglasses are a must-have on Amazon this spring.

Small Round Sunglasses

A pair of round sunglasses featuring thin, gold-colored metal frames and dark brown gradient lenses. Perfect for Amazon this spring, the temples have a slight curve at the end with a darker coating. The nose pads are clear and adjustable for comfort.

Retro Round Sunglasses

A front-facing image of round sunglasses with green-tinted lenses. The frame has a gold metallic bridge and temples, with tortoiseshell accents around the lens rims. Perfect for adding a stylish touch this spring, the design features a distinctive double bridge available on Amazon.

Le Specs Oatmeal Eyewear

The image shows a pair of taupe-colored, round sunglasses with a thick frame and gradient lenses, perfect for adding to your cart on Amazon this spring. The arms of the sunglasses feature a small gold accent near the hinges.

It’s time to get outside! Nothing adds to an outfit quite as easily as a good pair of sunglasses. And luckily, with so many great options on Amazon, you can switch out your sunglasses often without spending a fortune. We suggest getting a few pairs in varying styles–we love this cateye option, which is super on-trend, this round option, which looks good on any face shape, and this retro version that can take even leggings up a notch (all three of these options are around $15). If you want to splurge a bit more on one pair, we love these oatmeal-colored Le Specs. Meghan Markle has been spotted wearing a similar pair, and they will match just about anything you put on.



The Drop Women's Samantha Flat Sandal

A tan flat sandal featuring thin straps across the toes and instep, with long laces that wrap around the ankle. This spring on Amazon, find sandals with a flat sole and gold-tipped lace ends.

The Drop Women's Monika Flat H-Band Sandal

A white slide sandal with a flat brown sole is depicted. Perfect for Amazon this spring, the sandal features a two-strap design with an intersecting pattern and an open toe. The footbed is light brown and the sole is slightly elevated at the heel.

Studded Jelly Flip Flops

A beige sandal featuring a glossy finish with a thong style design is perfect for this spring. Adorned with a bow on the strap and decorated with gold and black pyramid studs, it's available on Amazon. The brand name

Studded Ankle Strap Sandal

A tan strappy sandal featuring a flat sole and adorned with silver pyramid studs, perfect for Amazon this spring. The sandal has an ankle strap with a buckle for adjustable fit. The base is slightly textured with a small raised heel.

Cloud Sandals

A single, lavender-colored slide sandal with a textured band over the top and a cushioned sole. Perfect for Amazon this spring, it boasts a simple, slip-on design and a slightly elevated heel.

Dolce Vita Pailey Heeled Sandal

A light beige high-heeled sandal featuring two wide braided straps across the foot. The shoe, perfect for Amazon this spring, has a square open toe and a chunky block heel with a textured pattern.

It’s time to put away those boots and break out your sandals. We love a simple shoe with added flair this year, like a wrapped look or studded style. You can pair these with joggers, dresses, jeans, or shorts, making them all the perfect additions to your spring wardrobe. You’ll need something sturdy and cute for days at the park or splash pad with your kids. These cloud slides not only come in a ton of colors, but they are also super comfortable and waterproof. And for your monthly date night or moms’ night out, add these Dolce Vita heeled sandals to your cart–according to reviews, they are super comfortable, and the ivory color will match everything you already have in your closet.



Planone Short Rain Boots

A pair of pink, ankle-high rubber boots with elastic side panels, perfect for Amazon this spring. The boots have a rugged sole for better grip and a pull tab on the back for easy wearing. The word

Hunter Boots

A single tall, green rubber boot is shown. The boot features a buckle strap near the top and has a sturdy treaded sole. Perfect for adventures on Amazon this spring, the brand name

Waterproof Mid Rain Boot

A light blue checkered rain boot with a side buckle and thick sole, perfect for tramping through puddles this spring. The boot has a mid-calf height and a rounded toe, making it both stylish and practical. Available on Amazon.

While spring is a time to get outside, it is also a time for rain. Depending on where in the country you live, you’re likely to experience your fair share of rainy days. But don’t let lack of footwear keep you from venturing out to the mall or, if you’re really brave, jumping in puddles with your kids. Amazon has some super trendy options that will last you forever, ranging from $35 for a waterproof mid-boot (how cute is this gingham pattern?!), $45 for these adorable short rain boots, and around $100 for a classic pair of Hunter’s in a gorgeous green shade. All of these are perfect for spring!


Cute Umbrella or Rain Jacket

Columbia Rain Jacket

A person is wearing a light beige hooded jacket with two front pockets and black drawstrings. The jacket has a front zipper and the person is shown from the mid-thigh up. They have long braided hair and are wearing dark pants—perfect attire for exploring Amazon this spring.

Lightweight Rain Coat

A woman is wearing a light pink hooded windbreaker jacket over a white shirt and blue jeans. The jacket, available on Amazon this spring, has drawstrings at the hood and a zipper closure. She is holding the unzipped jacket's sides. A matching pink pouch is shown beside her.

Travel Umbrella

The image shows a light green folding umbrella with a matching storage case, perfect for Amazon this spring. The umbrella is compact and comes with a wrist strap. Beneath the umbrella and case, there are 11 smaller images of the umbrella and case in various colors.

Pair your new rain boots with a new rain jacket–something you should always keep in your car in case you find yourself in a springtime downpour. Lucky for us, rain jackets don’t have to be oversized ponchos with no style. This stylish rain jacket has an adjustable cinch-waist and a mesh lining to keep you cool on those humid days. It also comes in lots of different color options. For a lightweight version, this rain jacket is simple yet fashionable and is available up to a size 3X. And rain jacket or not, never leave the house without a travel umbrella. Whether you throw it in your diaper bag or keep it in your trunk, you never know when that t-ball game will turn into a rain delay.


Work Out/Athleisure Wear

Running Shorts

A person wearing high-waisted pink athletic shorts, available on Amazon this spring, places a smartphone into the side pocket. The shorts feature an elastic waistband and a small zipper on the pocket. The person's torso and part of their right arm are visible.

High Waisted Yoga Pants

A person is wearing high-waisted, mauve-colored leggings. The photo shows the lower half of their body from waist to feet, standing barefoot. The leggings have a seam running down the side and look fitted, hugging the legs closely—perfect for an Amazon find this spring.

As moms, we can never have enough athleisure. You may already have a closet full of leggings and tanks, but trust us when we say you need to add two more items to your collection. These BALEAF running shorts are a great alternative to leggings. They come in many great colors and even have a zipper pocket, so you have a place to keep your phone during a workout (or during school drop-off). But it’s these Colorfulkaola leggings that every mom needs in her wardrobe. They are super comfortable, and the high waist helps keep everything in its place. Plus, at $22.99 a pair and with almost 40k positive reviews, they really can’t be beaten.


Yoga Mat/Workout Equipment

Neoprene Dumbbells

The image shows a pair of pink neoprene-coated dumbbells, each weighing 2 pounds, perfect for your Amazon workout routine this spring. The hexagonal shape on the ends prevents rolling, and a smooth finish ensures a comfortable grip.

Yoga Mat

A rolled-out and partially rolled-up yoga mat with one side pink and the other blue, branded with

Resistance Bands

The image shows three resistance loop bands arranged horizontally. Made of fabric, the bands come in green, pink, and purple, each featuring a black label with a logo and text. Slightly overlapping each other, these fitness essentials are perfect for your workout plans on Amazon this spring.

Spring is the perfect time to get back into your workout routine. Sometimes the best way to get motivated is to get out your wallet and buy fun workout equipment. Plus, with Amazon, you can get all of these delivered right away, so there’s no excuse to get started. All you need to have the ultimate home gym are a good (and cute) pair of dumbbells, a durable yoga mat (we love how this one is extra thick so that you can use it seamlessly on wood floors), and a set of resistance bands. You’ll be back in shape in no time!


Water Bottle

32 Oz Water Bottle

A hand holds a large pink water bottle with a time marker for daily water intake and a pink strap. Below it are seven different colored water bottles, each also equipped with time markers and matching straps. The color spectrum includes blue, green, pink, and yellow. Perfect for Amazon this spring!

Being a mom means being on the go all the time. But don’t let your busy schedule stop you from caring for yourself. The first step to feeling great is drinking a ton of water, and having a cute water bottle like this makes staying hydrated much easier. Plus, this one is leak-proof and has a carry strap, so you can bring it everywhere you go.


Natural Bag

Handwoven Rattan Purse

This spring, discover the perfect accessory on Amazon: a woven handbag with a structured rectangular shape, light beige color, and a top handle. It features gold-tone hardware, a twist-lock closure on the front, and a gold-tone chain strap attached to both sides.

Bamboo Bag

A half-circle bamboo handbag with a slatted design and small handle, perfect for carrying on Amazon this spring. The bag is made up of thin wooden strips arranged vertically and radially, creating an open, airy pattern. The brand name

Wicker Crossbody Bag

This image shows a rectangular woven wicker handbag with a gold-toned clasp and a matching chain shoulder strap. The bag features a sturdy handle made of the same woven material. The gold-colored hardware adds a touch of elegance to its rustic design—perfect for Amazon this spring.

This season, the ultimate accessory is a straw bag. While many prominent designers have gotten into the trend, you don’t need to spend a ton to emulate the look. Amazon has many great rattan and wicker style options, but we especially love these three looks. This handwoven tote has the perfect amount of structure, and the pop of color on the inside gives it a little extra something. For a similar yet more practical mom look, this wicker square bag comes in a crossbody, so you can be trendy without losing a much-needed hand to a handbag. We can’t get enough of this bamboo Vintga bag for a night out or vacation. At under $40, it looks way more expensive than it is and will add that much-needed pizazz to your spring dresses.


Porch Mat

Home Sweet Home Mat

A rectangular doormat with the words

Lavender Welcome Mat

A doormat with a design of tall purple lavender flowers and green stems on a brown background. The rectangular doormat, available on Amazon this spring, reflects slightly on a shiny surface below it.

Let the good spring vibes start at your front door with an inviting porch mat. Go a bit bolder with a mat that says “home sweet home,” or make a more subtle entrance with this lavender plant welcome mat–both are super adorable and of excellent quality.


Hanging Door Sign

Front Door Spring Wreath

A circular

Hello Welcome Sign

A round white door hanging featuring the word

Welcome Eucalyptus Wreath

A decorative wreath made of various green leaves and small white flowers surrounds a wooden sign with the word

You’ll need a hanging door sign to complete the look if you just added a welcome mat to your cart. I love to change up the look at my front door for every season, and for spring, we love these farmhouse-chic options that add a bit more style than your average wreath.


A Good Book

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

Cover of the book

The Silent Wife

Cover of the book

The Last Mrs. Parrish

The cover image of the book

Malibu Rising

The cover of

Reminders of Him

The book cover for

Nothing completes a spring day like an afternoon sipping lemonade on your patio with a good book. Treat yourself to a great story this spring season with two of our favorite books of the year.


Spring Lip Gloss

Tarte Maracuja Juicy Lip

A pink tube of Tarte Maracuja Juicy Lip lip balm is shown standing upright with the cap removed, lying on the side to expose the lip balm stick. The text

Laneige Lip Glowy Balm

A pink tube of LANEIGE Lip Glowy Balm in Berry flavor, standing upright on a white background. The tube has white text displaying the brand name, product name, and description in both English and French. Find this essential lip care product on Amazon this spring for a refreshing seasonal touch.

Tula Lip Treatment Balm

A blue tube of TULA Skincare Lip SOS lip treatment balm in pink coconut flavor, perfect for Amazon this spring. The tube features white and pink text indicating ingredients and branding, containing 0.28 oz (8 g) of product.

Put your deep red lipstick on retainer and opt for a light glowy balm or gloss this spring instead. We love this TULA option that hydrates and gives you a nice, subtle tint. The Laneige option is similar and comes in a berry tint, while the Tarte Maracuja Juicy Lip may be pricey but is an investment worth making. The vegan balms add plumpness to your lips while nourishing, and the duos come in limited-edition shades like coconut and orchid.


Lightweight Pajamas

Barefoot Dreams Pajama Set

A woman is standing and facing forward, wearing a light pink pajama set with long sleeves and a button-down top. The pajama pants are full length and loose-fitting. She has long hair and is barefoot. Perfect for lounging at home, this comfy outfit is available on Amazon this spring.

Satin Pajama Set

A woman is wearing a light pink silk pajama set from Amazon this spring, consisting of a short-sleeve button-up shirt with a chest pocket and matching shorts. She is standing and smiling, with her right arm relaxed by her side and her left hand resting on her hip.

Femofit Pajama Pants

Two pairs of polka dot pajama pants are displayed, one in light blue and the other in pink. Both have white polka dots and an elastic waistband with a drawstring tie. The pants are laid flat and shown side by side, perfect for cozy nights this spring—find them on Amazon.

Short Sleeve Sleepwear

A person is wearing a light purple pajama set from Amazon this spring, consisting of a short-sleeve button-up top with a chest pocket and matching shorts. The pajama set has white piping along the edges. The person has one hand in their pocket and is smiling.

Lightweight pajama sets are a must-have this spring for bedtime (or all day, we don’t judge). These options from Amazon this spring are adorable and cozy and give you the option of long sleeves and long pants or short sleeves and shorts. If you’re an oversized t-shirt to bed type of mom, consider adding a cute pair of pajama pants, like these polka-dot ones, for a comfortable and stylish look.



Tula Sunscreen Gel

A yellow tube of Tula Skincare Protect + Glow daily sunscreen gel with broad spectrum SPF 30, featuring probiotics and superfoods. The front label highlights UVA+UVB protection and the tube contains 1.7 fl oz (50 ml) of product, available on Amazon this spring.

Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen

A tube of Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40 PA+++ is placed on a white background. The sunscreen tube, available on Amazon this spring, is white with a yellow cap and text in various colors. A smear of the sunscreen is visible behind the tube. It contains 1.7 fl oz / 50 ml.

Tula Mineral Magic

An image of a Tula Skincare product. The product, labelled as

Quite possibly, the most important part of any wardrobe is your sunscreen. As the sun heats up and more days are spent outside, make sure you are lathering up with good quality lotions, like the non-greasy TULA sunscreens or the popular Supergoop option, which goes on completely invisible, so it’s easy to lather on before running out of the door.


Spring Scented Candle

La Jolie Muse Rose Noir

Clear glass-jar candle with an ornate floral pattern. The label reads

La Jolie Muse Gardenia & Ylang Ylang

A clear, textured glass jar with a lid contains a La Jolie Muse scented candle labeled

Aromatique The Smell of Spring

A lit candle in a textured glass container, with a label featuring the letter

Kids can make your home, well, smelly. But a simple candle can instantly turn a house into a fresh home. We love these options from Amazon this spring because they have great spring scents like rose noir, gardenia, and jasmine and look gorgeous sitting on your table.



Rattan Earrings

Discover these circular woven straw earrings on Amazon this spring. Featuring a small round piece attached to a larger hoop, the design showcases natural, earthy tones and an intricate, textured pattern.

Rattan Hoop Earrings

A pair of hoop earrings is shown. They feature a woven straw-like design and have metallic posts for fastening, along with a metallic accent at the top of each hoop. Perfect for styling on Amazon this spring, the earrings are displayed on a white background.

Layered Choker Necklace

This spring, discover a three-layer gold necklace on Amazon. The top chain features small white beads, the middle chain boasts a flat rectangular bar, and the bottom chain flaunts a round textured pendant. Its design is simple yet elegant.

Beaded Drop Earrings

A pair of earrings made of small white beads. Each earring has a circular top connected to a large, rectangular shape with a hollow center, all intricately beaded. Perfect for accessorizing on Amazon this spring, the design features a uniform, clustered bead pattern throughout.

Gold Plated Hoop Earrings

A pair of gold hoop earrings with a sleek, smooth design is perfect for Amazon this spring. The circular earrings feature a post and butterfly back fastening, shown against a plain white background.

Gold Initial Necklace

A gold double-layered chain necklace with a circular pendant featuring the letter

Boho Stud Earrings

A pair of white flower-shaped earrings with four petals each and gold beaded centers. The petals have a smooth, matte finish. Perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your outfit, these earrings are available on Amazon this spring. They are displayed beautifully against a white background.

Big Gold Hoop Earrings

A pair of gold hoop earrings designed to resemble bamboo stalks, perfect for adding a touch of nature-inspired elegance this spring. The oval-shaped earrings feature a latch back closure and a segmented surface to mimic the natural texture of bamboo. Available on Amazon now!

Four Pairs Rattan Earrings

The image shows four pairs of woven rattan earrings with different designs: circular dangle, loop dangle, diamond-shaped with tassels, and teardrop-shaped loop. Each earring is attached to a round, metallic stud. Perfect for accessorizing your outfits this spring on Amazon.

Heishi Drop Earrings

This spring, brighten your look with a pair of colorful teardrop-shaped earrings made of multicolored disc beads, including pink, green, blue, yellow, and gold. Perfect for any occasion, these earrings feature a gold circular post at the top for secure fastening. Available on Amazon.

Chunky Stacking Bracelet

A set of six colorful beaded bracelets is stacked vertically. The bracelets, made of small, square beads in various shades including pink, green, yellow, orange, and brown, are perfect for adding a pop of color to your wardrobe this spring. Each bracelet showcases a single color in an alternating pattern.

Amazon’s biggest secret may be its jewelry selection. Influencers and fashionistas everywhere have started shopping on Amazon for trendy accessories like rattan earrings, layered necklaces, and even gold hoops. And the best part? You can find hot ticket items like initial necklaces and stacking bracelets for low prices, so you don’t have to choose just one!

These 20 items should be on every mom’s Amazon must-have list (we all have one of those, right?). I hope we have you set for the spring season, moms! Which items are your favorite as you prepare for spring?

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