What’s in My Purse: #Girlmom Edition


What’s in My Purse: #Girlmom Edition

Last month, Baby Chick Blogger, Sarah, shared the contents of her purse (The Toddler Mom Edition). So this month, I’m sharing a sneak peek inside my own diaper bag. We’re calling this one The Girl Mom Edition for obvious reasons. Check out what I’m toting on the daily in one of my favorite Petunia Pickle Bottom bags!

In my purse, Petunia Pickle Bottom, Diaper bag

In my bag, Petunia Pickle Bottom, Diaper bag, Mommy must haves


An obvious #diaperbagnecessity! We Tomes are Pampers (and occasional Huggies) fans. We try to cloth diaper as much as possible when we are home, but we use disposables overnight and when on-the-go. That’s just too much drama for this mama to keep up with — you’ll only accidentally leave a wet bag full of dirty cloth diapers in your car overnight(s) once, and then you’ll never make that mistake again! Trust me! 😉



We also prefer Pampers brand wipes. Despite the fact that my diaper bag came with an adorable matching wet wipes case, it only holds like twenty wet wipes max. So I usually carry a (large) Ziploc bag of Wet Wipes in addition. #mamaaintmessingaround

Extra Change of Clothes

Only a rookie would leave home without these. Okay, so I’ve done it once or twice. And lived to tell the sordid tale! (But only barely. Think blowout city.)

In my purse, Diaper bag, Extra change of clothes, Matilda Jane

Teething Tablets for Emma Kate

You never know when you’re going to need to whip out these babies — always be prepared! Because teething is no joke. 


Hairbrush + Hair ties for the Girls

Teach ‘em young: never leave the house without a hair brush. I’m just glad that my three-year-old will actually allow me to brush and style her hair now! (We went through a very shaggy stage.) But thankfully we now appreciate keeping our hair out of our face. These adorable brushes came from my sister-in-law’s too cute boutique in Oxford, Mississippi (Elliot Lane). My girls LOVE them!

In my purse, Hair accessories, Elliot Lane


Probably aren’t getting too far without this one. Unfortunately, Starbucks won’t accept a smile as payment for my favorite macchiato. Jerks. 😛

Lipstick for Mommy (in a cute little Petunia Pickle Bottom pouch)

Never leave home without it!

In my purse, Lipstick, Petunia Pickle Bottom

Hand Sanitizer and Lotion for Mommy + Girls

Sorry babies, Mommy isn’t sharing her favorite Aveda Hand Relief cream. But come on now, Johnson & Johnson still smells amazing!


In my purse, Teething tablets, Hand lotion, Aveda hand relief, Hand sanitizer

Extra Snacks (to avoid mini meltdowns)

I’m not going to lie, these aren’t always the healthiest of options! But sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. #truelife #nevergetcaughtwithoutasnack


It’s Southeast Texas, and my allergies are always on overload. Plus Emma Kate’s nose drips non-stop. I’m convinced it’s a Houston thing. And maybe a two-year-old thing.

Chewbeads Necklace

We LOVE our Chewbeads necklaces! Not just for teething — although they are excellent for that — but my girls also love playing with them. I’d rather distract them with a necklace over an iPhone any day. But when push comes to shove…Am I right? #survivalmode #everytimewegoouttoeat

In my purse, Chewbeads necklaces

In my purse, Petunia Pickle Bottom, Diaper bag

What’s inside your diaper bag? We’d love to see! Share your own diaper bag photos to social media using the hashtag #whatsinmybag, and you might even get a reshare!

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