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What’s In My Purse: Toddler Mom Edition

lifestyleUpdated August 16, 2020


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Being a toddler and pre-school mom feels like I’m in a constant state of transition. I have two precious boys, 4 and 2, so my daily essentials for them vary quite a bit. I try and make the most of what I carry in my purse so that I cover all of my bases while not carrying SO much weight that I want to saw my arm off at the end of a long day. Ha! We’re an urban-dwelling family, so we also bike and walk almost daily, which means I often swap my go-to tote for a backpack, and I’ve found a great way to make that transition easier too. Join me for a peek of what’s in my purse, the toddler mom edition!


Drop-in tote organizer

Drop-in organizers, as you find from ToteSavvy, are wonderful because you can organize everything you could possibly need and simply drop it into any bag. I love that it also keeps rogue snack crumbs and broken crayons from destroying my bag, and it’s especially convenient on date night. I take out the organizer stocked with the kid’s essentials, and I’m free for an evening off with my husband, no need to swap out my purse!

Changing pad & wipes pouch

Honest Wipes

I love how Honest offers a petite version of their beloved wipes that are perfectly sized for my diaper changing pouch! This makes it so much lighter to tote around than a large package of wipes.

BabyGanics Diapers

My youngest is two and still in diapers, but he is a big boy, and our favorite Honest diapers were getting tight, so we changed to BabyGanics, and I have fallen in love with these diapers. I actually can’t tell you how much I appreciate solid white diapers, especially in the seasons where he’ll be wearing little white linen shorts! Who wants to see a Sesame Street character peeking through his chino shorts? Not me, ha!

Chlorine Free Training Pants

We potty trained our eldest (4) without the use of training pants during the day and only for bedtime. Still, I like to keep some on hand on the off chance we’re in a situation where I fear he may not have readily available bathroom access (hiking trails, a long flight or car ride where he may fall asleep, etc.). These training pants have become a favorite because my son says they are very comfortable, and he finds the stretchy smocked sides make them very easy to get up and down on his own.

Hand sanitizer

I change diapers like it’s my job… Because well, it is! So this is pretty self-explanatory!

Clutch wallet

This little clutch came with my bag, and I use it for my ID, debit/credit cards, cash, and membership cards.

Beauty/personal essentials pouch

This little pouch is just for mommy. A little makeup and personal care for myself on the go! PS. If you’re looking for gum or a piece of dark chocolate, it’s in here!

Toddler change of clothes

My two-year-old and four-year-old wear the same size in clothes (told you he was big!), so I pack one easy change of clothes in my bag, and I leave one in the car. Just in case there is a potty accident or food mess.

Wet bag

Just because messes happen, doesn’t mean I want them to “happen” all over everything in my bag. I can put soiled clothes into this little waterproof wet bag until I can get home to toss them into the wash.

For the same reason, I would need a change.

Toddler activity

We don’t allow our kids to use devices unless we’re on a plane or a car trip, so I always have a little activity for them to wait at restaurants.

Paci pod

My toddler is still pacifier dependent. Judge away, supermoms. This is our emergency sanity saver!

Phone charger



We live in the city, so a snack is always simply one block walk away, but sometimes even that convenience isn’t enough when your tot decides he can’t go a single second longer without a bite. We’ve all been there! Kids Cliff bars are great non-perishables to keep on hand for when the munchies hit!

Bottled water



I love keeping notes and filling the calendar on my phone, but it all goes in the planner first. I also keep a running grocery and “to-do” list in my planner, so it’s a must-have at all times.


What do you carry that makes mom-life easier?

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