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10 Toys That Will Distract Your Kids at Restaurants

ParentingUpdated July 8, 2022


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Taking kids to a restaurant can be a stressful event. As parents, you worry if they will sit still, use manners, use inside voices, etc. And who can blame a kid for getting rowdy? Sitting still and being quiet is really boring, even for adults sometimes. But if you ever have any aspirations for socializing and/or not cooking every night after you have kids, you’ve got to find a way to keep those kiddos entertained at a restaurant.

Well, don’t fret, mamas! We’ve done some work for you and have come up with a quick list of 10 amazing portable toys that will be sure to distract your kids at a restaurant. Take one, or two, or all of them! Whatever it takes to get a decent meal, am I right?

10 Toys to Distract Your Kids at Restaurants

1. Mad Libs

For the word-loving kids who also enjoy ridiculous stories. Laughter will ensue!

Mad Libs

Mad Libs

2. Silly Putty

For the sensory kid who loves to squish and mold things.

Silly Putty

Silly Putty

3. Bananagrams

A great spelling game similar to Scrabble. It also comes in a pre-school edition!


Bananagrams   My First Bananagrams

4. Puzzles

A classic form of distraction. For the visual kiddo and problem solver.

Spelling puzzle for kids


5. Mini-Pinball

A timeless game that kids as young as three can enjoy. Bonus: it’s super cheap!

Mini-pinball game for kids


6. Dry Erase Games

So many games to complete over and over again! A personal favorite!

Dry Erase Games

Dry Erase Games

7. Plus Plus

This is an incredible STEM toy that encourages fine motor skills, logic, creativity, and imagination. There is a slight cult following with this toy. Kids and moms love it!

Plus Plus

Plus Plus

8. Travel Doodler Pro

For the toddler who loves to draw, this is a no-brainer.

Travel Doodler Pro

Travel Doodler Pro

9. Lacing Boards

Great for a toddler learning finger dexterity.

Lacing Boards

Lace Board

10. Color Wonder Stow & Go

The classic distraction toy, a coloring book, and markers. But this one is no mess!

Crayola Color Wonder Stow and Go

Color Wonder Stow & Go

Can you add some great toys to this list? These toys are also perfect for road trips and waiting rooms. Maybe even keep a tote bag full of them in the car for emergency purposes? Good luck, mamas. And happy dining!

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