Fun Road Trip Activities for Kids by Age
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Fun Road Trip Activities for Kids by Age

Planning a summertime road trip with your kids? These are the best road trip activities for kids to help keep them engaged and learning!

Updated May 1, 2024

by Jennifer Blossom

Occupational Therapist OTD, OTR/L

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Summertime, spring break, and holidays usually mean family road trips and adventures are on the horizon! The excitement of visiting new or familiar places, creating family memories, and experiencing summer in all its glory is a staple for many families this time of year. But road trips can also be challenging for many parents. How do you keep your kids busy for a few hours (or more) cramped in a car? Will you all survive the trip without wanting to turn around and go back home? Whether you’re gearing up to visit family or to explore the great outdoors, I’ve compiled my BEST road trip activities for kids to help YOU and your kiddos stay sane and engaged while on the road!

Road Trip Activities for Kids by Age

As an occupational therapist and mama, I’m always looking for activities to keep my kiddos entertained AND on track developmentally. Why should education stop in the summer (or while driving down a long highway, for that matter!)? I’ve put together this list of some of the best road trip activities to keep your kiddos happily engaged and learning while you travel.

Activities for Ages 0 to 2

Use these sleepy years to your advantage! If possible, try to plan road trips around naptime or bedtime.

Activities for Ages 3 to 4

  • Musical playlist
  • Simple stories on a CD or downloaded to a phone
  • Toddler-friendly workbooks + coloring books (don’t forget the crayons!)
  • Magnet board (Safety tip! Make sure the magnets are large to prevent choking)
  • I spy! Get those little eyes out the window and play a road trip version of I SPY!! Look for fun landmarks, cars, or the same colored objects! Or have them play a book version of the game.
  • Have a sing-a-long!
  • Favorite books
  • Mom-approved toddler apps on a tablet or phone
  • Snacks, snacks, and more snacks! Have a variety of fruits and vegetables, crackers, fruit leathers, and a spill-proof water bottle!

Activities for Ages 5 to 6

Activities for Ages 7+

But wait. What about mom and dad? We, parents, can use all the help to make road trips as easy and stress-free as possible. Here are a few suggestions for must-have items for your next road trip:

Okay, Momma! With this list of the best road trip activities for kids, you’re well on your way. Remember to take breaks as needed, dress comfortably, and give yourself extra grace!

Have a great summertime road trip with your kids!

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