Nuna Baby and Uber Team Up to Put Car Seats into Uber Cars!
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Nuna Baby and Uber Team Up to Put Car Seats into Uber Cars!

Uber and Nuna have teamed up to help those parents with little ones and are equipping Ubers with the Nuna Baby RAVA.

Published May 19, 2023

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Like it or not, all parents must take their kids places at least sometimes, whether they are going on a family vacation or even if they want to take them to a museum for the day. If you don’t want to stress about driving or parking, the ideal solution is an Uber. But a baby in tow means hauling stuff, including a car seat, into an Uber ride. That doesn’t make for a fun trip. What parent enjoys re-installing their kid’s car seat over and over? Our guess is no one. So, what if you could call an Uber with a car seat already in it? Well, Uber and Nuna Baby have teamed up to help parents with little ones and are equipping Ubers with the Nuna Baby RAVA.

Car Seat Collaboration ‘Reflects Nuna’s Mission’


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“We’re thrilled to team up with Nuna to offer Uber riders an easy way to get their little ones around town,” said Molly Spychalski, head of Global Brand Partnership Marketing, in a press release about the Nuna Baby and Uber partnership. “As Nuna is an industry leader and the RAVA is a convertible and easily installed car seat, they are an ideal partner to bring this product to life. Uber riders in select cities will now be able to experience Nuna’s products in the real world.”

The Nuna Baby RAVA car seat has an “all steel frame and reinforced belt path for superior protection.” It can accommodate children weighing 5-65 lbs. and up to 50 lbs. rear-facing. It is suitable for an average range of birth through 6 years old. Parents with young children can travel with extra peace of mind because Uber has stated that all drivers who have signed up to be Uber Car Seat providers are trained by Safe Kids Worldwide. Having easy access to these premium car seats is terrific, but it’s even nicer knowing that the car seats in Uber rides are installed correctly and safely.

“Our collaboration with Uber reflects Nuna’s mission to help the ever-changing family with safe car rides that make growing with your little one much easier,” said Esther Saint, director of Trade Marketing at Nuna Baby, in the press release.

And for parents who’d prefer to bring their own car seat when leaving the house, Nuna Baby offers the PIPA Urbn, which is an “innovative car seat designed with a baseless and removable infant seat that is simple to install,” according to the press release. The release claims the PIPA Urbn is compatible with 99% of Uber vehicles.

Starting with New York and Los Angeles

But for those stoked to order an Uber with the Nuna Baby RAVA already installed, all they must do is select the car seat option when confirming their ride. It is important to note that the Nuna Baby and Uber partnership is being rolled out in New York City and Los Angeles, with plans to expand to more cities soon. So, if you’re not in NYC or L.A., you might have to wait a bit, but stay tuned and watch for this life-changing feature coming soon to the Ubers near you! Until then, if you plan to visit NYC or L.A. with the family, you can now leave your little one’s car seat at home and travel safely and comfortably with Uber and Nuna.

We predict this will be in popular demand, so Uber also announced that this year, people will be able to reserve their Uber Car Seat ahead of time. This will be a beneficial feature for families to avoid long wait times due to the current low inventory.

In the meantime, even if the “Uber car seat” isn’t something you can access quite yet, the fact that partnerships like this are happening speaks volumes to how impactful parents of young children are and how much we influence major industries like travel and transportation. This is a great step in the right direction. The world is better if we can get out and see it — with our little ones — so thanks, Uber and Nuna Baby, for making it a little bit easier on us when we do.

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