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Best Gifts for Siblings From the New Baby

The transition to big brother or sister can be hard for our little ones. Make it easier with one of these best gifts "from the new baby."

Updated June 30, 2023

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The birth of a new baby is a big moment for your growing family. As you and your spouse adjust to having another bundle of joy at home, your older child is also transitioning with you. With a new buddy to share everything with at home (including parents!) and new routines and schedules set in place, your firstborn may feel a bit out of the picture.

Giving a gift to older siblings from the new addition joining your family can help your munchkin feel important, loved, and prepare them for the changes to come. It can be a toy that prepares them to interact with your newborn, a personalized keepsake that’s made especially for them, a present that excites them to be the older sibling. Below you’ll find recommendations that’ll make your older child feel included in this exciting new chapter.

Best Gifts for Siblings From Their New Brother or Sister

1. Big Sibling T-shirt

Best Gifts for Siblings From the New Baby
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Being promoted to big brother or sister has a nice ring to it, but why not shower your firstborn with a comfy shirt that says just how important this new role is? The gift can help make them feel proud and excited to have a special job as the older sibling. Plus, entice them to wear the special outfit to the hospital when the baby is born.

Check out Etsy for a surplus of handmade big sibling clothing (shirts, sweatshirts, and more) that’ll have you restocking your older child’s closet. With adorable sayings that range from “big brother/sister finally” and “B is for Big Brother” to “I’m the oldest, I make the rules,” there are many options to choose from that’ll best fit their personality.

The one below is our editor’s favorite. 😉

Big sibling and new baby matching shirts
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Or you could do something a little more traditional like these pieces. These are keepsakes that your children will treasure in the years to come.

2. Custom Sibling Book

Best Gifts for Siblings From the New Baby
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Sometimes reading helps put things into perspective, and for your older kiddo who is still grasping what it means to have a younger sibling, a personalized book can make this new transition easier to comprehend. Wonderbly allows parents to create a heartwarming customized book that includes the name of the big and little sibling and a character for both children, which appears on the cover and throughout the story.

Told in rhyme style, the keepsake helps children understand what it’s like to have a baby brother or sister in the family while also reassuring them that, despite the household change, they’ll always be loved.

3. Bedding

Best Gifts for Siblings From the New Baby
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Being told you’re now the big man or lady in the house comes with its own set of responsibilities that your tyke may not be immediately keen on taking on. To celebrate them becoming the bigger sibling, allow your child to choose new bedding for their “big kid bed.” The gift is not only representative of what being the bigger sibling is about, but it allows room for conversation on how infants sleep in their crib and older brothers or sisters sleep in their own bed.

Decorate their room with a few accents to match their fresh sheets for an added touch of personalization, such as a bedroom sign with their name on it. This can let your child know that their room is a space that is uniquely their own and separate from the new baby.

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4. Backpack

Best Gifts for Siblings From the New Baby
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When you have to run errands or taking an afternoon trip to the park, a big sibling backpack is a perfect place for your youngster to store their favorite belongings, like a book, toy, or stuffed animal. You can also bestow a special job on your child for the trip and ask them to keep a couple of their baby sibling’s items in there, too, to make them feel included in the adventure.

SkipHop’s Zoo Little Kid Backpack collection includes 10 different charming critters both boys and girls can choose from, including a llama, koala, narwhal, dragon, and dinosaur, to name a few.

5. Matching Bracelets

Best Gifts for Siblings From the New Baby
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For children, having a new younger brother or sister means sharing everything in the house, including their parents. This revelation can be challenging for your older child to overcome, so to help sweeten the news of a baby coming into the family, a gift that the baby can give them is matching bracelets that only mom and them will wear. The sentimental gesture will let your kiddo know that they’re loved and still very important to you, even with a new sibling coming into the picture.

Engrave your names into a dainty bracelet (made of silver, gold, or rose gold)  for a nice memento you’ll remember for years to come.

6. Baby Doll


Doll wearing striped pajamas and holding teddy bear
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To help your older child adjust to the idea of a new family member coming home, it is beneficial to start teaching your firstborn how they can lend a helping hand when the time comes. A baby doll is a great gift from the new baby to subtly ease them into this role and illustrates how they, too, can care for the newborn.

Toss in a few toy accessories, like diapers, doll carrier, high chair, or stroller, that mirror the products you’ll be using on your infant to encourage your youngster to take part in the caring process when their baby sibling is finally home.

7. Big Kids Chair

Best Gifts for Siblings From the New Baby
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When older siblings hear the words “new baby,” oftentimes, they try to prove to their parents how they’re still the baby of the house by squeezing their way into a bassinet or climbing into a crib. To put their concerns to rest, consider the gift from the new baby to your son or daughter be a personalized chair.

Not only will it have their name engraved on it, but the personal seat will be a spot at home that they’ll have all to themselves.

8. Superhero Cape or Big Sister Crown

Tickle & Main - Big Brother Gift Set - 3 Piece Set Includes Big Brothers are Superheroes Book, Satin Cape, and Mask
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Every superhero needs a sidekick, but most importantly, they need a cape to start saving the day. For your imaginative and adventure-loving tyke, a big brother superhero set could be just the gift to help them welcome the robin to their batman.

Big Sister Gift Set- I Hereby Crown You Big Sister Book, Doll, and Child Size Crown
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This gift set is a creative, unique, and fun way to make a big sister feel like a princess! The set includes a storybook about being “crowned” a big sister, a child-sized crown, and a big sister doll with a matching crown. This gift from the new baby will make her feel so special.

9. Growth Chart

Best Gifts for Siblings From the New Baby
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Having a younger sibling means having someone to share life experiences with and physically grow up with. You can track this special bond on a growth chart, so your child can see how tall they’ve gotten and can compare it to their younger sibling.

As your kids get older and potentially become too tall for the growth chart, keep the decor as a memento of when they were young.

10. Kids’ Camera

Best Gifts for Siblings From the New Baby
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Moms and dads aren’t the only ones who want to capture every adorable moment of the new little angel. A great gift from the new baby is a  kid-friendly digital camera big brother or sister can snap photos of the baby, especially during monumental moments, like the baby’s first bath, feeding, and first crawl.

Sunnylife’s ice mint-colored rechargeable camera comes loaded with 15 customized frames and five games to play as well. It also has a neck lanyard, so your child is ready for any photographable moment in and outside the house.

11. I’m a Big Sibling! Chocolate Chip Cookie Jar

I'm a Big Brother! Chocolate Chip Cookie Jar
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What little one doesn’t love cookies?! Their eyes will light up when they see their jar because they are sure to enjoy every bite of these mouthwatering mini-chocolate chip cookies packed in a resealable quart jar. One for a big brother and another for a big sister. A sweet gift from the new baby for your oldest sweetie.

12. Toddler Watch

VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2, Pink
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What time is it? It’s time to be a big sister or big brother! This stylish, kid-friendly designed watch will really make your child feel like a big boy or big girl. They can explore telling time concepts in an awesome way with 55+ digital or analog watch faces, a timer, an alarm, and a calendar with this watch. It captures videos and pictures anywhere using the two cameras. It also includes a motion sensor for active games too!

Our editor’s son got a watch from his baby sister when he became a big brother and it was such a hit!

Toddler boy standing on his parents bed hugging his new watch on his arm.

Whichever gift you choose for your child, they’ll know that they have your love, understanding, and care during this upcoming transition, and will feel just as special. Before you know it, they’ll be ready to welcome the new baby with open arms.

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