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Wonderbly: Personalized Books for Dads on Father’s Day

If you are looking for a sentimental Father's Day gift for the dad in your life, check out these great personalized books from Wonderbly.

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Published June 1, 2021

by Nina Spears

The Baby Chick®: Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Expert

One of our favorite times during the day with our kids is bedtime. Not only is it the time when we finally get a little break before going to bed ourselves, but it’s also a time of special bonding with our children. We have our own little bedtime routine with our son in our home, and our favorite part is definitely storytime. Picking out a book and cuddling up with him and our daughter are memories that will stay with us forever. But we know that these times—though they seem long—will end before we know it.

This year for Father’s Day, we want to create something personalized and special for our hero in our home. Something that will remind him of these special moments that we have with our young children that he can keep and will warm his heart. For our Father’s Day gift, my kids are giving Brian, their dad, personalized books from Wonderbly.

Father getting a personalized book from his son from Wonderbly.

Why a personalized children’s book?

People think it’s precious when I tell them that currently, our son, Liam, will only allow his dad, my husband, to put him to bed for naps and bedtime. It’s their thing. They have their routine, and Liam absolutely loves it. I think Brian secretly does too. Recently, Brian was holding our baby girl, Lily, asking her, “Are you going to want Daddy to put you to bed each night, too?” I bet this will be a family tradition for a while.

Father holding his baby girl while look at a Wonderbly personalized book

Part of their bedtime routine together is storytime. And since this is something that our children do with their father, I thought that a personalized book for Dad could warm his heart while holding his babies as he reads to them in bed. Our children are little, and getting him something that represents this precious time that also thanks him for everything he does for our family is a perfect Father’s Day gift.

Benefits of personalized books

Did you know that by personalizing a storybook with your children’s names they will experience many benefits? It’s true! It helps them:

  • build their reading confidence1
  • increase their self-esteem
  • with their early learning and literacy skills
  • develop empathy
  • bridge the diversity gap
  • see they have limitless potential
  • learn to love reading

Why Wonderbly?

Wonderbly offers personalized books for children of all ages, including adults! They have over forty different books to choose from on their website that feature your child (or children) or a family member. In addition, they ship their books worldwide, so you can create one for anyone anywhere, and they are available in twelve different languages. I also love that the personalization of the books is free, and there is a free dedication page to make it extra personal with a loving message!

Dedication page inside a Wonderbly book.

I think their books were so cute. I’ve gotten several books from Wonderbly in the past for other occasions and love their quality. They use thick, high-quality paper and strong binding, so these books will last for a long time. With Wonderbly, it’s easy to create and a thoughtful gift. I’ve gotten one for our son’s bedtime, his birthday, and when he was becoming a big brother to his new baby sister. There’s something really special about receiving a printed book with your name on it. You then become the hero of the story. And that’s exactly how we feel about my husband.

How Wonderbly works

First, you go on the Wonderbly website, and you choose the best books for you. For example, for our Father’s Day gifts, we chose “I Love Daddy This Much” and “My Daddy the Superhero.” Then, it asks you some questions for you to personalize the books:

  • Daddy’s name. Whether your children call him Papa, Dad, Daddy, Captain, Stepdad, Grandad, or something else, you add his name and will see it appear on the cover of the book and throughout the story.
  • Add up to four to children’s names. I think it’s great that you can include your children’s names to appear throughout the story. They are scattered throughout the illustrations for your little ones to spot too!
  • Add each child’s character. To make it feel even more personalized, Wonderbly designed a set of adorable characters to choose from, for both boys and girls, and from the smallest child to the biggest child. You type your child’s name, select their gender, and then choose from a selection of natural hair and skin tone options.
  • Favorite color for the cover. Each book gives you cover color options to choose from so you can select your favorite! And along with dad’s name, the children’s names and adventurers also appear on the book’s cover, making each copy unique.
  • A free customized dedication. Wonderbly allows you to do a pre-written dedication or pen something all your own for a meaningful, personal dedication that Dad can treasure every time he opens the book.
Personalized pages inside Wonderbly books

Once you have entered your selections, you are all set! Wonderbly then puts everything together into a unique custom book starring your child or children and their Dad. Then, they print it on high-quality paper, and the books are delivered straight to your front door!

The books we bought

We decided to give my husband two books for Father’s Day, one from each of our children.

“I Love Daddy This Much”

"I Love You This Much" book from Wonderbly

Buy Here

This adorable book is a tale of a love that’s bigger than to the moon and back! We added our two children, Liam and Lily, to the story to show their dad how much he is really loved and appreciated. The story follows a day in the life of a Dad and his child or children, so it’s a great story to read every day as part of your child’s bedtime story routine.

A father sitting in bed with his two kids reading them a bedtime story.

This personalized ‘daddy and me’ book gives your children the chance to express just how much they love their daddy: today, tomorrow, and always. It’s a timeless gift that your partner or husband will cherish forever.

“My Daddy the Superhero”

"My Daddy the Superhero" Wonderbly book
Buy Here

All kids think their dad is their hero. And this book is the perfect way to show their dad! In this personalized Wonderbly book, an ordinary day becomes very unordinary… when a rampaging robot starts creating chaos in the kids’ neighborhood! Only one person has the courage, talent (and tights) to save the day. So, of course, the mysterious superhero is Dad! This storybook has over 30 awesome action-packed pages bursting with adventure. You get to personalize this book and choose three parenting powers: kind, funny, hardworking, practical, patient, and clever. Each power will get its own epic scene in this book.

A father sitting in bed with his two kids reading them a bedtime story.

These books were a big hit with my husband and the kids! I know that my husband will treasure them for years to come. And before our kids get too big, I’m sure these will be his favorites to read to our children at bedtime.

A father sitting in bed with his two kids reading them a bedtime story.

If you are looking for something special for your kids to give your partner or husband this Father’s Day, these personalized books from Wonderbly are an excellent choice.

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