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Daddy’s Day Out: Activities To Do With Your Kids

When mama needs a break, here are some ideas for a daddy's day out with the kids.

Published June 3, 2015

Is there anything sweeter than your little one’s special bond with their Daddy? The big bear hugs, the tickle fights, getting dirty outdoors. At our house, those are the things that my boys can’t get enough of from their favorite guy. A couple of times a month, my husband makes it a point to take the kids for an outing by himself, and it never gets old watching how excited the boys get for a solo play date with their Daddy.

When I was breastfeeding, it was a challenge for the littles to be away from me for any period. Now that we’re knee-deep into toddlerhood, these daddy date days allow me to have a much-needed break and some quality time to myself while they are creating forever memories. Everyone benefits, and we reunite with fun stories about how we spent our day. Need a day off, mama? I highly recommend you suggest these simple outings to your partner in parenting and relish in relaxation while the kids have a daddy’s day out.


1. Go on an Adventure With a Picnic

Upgrade the typical park and picnic play date by ditching the neighborhood playground and heading somewhere adventurous. A trampoline park, indoor rock climbing, a play gym, or that fabulous new downtown play structure you’ve been meaning to get to is perfect for a play date with Dad. There are many places to experience new things and make new memories. And don’t forget the picnic! So long, boring PB&J! Have Dad grab some fun to-go foods, throw a blanket down, and have a healthy picnic perfect for fueling an adventure.


2. Find a Waterpark

I don’t know about your tots, but whenever my kids spend a day in the water, they return completely worn out and sleep incredibly well. For a fun change of pace, think outside the pool. A slip-and-slide in the front yard, the play fountain at the zoo, or a free splash pad are perfect venues for getting wet and having some fun in the sun. For a post-swim treat, a froyo run will be a huge hit and is a great way to cool off after an outside play date.


3. Take Me Out To the Ball Game

Nothing is more nostalgic than dear old Dad taking his children to an all-American baseball game. Dressed in team colors, munching on hot dogs and Cracker Jack. These are what memories are made of! And a helpful hint: Don’t discount the minor leagues: My husband raves about how family-friendly minor league parks are, and most of our littles can’t make it past a few innings. Bonus: Tickets are much less expensive than at the major parks. Batter up!

When your partner takes the kids for the day, it gives you much-needed rest and relaxation. It also means special bonding time for them and maybe even some unique adventures for your little ones. Encourage your partner to try one of these ideas for daddy’s day out to keep them entertained for hours!

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