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7 Ways to Show Your Kids’ Teacher Appreciation From Quarantine

lifestyleUpdated August 1, 2020


Even during a typical school year, we all know that teaching is one of the toughest professions out there. With so many parents now unexpectedly homeschooling, many of us have even more appreciation for the hard work teachers do every day. So how can you show your child’s teacher how much you value the care and effort they put into nurturing our kids? For some of us, the school year will end virtually, not allowing parents or children the opportunity to say thank you and goodbye in person. One of the best parts of living in a digital age is that there are still a ton of ways you can show your teachers some love from afar.

7 Ways to Show Teacher Appreciation From Quarantine

1. Video Messages

Take advantage of technology and record a video of your child saying a few words of thanks to their teacher. You can easily do this on your smartphone – no professional editing skills required!

To make an even bigger impact, coordinate with the rest of the class and have everyone record a message, and send them all at once to their teacher. Verbal appreciation and getting to see their students is a great gift for any teacher.

2. Gift Cards

One gift that is always a teacher favorite: gift cards! Though some of us shy away from gift cards thinking they can seem impersonal, they’re actually perfect for teachers. Though they care for our children all year and know them well, many times we don’t really know what items our kid’s teachers already own or need (though, let’s be honest, they probably don’t need another mug!). Gift cards are great, because they give them the freedom to buy something they actually need or want.

Need ideas for what kind of card to purchase during this time of quarantine? Try any of these:

  • Starbucks
  • A restaurant in your area that is delivering
  • A clothing store — especially one with comfortable, stay-at-home clothing!
  • Meal Delivery Kit services, like Home Chef or Blue Apron
  • Target! Perfect if they want to purchase something for themselves, or school supplies for next year
  • Amazon
  • e-Books or Audiobooks from places like Audible

3. Send Them Your Child’s Artwork

Get creative! Remember that you can always snap a quick photo of whatever artwork your child has done and quickly email it to their teacher. You can also save the original to gift later.

Need artwork ideas? For younger kids, have them simply color a page from a coloring book, address it to their teacher, and write a thank-you note. Or, print a photo of your child, paste it to a sheet of construction paper, and write a note of thanks, or something personal, like what they like most about that teacher.

Older kids can get creative and draw a picture for their teacher and include a note of thanks.

4. Send Flowers

Flowers are always a nice way to let someone know you’re thinking of them. Since we are all spending a lot of extra time indoors these days, they’re an especially good way to help brighten up your teacher’s home.

5. Write Them a Letter (or Email)

Parents and kids can both do this one — simply write a heartfelt letter or email thanking your teacher for all of their hard work. Don’t underestimate the power of a simple thank you!

This can be handwritten (take a photo and email it) or typed up in an email. Also, consider sending a note to the school administrators as well to let them know how much you appreciate your teacher’s hard work. If you’re not sure what to write, or want something a little more structured, Etsy has some great “Teacher Appreciation” templates that kids can easily fill out.

Some of my favorites:

Teacher appreciation templates

6. At-Home Pampering Products

We all need some ways to reduce stress and relax at home right now. Items to create your own at-home spa are a great way to help your favorite teacher de-stress. Bath bombs, aromatherapy lotion, body wash, or candles, and essential oils, are all key at-home spa items. If you’re not sure which scents or products they like best, a gift card is always an option!

7. Send an E-Card

Instead of mailing a physical greeting card, you can purchase an e-card, or get creative and create your own! Programs like Adobe Spark and Canva allow you to create things like greeting cards for free. Download your creation, and simply email or message it to the teacher.

Whichever way you choose to show your thanks, let your teachers know how much you appreciate them! Even the smallest thank you goes a long way.

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