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20 Things All Moms Do That Make You Love Them Even More

Find out the things all moms do from the moment of birth, like finding misplaced items and fixing broken toys.

Published August 2, 2023

Moms are special. They do so much for us from the moment we are born that it is impossible to recognize it all. They are the finders of lost things and the fixers of broken toys. They listen to us, give advice, and tell us what we need to hear. We love them so much. And there are things all moms do that make us love them even more.

1. Moms Give the Best Hugs

Nowhere does a child feel safer than in their mother’s arms. And we aren’t talking about young children; adult children feel the same. Of the things all moms do, a mom knows how to wrap those arms around us just tight enough that we feel like nothing in the world can go wrong if she is with us.

2. They Know How to Heal Us

When we are sick, moms pull out all the stops to improve us. They know what makes our tummies feel better and what blanket we need if we have a fever. Moms know which siblings like liquid meds and who can swallow pills, and they know when our illness is beyond their abilities and we must go to the doctor. Among the things all moms do, they are the best caregivers out there.

3. Moms Remember Everything

Who would keep track of all the games, practices, events, and appointments if it weren’t for our mothers? They write everything down and set the alarms. It’s like having an assistant who we pay with love and hugs.

4. They Make Our Favorite Meals

Our moms don’t have to be professional chefs to make the best meals. They know what we love best, and among the things all moms do, they make sure to serve us those special foods when we crave them. And yes, the extra sprinkling of love certainly helps.

5. Moms Send Sweet Texts

We get that special text from Mom when we need to hear it. It may only be to say hi, but of all the things all moms do, a text lets us know they are thinking about us. And it always feels good knowing that you are her favorite, even for just one second.

6. They Make Sure to Tell Us They Love Us

Even when they are mad at us, moms tell us they love us. And when they say it, they mean it. They are our first best friends and will love us no matter what. They have a unique way of making sure we always remember.

7. Moms Make Last-Minute Runs to the Store

How many times have we forgotten milk or eggs? Moms will get in the car and dash to the store as it locks up to ensure we get what we need. They also stood in line for concert tickets to our favorite performers or for that must-have present for Christmas.

8. They Attend All Our Games and Performances

They don’t always want to be there, but moms show up. We may be the star of the show or the worst one on the team. Our moms don’t care. We are their babies, and they want to see us shine.

9. Moms Indulge Our Interests

They may not be interested in lizards or K-Pop, but they will surely learn what they can for our sake. Sometimes they take it too far, and suddenly they know it all. This typically happens about when we are ready to move on to something new.

10. They Protect Us

The mama bear is the ultimate protector. Don’t mess with her kids. They ensure we are always safe and well.

11. Moms Make Us Laugh

Our moms hate to see us cry, and they will do their best to put a smile on our faces. Whether it is a silly song, a funny joke, or a favorite story, they love to hear us giggle. And we must admit, laughing along with them is pretty great.

12. They Defend Us

Our moms will fight for us when we need their help. And, sometimes, even if we might not be 100% right, they will still defend us because we belong to them. There is no one better than a loving mother in your corner.

13. They Bail Us Out

Yep, it’s true; they hate to see us fail. Undoubtedly our moms have shown up at school with lunch left behind or a forgotten sweater. They may have even read us an entire chapter book out loud because we waited until the night before the book report and couldn’t finish it on our own. They are there in a pinch, and there is no shame in the game.

14. They Tell Us the Truth When We Need to Hear It

Yes, our moms sometimes are blunt, and it stings. But we need to hear hard truths from time to time. Tough love can be the best; when they are honest with us, we need to listen.

15. Moms Keep Our Secrets

There are no better confidants than our moms. Whether the secret is big or little, we can trust our moms to listen to us spill our guts and not tell anyone. The built-in best friendship from our moms is hard to top.

16. They Love Our Children

A lot of moms will tell you there is nothing better than loving their children’s children. We love to see our mothers as grandmothers and watch them give a special kind of love to our kids.

17. Moms Listen to Us

Whether we share good news, bad news, or need to vent, our moms are all ears. They will stop what they are doing to listen to what we say. We don’t always want advice or opinions; we want our moms to hear us.

18. They Help Us Find Things

Is there anyone better at finding things than our moms? They really do have eyes in the back of their heads, and they have the best darn memories. They know where to look, and in no time, all is right in the world again.

19. They Calm Our Fears

If we ever have a bad dream, they are the ones we want to help us feel better. They help us to realize that things will be okay, even in the scariest times. Moms know what to say and how hard to hug to make the scariest things seem like no big deal.

20. Moms Help Us See Our Worth

Moms want their children to know how special and important we are, and they tell us every day. They teach us that we need to respect and stick up for ourselves. They build our confidence, help us see our strengths, and improve our weaknesses.

Our Moms are so important, and we don’t know what we would do without them. And not so secretly, of all the things they do, they make us hope we’re just like them one day.

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