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30 Thoughtful End-of-the-Year Teach Gift Ideas

Explore our top teacher gifts to show your appreciation, including items they can use in the classroom and gifts to treat or pamper them.

Updated May 6, 2024

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Can you believe we’re almost at the end of another school year? No matter what kind of year our kids had, one thing is certain — their teachers worked hard and deserve to feel appreciated. It can be challenging to come up with a thoughtful and fun way to thank them for all they did to make your child’s school year the best. It isn’t so much what the gift is but the fact that you recognize them. Still, if you aren’t sure what to get them, you’re in luck because we’ve rounded up our top teacher gifts to make them feel appreciated!

30 Gift Ideas Teachers Will Love

Here’s a range of gifts that will brighten any teacher’s day and let them know that they’re loved:

1. Write It Down

Personalized stationary
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The simplest yet most thoughtful gift I ever received in the classroom was a simple note. Take a minute and let them know how much you appreciate them. Involve your child; have them write a message or draw a picture. It’s true; a simple note can mean so much! To make this even more special, creating personalized notecards would be a nice touch, allowing them to continue the note-making on their own.

2. Add to Their Library

Because I had a Teach book
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A teacher becomes part of our child’s story. What’s more appropriate than giving them a book to remember your child by? The possibilities are endless on how to add to your teacher’s library. A way to have them remember your child is to give them a copy of your child’s favorite book from the school year with a note inside. You could also make this a class gift, letting each kid pick out their favorite book and creating a new library to pass on to the next class.

3. On-the-Go Pleasures

Floral tumblers
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Most teachers are constantly on the go during their workday. Sometimes, the smallest things, like what they drink their water from, will brighten their day. These new drinkware sets from Rifle Paper Co. are the perfect little pick-me-up for the school year or summer months. Add some tea, coffee pods, or even a bottle of wine to make it extra special!

4. Gift Card

target teacher gift card
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It may seem impersonal, but the number-one gift most teachers would request is a gift card. Giving a gift card to your local Target, Amazon, or even nail salon will allow your favorite teacher to treat themselves when they otherwise wouldn’t. If you want to make a cute duo gift, creating a themed gift with the card is a fun way to wrap it! For instance, to the teacher who’s always on-trend, get a gift card for their favorite nail salon and pair it with one of these adorable manicure kits. Or, a gift card to your local gas station or car wash is always practical and fun. Pair it with a new Brumate mug or leather initial key chain to add a special touch.

5. Summer Survival Kit

Beach bag. striped beach blanket, and straw hat

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Most teachers try to enjoy the hot summer days away from their classroom and soaking up the sun — and they definitely should! Why not create a summer survival gift for them? Pack it full of beach towels, a beach bag, and a sun hat, to name a few ideas!

6. I’m A Teacher Pin

Teacher apple pins
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We all know teachers are superheroes, so let’s show them how special they are! These darling enamel pins would make the perfect add-on to any gift!

7. Personalized Stamp

Personalized teacher stamp
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Most of the time, we don’t want to get our teachers something for the classroom, but this personalized stamp was too cute not to pass up! They could use it on anything, and it’s so thoughtful!

8. Personalized Sticky Note Holder

Personalized Sticky Note Holder
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Teachers are known for leaving notes for themselves and their students (and even parents). Why not leave them a little note at the end of the year with their own sticky note holder?! Your child’s teacher can have this on their desk and remember how much they are appreciated.

9. Airpod Case

Airpod Case
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We all hope teachers find some quiet time to themselves over the summer — maybe getting lost in a riveting podcast or audiobook. And, with technology being the way of instruction these days, you can make sure your child’s teacher is chic with this adorable AirPods case they can use to store their AirPods both during the summer and the school year.

10. Bath Bombs

Pencil bath bombs
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These pencil bath bombs are just too cute to pass up. A small business and mom also make them. We love supporting these types of shops!

11. Sweet Treat

Thank you treat box
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Thank your child’s teacher with this super sweet Candy Bento Box! This trio of treats reads “Thanks a Bunch,” “You’re a Peach,” and “Super Star” and would make any teacher feel appreciated.

12. On-Trend Tote

Blue printed tote bag
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If you have one of these totes, then you understand the hype. They’re so great, especially for those on the go who carry everything, like teachers! This beautiful tote can even be given as a class gift, adding a personalization if you wish!

13. Restaurant Gift Card

restaurant gift card
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Sometimes, the idea of a gift card is challenging, but how about one for an experience? A restaurant gift card will guarantee that they have a great night out on the town!

14. Best Teacher Ever Book

Why You're The Best Teacher Ever Book
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Warm a teacher’s heart with this customizable book! Simply help your child fill in the blanks, and voilà: it becomes a personalized gift your child’s number-one teacher will read again and again.

15. Pretty Pouches

Scalloped Clear Pouch
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You can never have enough of these scalloped edge pouches. Fill it with some emergency necessities or fun things for the summer, like chapstick, sunscreen, and face mist!

16. Charm Bracelet

Charm Bracelet
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Your child’s teacher may have impacted their entire school year. This beautiful charm bracelet will remind them of their impact for years to come!

17. Vintage Gumball Machine

Gumball machine
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This gift is specifically for a teacher who always has a candy jar in their classroom. They can add a fun vintage gumball machine to their candy collection!

18. Engraved Pen

Engraved teacher pen
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Some teachers have a quote or saying that you may have heard your child learn and repeat all year. Why not give that inspiration back to them to have? We love this pen that you can have engraved with their quote or name to live on.

19. Funny Candle

Funny candle
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It may have been a tough year in school, and sometimes you have to just laugh about it. This candle is a lighthearted way of saying thank you for what may have been a harder year than expected!

20. Personalized Notepad

Pencil notepad
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Teachers multi-task all day long, which means they’re forever jotting down notes. This “Big Pencil” personalized notepad makes a thoughtful and practical gift for any teacher.

21. White Board Eraser Gift Set

Personalized whiteboard eraser
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More than likely, your child’s teacher lives at the whiteboard. How about gifting them a personalized eraser that comes in a cute set with markers and a fun ribbon?

22. Ceramic and Wood Diffuser

Ellia ceramic and wood diffuser
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Teachers need self-care (probably the most!). So, encourage the teacher in your life to relax with some aromatherapy from this beautiful diffuser. It also plays soothing sounds while diffusing essential oils into the air. Pair it with essential oils for an even more complete gift!

23. Audible Subscription

Audible subscription
Buy Here

There’s a good chance your child’s teacher loves to read, and summer is an excellent time for them to enjoy such a fulfilling hobby. Gift them free Audible books with a one-, three-, six-, or 12-month subscription!

24. Personalized Bookmark

Personalized bookmarks
Buy Here

I have yet to meet a teacher who doesn’t love to read. And as a fellow book-lover myself, you can never have enough bookmarks. These personalized bookmarks are a sweet little gift to remind her just how much you care. We love the quality and the kind message.

25. Monthly Book Subscription

OwlCrate box
Buy Here

Teachers love books for their classrooms and books for their personal libraries. So, treat the hardworking teacher in your life with a book subscription to add some beautiful books to their own collection!

26. Super Soft and Comfy Blanket

Soft and Comfy Blanket
Buy Here

Everyone loves a soft, comfy blanket — and this one doesn’t disappoint. This one is buttery soft with an elastic that “hugs you back.” You can’t go wrong with this teacher gift!

27. Self-Care Box

Self-Care Box
Buy Here

By the end of the year, teachers are exhausted and deserve to be spoiled. A self-care box like this one is a great way to encourage them to take some time for themselves and relax.

28. Label Maker

Label Maker
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A label maker is a great gift for anyone who thrives on organization — teachers included. Help them label all the bins and folders throughout their classroom with a label maker like this one.

29. Meal Subscription Service

Green Chef meal
Buy Here

Meal prep is a thorn in everyone’s side, so make it easier with a meal subscription plan or a gift card that can be used to purchase one.

30. Succulent Teacher Appreciation Gift Box

SucculentKreationsCo teacher appreciation gift box
Buy Here

A teacher appreciation gift box with both an adorable succulent and teacher affirmation cards? A winner, for sure!

No matter what you choose to give as a token of appreciation, educators will thank you for remembering them. When selecting a gift for your teacher, don’t forget those who also impact your child’s school day daily. A simple thank-you note to the bus driver, secretary, lunch aid, and principal will let them know how much they’re valued and will TEACH our children how to admire those who help us daily.

But we know that to thank someone who has such an impact on our children’s lives can sometimes be overwhelming. It can feel like there’s no gift great enough to thank them for the job they do daily. So remember, the gift can be big or small, but the meaning and the thought behind it are what truly counts.

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