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The ULTIMATE Guide to Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

mother's dayUpdated July 8, 2022

by Nina Spears

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Mother’s Day is the one day of the year to really show your love and appreciation to the woman who gave you life or gave life to your children. The thought and effort we put into our words and gifts on this holiday mean so much to them. You know all she really wants is a day off and maybe a trip to the spa (read: peace and quiet), but we believe moms deserve that and more. To help you find the perfect Mother’s Day gift for the leading lady in your life, we’ve made the ULTIMATE Guide to Mother’s Day gift ideas.

This guide has items for every superwoman on your list. Some of these items are great stand-alone Mother’s Day gifts, and others are smaller products that are great to group together to make the perfect Mother’s Day gift basket.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Mom

For the Gem in Your Life — Think of Jewelry

If you don’t have a jeweler that you go to for special gifts, these pieces are sure to melt her heart.

Jewlery for Mother's Day

For the Traditional Mom — Flowers & Chocolate

You can never go wrong with fresh flowers and chocolate. When it comes to flowers, visiting your local florist is always a great idea, but now you can also opt for beautiful flowers delivered. And, what mama doesn’t like a sweet treat? Here are a few of my favorite options.

Candy Gifts
The ULTIMATE Guide to Mother's Day Gift Ideas

For the Wine Lover

Motherhood is a tough job—it’s never easy and never done. This is why it sometimes calls for wine. Cheers to all the great moms!

Gifts for a Wine Lover

For the Coffee or Tea Lover

We all need energy to get through the day, and moms count down the minutes to bedtime. Give her the gift that keeps on giving: coffee! Or tea if she’s a tea drinker.

Gifts for Coffee & Tea Lovers

For the Mom Who Loves to Cook

Chef Mom! If she loves spending time cooking in the kitchen, she’ll probably love some of these items.

Gifts for the Cook

For the Working Mom

In my opinion, all moms work, but if she also has a career, these Mother Day gift ideas are great for that mom hustle.

Gifts for the Working Mom
Gifts for the Working Mom

For the Homebody Mom

There’s nothing better than canceled plans and cozy days spent at home for the homebody. Our Mother’s Day gift ideas list had to include these gifts, which are great for the mom who loves to relax at home. Ideally, you can choose some of these products and make a cute relaxation gift basket for her or choose the gift box with goodies already inside!

Gifts for the Homebody Mom

For the Fashionista Mom

Most women love a good handbag, a stylish pair of shoes, or cute pair of sunglasses, so these items are sure to be favorites!

Fashion Mothers Day Gifts

For the Pet Obsessed Mom

Even though her favorite family member might be the family pet, she still loves you. 😉 She might love you even more after receiving one of these Mother Day gifts.

Gifts for the animal lover

For the Fit Mom

If she’s all about health and wellness, these are the Mother’s Day gifts for her.

Gifts for the Fit Mom

For the Mom Who’s a Plant Lady

These are some great Mother’s Day gift ideas if she loves to garden or care for her house plants. We give them two green thumbs up!

Gifts for the Plant Lady

For the Beauty Obsessed Mom

If beauty products are her love language, we’ve found some of the hottest beauty products that would make great Mother’s Day gifts.

Gifts for the woman who loves beauty items.

For the Sappy Sentimental Mom

Capture this moment in time with a family portrait of the kids, the baby, the house, whatever! Or write down your thoughts and feelings about your mother in these personalized books. These are gifts that she’ll treasure forever.

Gifts for the Sentimental Mom

For the Photo Fanatic Mom

Moms love pictures of their kids and their family. She’s constantly taking pictures of the ones she loves, so these Mother’s Day gifts will allow her to look back and enjoy those moments even more. Get a frame and a photo you know she’ll love, or get her this camera or photo printer so she can continue preserving memories for years to come.

Gift ideas for the mom who loves pictures or loves to take pictures.

And you know what, just having some alone time with you could be the best Mother’s Day gift of all. Give her the gift of an experience and take her to a play, a fun workshop, a show, a new destination, or anywhere she gets to spend time with you. There is something for every mom on this list. We know you’ll find something she’ll love because these are musts on our ULTIMATE guide to Mother’s Day gift ideas.

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