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Our Favorite Gifts for Little Girls

40 of our favorite gifts for little girls(ages 2-8)! From dress-up trunks and Disney princess accessories to DIY Princess wands and more!

Updated May 1, 2024

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We recently shared our best gifts for little boys’ guide, and now we have our best gifts for little girls’ guide! There are so many cute things that it was hard to choose, but we think these ideas will be a big hit. Here’s what we recommend considering adding to your holiday shopping list. 🙂

Gifts Under $50

1. Disney Princess Dress-Up Trunk and Accessories

Disney Princess Dress-Up Trunk
Buy Here
princess accessories dress-up set
Buy Here
Decorate-Your-Own Wooden Princess Wand
Buy Here

Dressing up — especially as a princess! — can be a fun activity for little girls. This 21-piece deluxe dress-up trunk includes adorable outfits and accessories (headbands, rings, bracelets, etc.) for four Disney princesses: Belle, Cinderella, Aurora, and Snow White. These dress-up shoes and jewelry will go perfectly with the Disney princess outfits! And if you want one more item to make her look all her own, this decorate-your-own wooden princess wand is a sweet DIY gift for her to create.

2. Unicorn Cupcake Baking Set

Unicorn Cupcake Baking Set

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I have so many incredible memories as a little girl baking with my mom in the kitchen. I would have loved something like this to make my own sweets. This fabulous kit comes with unicorn-themed baking items, including cookie cutters, a cupcake tray, and a spatula to help your little one create magical treats. Bonus: It also includes a sheet of stickers!

3. Retro Lite-Brite

Buy Here

Lite Brite was a favorite of mine when I was a little girl. It allows kids to be creative with colorful pegs and art templates to copy, or they can choose to freestyle and create their own designs. Press the button to light up the artwork in four different light shows, from pulsing to blinking. It’s a classic! Warning: It’s a choking hazard for children under 3 years old.

4. Cute Tea Sets

Green Toys Tea Set
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porcelain tea set
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It’s so fun for little girls to host a tea party! We love this Green Toys tea set because not only is it cute, but it’s also environmentally safe, non-toxic, and dishwasher friendly. It’s made with recycled and organic materials and includes a teapot and lid, a sugar bowl with lid, creamer, four cups, four saucers, and four spoons. And if you want something more realistic, this porcelain set is adorable and a great one to consider. The tiny white polka dots bring fun and elegance to a classic tea set, perfect for an afternoon of entertaining a delightful mix of friends and stuffed animals.

5. Fashion Designer Sets

Lorfancy fashion design kit
Buy Here
Barbie fashion plates activity
Buy Here

Is your little girl really into fashion? Does she already sketch out designs of her own on paper? Then you must upgrade her to this ultimate fashion design kit with over 500 accessories. She’ll get mini mannequins, fabric pieces, sewing items, stickers, and more. This set will bring her fashion ideas to life! And if you’re looking for a fashion activity for a younger girl, this Barbie fashion plates set is a terrific option. It comes with clothing templates she can mix and match to create tons of looks!

6. Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone With LED Lights

Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone With LED Lights
Buy Here

I remember grabbing a hairbrush as a little girl and pretending it was my microphone as I belted out “Like a Prayer” by Madonna like it was nobody’s business! I would have DIED if I had gotten an actual microphone as a child. So, if you have a little girl who loves to sing, I promise she will love this karaoke mic.

7. “The Baby-Sitters Club” Retro Book Collection

"The Baby-Sitters Club" Retro Book Collection
Buy Here

Does the little girl in your life like to read? If so, get her this fantastic, retro collection of “The Baby-Sitters Club” books, which includes the first six books in the series. These stories by Ann M. Martin are classics and true favorites! Your girl will love reading them all, and the tin is great for storage.

8. Scientist Costume Set

Scientist Costume Set
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Playing dress-up as a pretend princess is a lot of fun, but girls can also have fun dressing up as scientists! This scientist costume set has a lab coat and a reusable name tag. It’s sized to fit most little lab techs 5 to 8 years old, made from quality materials, and perfect for years of experimenting. The set also features scientific tools of the trade, such as goggles, a non-breakable beaker, a test tube, a petri dish, wooden stirrers, a measuring spoon, a hypothesis card, and ringed cards with six hands-on experiments. Aspiring scientists will love trying out the experiments at home using these cards and tools!

9. My First Purse

kids purse set for girls
Buy Here

If your little one is a girly girl who always steals your phone and purse pretending to be mommy, you might consider getting her first purse. This pink purse features a cute design of a girl, flowers, and butterflies embroidered on the front. The set also has a matching toy cellphone, a car remote with keys, pretend lipstick, and a credit card. She will feel like such a big girl with her own purse carrying around her most valued treasures!

10. Razor A Kick Scooter

Razor A Kick Scooter
Buy Here

Kids like to go, go, GO! And this pink Razor scooter is the cutest thing. It’s lightweight, the aluminum frame folds up for easy storage, and the urethane wheels deliver a smooth ride. The adjustable handlebars have foam grips and accommodate users of varying heights.

11. Bébé Bath Baby Doll

Our Favorite Gifts for Little Girls
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Little girls love to take their baby dolls everywhere, including the bathtub. But with this water-friendly baby doll, they can! This doll is ready for bath time, made from vanilla-scented vinyl, and features quick-drying clothes and closing eyes. It’s so cool, and we just had to include it in our little girls’ holiday gift guide!

12. “Little People, BIG DREAMS” Box Sets

"Little People, BIG DREAMS" women in science set
Buy Here
"Little People, BIG DREAMS" women in art set
Buy Here

“Little People, BIG DREAMS” is a best-selling series of educational books exploring the lives of many extraordinary people, from designers and artists to scientists and activists. These two collections contain empowering books about significant women. The “Women in Science” set features Marie Curie, Amelia Earhart, and Ada Lovelace. Meanwhile, the “Women in Art” set features Coco Chanel, Frida Kahlo, and Audrey Hepburn. Either (or even both!) would be great for your little girl to help her learn about these powerful and inspiring women.

13. Crayola Inspiration Art Case

Our Favorite Gifts for Little Girls
Buy Here

Maybe your little girl is an artist and loves to draw everything and anything! She’ll love this Crayola inspiration art case with 64 crayons, 20 colored pencils, 40 washable markers, and 15 paper sheets. With a place for everything, this crayon and marker organizer helps keep art supplies together. The large pieces of paper give kids lots of room to create, and this set has everything your little girl needs to start creating. Who doesn’t love coloring?!

14. Non-Toxic Girls’ Nail Polish

Non-Toxic Girls' Nail Polish
Buy Here

We love Piggy Paint! And their polishes make an excellent stocking stuffer for your little girl. These nail polishes are non-toxic, low odor, water-based, cruelty-free, vegan, and made in the U.S. The hypoallergenic formula makes it safe to use on all piggies! We also love that it dries quickly, so less messes for our baby girls. 🙂 It’s definitely one of the best holiday gift guide items for little girls!

15. Walkie-Talkies

Walkie Talkies
Buy Here

Walkie-talkies are such a fun gift for kids! This set has a cool flashlight and features belt clips so they can attach it to themselves. It also comes in several colors, like pink, black, and purple. Parents will like that it has a lock function, so kids can’t change the walkie-talkie settings without permission.

16. Arts and Crafts Library

Arts and crafts library
Buy Here

Here’s a great gift for your mini-artist! This arts and crafts kit has over 1,000 pieces, featuring everything from pipe cleaners and googly eyes to felt sheets and plastic beads. Your little girl will have everything she needs to get her imagination flowing. And she can keep all the supplies organized in this neat, reusable box. Hours of entertainment await!

17. Princess Tent

Princess Tent
Buy Here

This darling pink princess tent will make your little girl feel like she’s in a mini palace! Whether she uses it indoors or outdoors, it’s the perfect place for her to play games, read, nap, chill, and just have some time to herself. It also has little star-shaped lights that make it feel dreamy and mesh curtains for extra privacy.

18. Make Your Own Unicorn Night Light

Make Your Own Unicorn Night Light
Buy Here

Light up the night and create some magic with this fun craft project! Any girl would love to make this special unicorn night light and then enjoy the wonder of how pretty it shines in her room at night. The kit includes materials such as a lantern jar, LED lights, pearls, and, three unicorn figurines!

19. Ice Cream Slime Kit

Ice Cream Slime Kit
Buy Here

This slime-making kit has everything you need to make tons of realistic ice cream slime treats (non-edible, of course)! Your little girl will have a ton of fun making the fluffiest and butteriest slime ever in all your favorite ice cream colors and scents. Add some colorful sprinkles and pop a cherry on top for a final touch!

20. Musical Jewelry Box

Our Favorite Gifts for Little Girls
Buy Here

Here’s a magical gift that will make her eyes light up! This unicorn music box is a perfect place for your little girl to store and organize her jewelry. There is ample space for her necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, and other small items. It features a spinning unicorn figurine and even plays a sweet melody!

21. Personalized Blanket

personalized name blanket
Buy Here

This super-soft, customizable name blanket is the ultimate cozy gift for girls! Choose the size, material, colors, font, and text to make it a truly unique gift for your little girl. There is a wide range of color options, from lilac, baby pink, and gold glitter to baby blue, emerald, and black. This blanket is also machine washable!

22. Fluffie Stuffiez Plush

Fluffie Stuffiez Plush
Buy Here

These plushes are so unique! Kids pull the outer layer of fluff off the top to reveal another layer below. For instance, when you remove the top layer of the panda plush, you’ll either get Madi Bear (pink and white) or Scout Bear (multicolor). This might sound messy, but it comes with a character pouch where you store all the fluff! There are several other characters you can get, such as a unicorn, rainbow, and ice cream plush.

23. Hopscotch Girls Activity Books

Hopscotch Girls Activity Book
Buy Here

We’ve tried out these activity books, and they are so precious! We think they would make a great gift for older girls (5+ years old). Hopscotch Girls has empowering coloring books, sticker books, sketchbooks, and more that encourage girls to be confident. Most of their book options are under $50, but if you’re willing to splurge a little, their confidence bundle is also a great value.

Gifts for Little Girls: $50-100

1. Cuddle + Kind Mia the Dog Doll

Cuddle + Kind stuffies
Buy Here

This Cuddle + Kind stuffed animal is the sweetest gift. This hand-knit doggy is durable and made with super soft Peruvian cotton yarn stuffed with cuddle-safe hypoallergenic polyfill. Whether you choose the 13- or 20-inch option, Mia the Dog will make a sweet companion for your little girl.

2. Hunter Rain Boots

Hunter Rain Boots
Buy Here

These classic rain boots are the cutest for those cold and wet winters. We couldn’t help ourselves and had to add these adorable Hunter boots to our gift guide for little girls. They come in fun colors such as pink fizz (shown here), flowing blue, twisting green, and zesty yellow. They’re also waterproof and keep your little one’s feet warm!

3. Personalized Makeup Toy Set

Personalized Makeup Toy Set
Buy Here

Oh, man. This makeup toy set is precious! Lots of little girls love to play with their mom’s makeup, but this personalized set is perfect for playing pretend as a professional makeup artist. It includes a mirror, a brush, five cosmetics (including an eyeshadow palette!), and a waist bag. Before you know it, she might be making her own YouTube makeup tutorials. 😉

4. Little Tikes Trampoline

little tikes trampoline
Buy Here

Don’t we all want our toddlers to burn off energy? This 3-foot indoor trampoline is an awesome way for them to get some exercise while having fun. It features a large jumping surface and a handlebar for kids to hold on to. Your energetic little one needs this (and maybe so does your sanity!), so we added it to our gift guide for little girls.

5. Mini Acoustic Guitar

Mini Acoustic Guitar
Buy Here

This three-string, natural wood mini guitar is great for a little girl who loves to rock out! It functions like a real guitar and is the perfect way to get them strumming from an early age. It includes flashcards with chord diagrams and tuning instructions, guitar picks, and a rockin’ storage bag.

6. Dance Mat

Dance Mat
Buy Here

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas or birthday present for a little girl? This musical dance mat is a gift that will be fun for the whole family. The LED board shows you which dance spots to touch during a song and has a scoreboard so you can turn it into a friendly competition. This dance mat can help your little one with their coordination, and there are three different levels to try out.

7. Gymnastics Mat

Gymnastics Mat
Buy Here

This lightweight ombre gymnastics mat is the best! It’s made of foam and even has handles for easy transport. Children can barely contain themselves when there’s a gym mat on the floor. It triggers tumbles, somersaults, and play — but in a safe way. When it’s time for rest, fold it and put it aside.

8. Barbie Color Reveal Set

Barbie Color Reveal Set
Buy Here

The ultimate in unboxing experiences, this Barbie Color Reveal set includes over 50 items! It comes with two Barbie dolls, three dogs, and tons of slumber party accessories, like sleeping bags, food and snacks, pj’s, and sleeping masks. Dip and swirl each of the dolls and pets in warm water for an exciting reveal. Your little girl will enjoy opening this gift as much as playing with it!

Gifts for Little Girls: $100+

1. Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera

Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera
Buy Here

Is your little girl a budding photographer? This mini instant camera makes photo-taking so much fun because you get the printed pictures instantly! It brings you right back to the 90s. 😉 You may have to buy more film because she will love it so much that she will take photos constantly!

2. Large Wooden Nativity Set

Large Wooden Nativity Set
Buy Here

This super-cute, all-wood nativity set is a beautiful holiday gift for young children! This colorful set (available in different skin tones) can help your little girl easily understand the Christmas story. It is durable and easy to clean, making it an excellent toy or display piece for their bedroom. The 3.5-inch size (large figures) is perfect for small hands to hold.

3. Retro Play Kitchen

Retro Play Kitchen
Buy Here

We all love a cute play kitchen, and this retro pink kitchen with pull handles made us so giddy! It includes an upper fridge (with a chalkboard!) and a lower freezer with a water and ice option. The cooking station has a sink with an oven below, two burners, and lots of storage space to store any cooking utensils or Tupperware.

4. American Girl Doll

American Girl Doll
Buy Here

American Girl dolls are a favorite and timeless gift! I had the Samantha doll growing up and loved her, so I had to include an AG doll in our gift guide for little girls. There are so many AG dolls to choose from, both historic and modern, but this Truly Me doll is an excellent choice, as it has multiple options for hair colors and skin tones, so you can find one that looks like your little one!

5. Melissa & Doug Art Easel

KidKraft Deluxe Wood Easel
Buy Here

This double-sided wood easel is perfect for playtime. One side is a chalkboard, and the other is a dry-erase board. At the top, you can include a paper roll so your little girl has a place to paint pictures and create even more beautiful artwork. It has a convenient storage rack where she can put her chalk, paints, brushes, dry-erase markers, an eraser, and other art supplies.

6. KidKraft My Dreamy Dollhouse With Furniture

KidKraft My Dreamy Dollhouse With Furniture
Buy Here

Many little girls love to play house, and with this dollhouse, it’s never been so fun! This 4-foot KidKraft dollhouse has several rooms to decorate, a movable elevator that goes between all three floors, two balconies, and a front door that actually opens. It offers plenty of room to explore and enjoy! The 14-piece accessory kit includes a piano that plays music and a toilet with flushing sounds. This dollhouse is a dream come true and a must-have on our holiday gift guide for little girls.

7. KidKraft Playhouse

KidKraft Playhouse
Buy Here

Hours of imaginative play await with an outdoor playhouse! Your little girl will love playing in this beautiful KidKraft playhouse full of realistic and exciting details, like a doorbell she can actually ring, chalkboard walls for her to write on, a movable bench, and a play kitchen, which comes with pans and a spatula! Plus, with easy assembly, it is a parent’s dream, too!

8. The Play Kit by Lalo

The Play Kit by Lalo
Buy Here

We love this Scandinavian-inspired table and chairs for all things play! It’s available in various colors (including white, pink, blue, and black), so you can mix and match the items to suit your little girl’s style and her playroom or bedroom. She can color, craft, snack, read, and beyond at this sturdy, adult-like table!

9. Strider Balance Bike

Strider Balance Bike
Buy Here

A balance bike is a great gift for a little girl because it can help her develop stability and coordination for riding a bicycle. This Strider balance bike has a padded seat, handlebars with grip, and a footrest instead of a pedal. You can adjust the height of the seat and handlebars, so she can continue to use the balance bike as she grows. Another cool thing is that later, when she’s ready to move on to a bike with pedals, you can buy the compatible pedal kit so she can still use the same frame!

We hope this guide with the best gifts for little girls has helped you find the perfect present(s) for your daughter, niece, granddaughter, or whoever else you’re shopping for. You might choose to splurge on an adorable present for Christmas, her birthday, etc., or you can get a few inexpensive gifts she’ll love. Whatever you get, we’re sure she’ll have lots of fun with it! 🙂

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