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Our Favorite Gifts for Little Boys

28 of our favorite gifts for little boys (ages 2-8)! From superheroes, bikes, and games to educational toys and more!

Updated May 1, 2024

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We recently shared our best gifts for little girls guide, and now we have our best gifts for little boys guide! Many people think boys can be hard to shop for, but we certainly don’t think so! So many fun products, both old and new, would make excellent presents for the little boys in your life. If you’re stumped on what to get, here’s our holiday gift guide for little boys.

Gifts Under $50

1. Superhero Set

DC Super Hero Cape Set
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Marvel superhero onesies
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What kid doesn’t love to dress up and play make-believe? Especially if you can be a superhero! This DC Comics cape set comes with four authentic superhero capes, coordinating eye masks for Batman, the Flash, and Robin, and a chest piece for Superman. This is sure to be a Christmas favorite! And if your little guy is too small for these capes (and you’re more into Marvel), these superhero onesies are great alternatives!

2. KidiBeats Drum Set

KidiBeats Drum Set

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Let the beat drop with this adorable drum set! Your little guy can play along to nine melodies in genres, including rock, dance, and pop. Besides music, this musical toy also teaches letters and numbers. It’s a fantastic interactive and learning toy that will provide tons of fun.

3. Non-Toxic Crayon Rocks Set

Non-Toxic Crayon Rocks Set
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These crazy crayon rocks are too cool! There are 64 rock-shaped, solid-color crayons in this box, and they are made and packaged in the USA with 100% recycled, non-toxic materials. They fit perfectly in a child’s hand for coloring inside the lines or doodling. I love that it’s an earth-conscious choice for all crayon users and great for school and home.

4. Wooden Tabletop Paper-Roll Dispenser and Three-Pack Easel Paper Roll

Wooden Tabletop Paper Roll Dispenser
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Three-Pack Easel Paper Roll
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Let him express his creative side! This convenient wooden tabletop paper dispenser, preloaded with a 75-foot roll of premium white bond paper, sets your boy up for artistic good times. The child-safe tear strip makes it easy for him to tear off just what he needs. We recommend getting three replacement paper rolls to refill your tabletop paper-roll dispenser if you need more paper. Each roll holds 75 feet of paper, and kids can use crayons, markers, colored pencils, paint, and other art supplies to draw on it.

5. Twister

Twister game
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This family game always creates lots of laughs and good times. Parents like it because it is very easy for kids to set up and take down. It also allows four kids to play at once so the little boy in your life can play with their family members or friends. Onlookers seem to have about as much fun as those playing it, so it’s a win for everyone. 🙂

6. Stomp Rocket X-Treme

Stomp Rocket X-Treme
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This cool Stomp Rocket X-Treme is 100% kid-powered and had to be added to our holiday gift guide for little boys. Just run, jump, and STOMP to launch these rockets up to 400 feet in the air — that’s longer than a football field, including the end zones! It’s been a favorite among many little boys. Stomp Rocket X-Treme is strong and durable and great for active outdoor play. The set includes six rockets, flame stickers, and a stomp launcher stand.

7. Lego Classic Creative Brick Box

Lego Classic Creative Brick Box
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This collection of Legos in 35 different colors will encourage open-ended building play and inspire any boy’s imagination. It comes with windows, eyes, and lots and lots of wheels. You can offer a story/setting idea or a building idea (like the tiger or train) to get their creativity going. Either way, this Lego set allows imaginations to run wild!

8. Kids Area Rug

Kids Area Rug
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Your little one will love this play rug’s vibrant and fun colors. He can spend hours deciding which road to take, what building to go to, and what activity to do — fill up at the gas station, send dangerous drivers to the police station, drop off your letters at the post office, and more! If you’re looking for toys made to inspire, educate, and ignite the imagination, this option is for you.

9. Green Toys

Many little boys love cool trucks, planes, and submarines, so those items are must-haves on our best gifts for little boys guide. We love that Green Toys are manufactured and assembled in the USA. They’re made from 100% recycled plastic milk jugs, saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. These toys also don’t have external coatings, paints, or dyes, making them a safe, ethical, and environmental toy option for kids.

Green Toys Construction Truck
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Green Toys Recycling Truck

Buy Here
Green Toys Rocket
Buy Here
Green Toys Seaplane
Buy Here
Green Toys Submarine
Buy Here
Green Toys Tugboat
Buy Here
Green Toys Dump Truck
Buy Here

10. Remote-Control Car Set

Remote Control Car Set
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This remote-control car set is perfect for you and your little guy to race around the house. Featuring sounds, lights, and easy-to-use controllers, it’s an ideal starter remote-control car for the little boy with a need for speed! You can choose from the police and race car set and the truck and tractor set.

11. VTech Drill and Learn Toolbox or Personalized Wooden Tool Belt Toy

VTech Drill and Learn Toolbox
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Personalized Wooden Tool Belt Toy
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If your little man likes to “fix” things around the house and be just like his old man, this toolbox and personalized tool belt will be a huge hit! We especially love that the toolbox has lights and sounds and helps kids learn about what different tools do. Your son will want to be your big helper as he tries to tackle the “honey-do” list. 😉

12. Classic Etch A Sketch

Classic Etch A Sketch
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Now, this toy brings back so many memories. It’s a classic toy that kids have been playing with for years, and we’re sure your little boy will love it, too! Plus, it’s a no-mess alternative to drawing on paper that’s also easy to transport. Kids can use the knobs to draw pictures, and when they’re done, they simply shake the Etch a Sketch to start over, giving them the chance to make endless creations!

13. Personalized Wooden Toy Bowling Game

Personalized Wooden Toy Bowling Game
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Is bowling a favorite game of his? If so, this adorable personalized wooden bowling game will be a fun gift for your little boy to play with and the sweetest keepsake for him to save. It also allows him to practice hand-eye coordination and provides hours of educational play. This mini bowling set has six wooden bowling pins and one bowling ball.

14. Nerf Gun Blaster

Nerf Gun Blaster
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Most little boys will love a good Nerf gun, and this affordable one is an excellent choice. The Strongarm blaster holds six Nerf Elite darts and fires them up to 90 feet! No batteries are necessary for this bad boy, and the rotating barrel, which you can flip open to load darts.

15. Let’s Play Ball!

Toy sports equipment can encourage kids to get moving and enjoy the outdoors. Little boys will have fun with these specific toy sets, and here’s what we love about each of these gifts:

Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set
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Designed for children 18 months to 5 years old, this set introduces kids of all abilities to basketball and competitive play. To accommodate even the smallest hoop star, you can adjust the height to six settings between 2 and 4 feet. The oversized rim ensures easy scoring and helps kids develop hand-eye coordination while providing the right challenge level. It also comes with three kid-sized basketballs, but here is a replacement set of two if some get lost. (Before play, add sand to the base for stability.)

ball and glove set for kids
Buy Here

This ball and glove set gives kids a reason to get up and go outside! It’s made specifically for smaller hands, and the ball has Velcro strips attached, which makes it easier for kids to catch it with the glove. The set is for ages 3 and up and would be perfect for a little boy interested in baseball.

Toddler Golf Set
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Whether your son already loves golf or you want to introduce him to this sport, this golf game set for kids is exactly what you need to help your child with their golfing skills. This ToyVelt golf club set includes a two-wheeled golf cart, four golf clubs, six balls, a putting mat, and two practice holes. Kids can use it indoors or outdoors, and it can help your little one practice patience and coordination.

Hockey Set for Kids
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This hockey set is another excellent outdoor and indoor game for kids! It comes with two goals, two hockey sticks, and two hover balls. The motorized puck will float and glide across most flat surfaces, like hardwood floors and tile. Bonus: we love that it’s multifunctional and comes with a soccer ball so that it can be a soccer set, too!

16. Galaxy Spaceship Magna-Tiles Structure Set

Galaxy Spaceship Magna-Tiles Structure Set
Buy Here

3, 2, 1 — blastoff! This rocket building set uses Magna-Tiles, the popular 3D magnetic building toy. At just under $50, this set is perfect for space lovers and comes with scratch-resistant, double-sided tiles that come together to build an impressive spaceship. Assembling this toy is also a great way for your little boy to practice fine motor skills.

17. Magic Box of Secrets

Magic Box of Secrets
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Is your kid into magic? This magic set is a great kit to get them started. It includes a magic trick booklet, props, ropes, sponges, card decks, and more. This will keep him entertained (and entertaining others) for months!

18. Take-Apart Dinosaur STEM Toy

Take-Apart Dinosaur STEM Toy
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This is the perfect toy for kids who love dinosaurs and enjoy building and learning. My little guy could spend hours with this toy, building and taking it apart over and over again. It’s perfect for developing their hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

19. Lite-Brite

Buy Here

This classic, interactive toy will be a hit with your little guy! He can use one of the six templates (including a sailboat) to create beautiful art or simply use his imagination. This Lite-Brite also features four light modes to transform the appearance of the artwork, such as white light and rotating flash.

20. Teeter Popper

Teeter Popper
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The Teeter Popper will provide hours of fun for your little man. This unique, suction-cup-lined device leaves play entirely up to the child. The sturdy plastic body holds up to 110 pounds, and the durable silicone suction cups stand up to hours of play. The handles on each end ensure stability and safe playtime.

21. Stunt Remote Control Car

Stunt Remote Control Car
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This remote-controlled car will provide your little boy with endless hours of entertainment with all the awesome stunts. It keeps you guessing with 360-degree flips, as you can move it forward and backward and spin it left and right. This easy-to-control car will even be fun for the whole family!

22. Binocular Safari SUV Truck

Binocular Safari SUV Truck
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This safari SUV truck is such a cool gift for little boys! It comes with three detachable items: a set of wheels that turn into binoculars, a back tire that turns into a compass, and truck headlights that turn into a flashlight. We love the multifunctional nature of this STEM toy, which kids can use to imagine going on an exciting safari or other adventure.

Gifts for Little Boys: $50-$100

1. Mini Three-String Guitar

Mini Three-String Guitar
Buy Here

This natural wood mini guitar is an excellent choice for a little guy who loves to rock out! It’s a great option for budding musicians since it’s only three strings, making it easier to learn simple guitar chords. To further help beginner guitar players, this set also has colorful flashcards containing fun graphics and chord diagrams.

2. Outdoor Sand and Water Table

Outdoor Sand and Water Table
Buy Here

I got one of these for my nephew’s birthday, and it was a big hit! Something about going outside and playing with water makes little boys’ hearts bounce. 🙂 I love this outdoor sand and water table since tots can build sandcastles on one side and sail toy boats on the other. Your little guy can make believe he’s sailing the Seven Seas and then arrive on an island to dig for buried treasure.

3. Micro Kickboard Scooter

Micro Kickboard Scooter
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If you have a toddler or small child with a need for speed, this sleek, three-wheeled scooter is a fantastic choice for your little speedster. With this scooter, he will be going fast all over the neighborhood with the biggest smile on his face. 🙂 It can help him practice balance and coordination, holds up to 110 pounds, and comes in several colors.

4. Toddler Balance Bike

Our Favorite Gifts for Little Boys
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This sturdy bike is also great for helping your little boy practice his balance and strength. It’s meant for children aged 24 months to 5 years old and comes with a set of stickers so that kids can customize the license plate on the front! The wheels are designed to be puncture-resistant and won’t be easily pierced by objects.

5. Three-in-One Transform Toy

Our Favorite Gifts for Little Boys
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Three toys in one! Kids can convert this 65-piece set into a truck, workbench, or robot with movable parts. Plus, the pieces will neatly fit into the toolbox, making it portable. This STEM toy will provide endless hours of fun for your little one and allow them to use their creativity.

Gifts for Little Boys: $100+

1. PonyCycle

Buy Here

Are you looking for an adorable and fun ride-on toy for your child? The PonyCycle Pony is sure to be a hit with your little guy. Whether for a birthday or holiday gift, this fun mechanical horse provides hours of entertainment and a realistic riding experience for children ages 4-9 — absolutely one of our favorite gifts for kids.

2. KidKraft Ride-Around Train Set and Table

KidKraft Ride-Around Train Set and Table
Buy Here

Young conductors will love playing with the ride-around-town train set and table. This item combines two popular KidKraft products — an exciting train set and a sturdy table — into one can’t-miss combination. Can you imagine your little boy finding this under the tree on Christmas morning? You will get the biggest smile that your heart just might burst. 🙂

3. Giant Jenga

Giant Jenga
Buy Here

This is the ultimate game of Jenga! And just like most boys who love to build and crash things down, your little one will surely love the game of Jenga. The classic set is a great option, but if you want a wild game for your little man and his friends to play or the whole family to play, this giant Jenga set is an incredible gift!

4. Radio Flyer Three-in-One All-Terrain Wagon

Radio Flyer Three-in-One All-Terrain Wagon
Buy Here

The Radio Flyer All-Terrain Wagon is designed with air tires for a super smooth ride. It comes equipped with two front cup holders, a large pocket in the back, seat belts, and comfortable padded seats. It also has a convenient canopy to keep your little one cool and shaded on hot days.

5. Grocery Store Scene

Grocery Store Scene
Buy Here

This wooden grocery store from Melissa & Doug is designed to inspire customers 3 and older to browse the shelves and pay for purchases on one side while, on the other side, the grocer rings up items. Sturdy and freestanding, it includes a hand-cranked conveyor belt, a bagging area, a card-swipe machine, a realistic beeping scanner, and a cash drawer. To round out the pretend play shopping experience, consider adding the Melissa & Doug Fresh Mart Grocery Store Companion Collection.

6. Electric Ride-On Train

Electric Ride-On Train
Buy Here

If your son loves trains and you want a show-stopping gift, check out this electric train! He can ride on it, be the conductor, and even bring a little companion along for a ride in the caboose! This train also has headlights, makes realistic sounds with the push of a button, and travels up to 1 mph.

7. Small-to-Tall Swing Set

Small-to-Tall Swing Set
Buy Here

Kids can swing the day away with this small-to-tall swing set, which you can build at low or full height. It comes with two swing seats (one baby seat and one classic swing seat), so if you get it for your baby boy, he’ll still be able to use it when he grows bigger. It’s also easy to assemble this swing set and swap out the seats when needed.

8. Monkey Bars Climbing Tower

Monkey Bars Climbing Tower
Buy Here

This climbing tower is an excellent way for your little boy to get some movement and outdoor play. He’ll also enjoy playing on these monkey bars with siblings, friends, etc. Lightweight yet sturdy, this structure holds up to 150 pounds and is suitable for kids ages 3 to 8. Hours of entertainment await!

9. John Deere Kid Tractor With Trailer

John Deere Kid Tractor With Trailer
Buy Here

Hit this road with this fun and exciting John Deere kid tractor! This outdoor, ride-on toy is the real deal and comes with a steering wheel, anti-slip pedals, a front loader, a hauling trailer, and thick tires. Your kid will even be able to raise, lower, and tip the front loader to scoop up items like leaves and rocks.

10. Strider Sport Bike

Strider Sport Bike
Buy Here

Here’s another great balance bike that’s perfect for toddlers. Since it doesn’t have a pedal, it helps kids practice their balance and is a good alternative to a bike with training wheels. This Strider sport bike comes in several vibrant colors, including black, green, blue, red, and yellow. It also has a safety pad, a footrest, and a padded seat.

See?! Boys aren’t so hard to shop for! 😉 Your little boy will love any of these thoughtful gifts for Christmas, his birthday, etc. Get him something fun that encourages outdoor play, helps with his physical or mental development, teaches him a new skill, or simply entertains him for hours.

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