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6 Things to Celebrate at 6 Months Old

Let's celebrate our babies' half birthdays! Here are 6 different reasons why you should be excited and celebrate your 6-month-old.

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Published April 18, 2018

by Nina Spears

The Baby Chick®: Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Expert

It’s our baby boy’s half-birthday today! I cannot believe that we’re almost at the big one-year milestone. How is it already been 6 months?! Of course, we’ll be celebrating his first birthday (which is coming way too quickly), but we are also celebrating this milestone—6 months old! I’m sure you’ve noticed some major changes over the months with your little one, and there are some fun reasons why we all should be celebrating our babies’ half birthdays. So here are six things to get excited about and celebrate with your sweet six-month-old.

1. Eating Solids

The World Health Organization, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the CDC recommend that babies start solids at 6 months.1,2,3 Until this point, breast milk and/or formula have been the food sources for your growing baby. But now your little one has graduated to big boy/big girl food! Let’s celebrate!

6 Things to Celebrate at 6 Months Old | Baby Chick
6 Things to Celebrate at 6 Months Old | Baby Chick

If you’re unsure what foods to introduce to your baby, we have you covered here with the best first food for baby. 🙂 We recommend introducing solids one at a time to your baby and waiting a few days before trying a new food. This will help her adjust to solids and allow you to see if she is allergic to anything.

I was so excited for my son to hit this milestone to finally introduce him to some food and see how he would react. We gave him some banana YoBaby Stonyfield yogurt, which was a big hit. Watching him put the yogurt in his mouth, feel the texture on his tongue, and taste the flavor was fascinating. Every time I pulled the spoon away, he became anxious and upset, so I think we will have a good eater on our hands.

6 Things to Celebrate at 6 Months Old | Baby Chick

If you’re concerned about giving your baby cow’s milk before age 1, it’s okay to give them yogurt as early as 6 months because the cultures make it digestible.4 This is why pediatricians recommend it, and we love that Stonyfield’s YoBaby organic yogurts are the #1 pediatrician-recommended brand for babies 6 months to 2 years! Be sure to read the labels on yogurt and avoid honey and added sugar.4 Honey isn’t safe for babies before 12 months.

6 Things to Celebrate at 6 Months Old | Baby Chick
6 Things to Celebrate at 6 Months Old | Baby Chick

2. Sleeping Longer Stretches

Now that your baby is eating solid foods (and continuing to have breast milk and/or formula), she should sleep a little longer at night. Most babies are sleeping six to eight-hour stretches by six months old. Hallelujah! Because their little bellies are getting fuller, and they have learned some self-soothing techniques over time. They are now able to sleep a little better and a little longer. That causes us all to celebrate!!

Note: If your little one is having trouble falling or staying asleep, you can research and experiment with several different sleep methods to see which one would work best for you and your baby.

3. Babbling More

My son is quite the talker now, and I bet you have noticed your baby babbling quite a bit now too. At 6 months old, babies should be smiling, laughing, and babbling away (“ma-ma,” “da-da,” “ba-ba”). Seeing them express themselves and their little personalities shine through is fun. To encourage your baby to talk, I recommend reading to her and talking to her about your day and about things you’re both doing and seeing. She will learn and build her speaking skills and vocabulary by listening to you, so talk away!

4. Sitting Up More

I love this milestone! Babies are so happy when they can sit up, look around, watch you and play. Many babies can sit up unsupported at 6 months old, but if your baby isn’t quite there, that’s okay. It should happen soon! Continue to help her sit up; over time, her core will get stronger, and she’ll be able to sit on her own.

I particularly like this milestone because my baby can now be pretty content by himself since he can see and do so much more. He can sit perfectly in his high chair for meals, in the cart at the grocery store, and in a high chair at a restaurant. My son hated laying on his back or his stomach for more than five to ten minutes at a time. He wanted to see what was going on and be in the action. Thank goodness for this milestone!

6 Things to Celebrate at 6 Months Old | Baby Chick

5. More Engagement

At 6 months, our babies are more playful and interactive. It is the best watching my husband and son play together. That’s right, play together! Liam thinks it’s hilarious to watch my husband chase the dogs, “fake” hurt himself, and, of course, tickle and kiss him. He even likes to watch and mimic him when he eats. They have too much fun together now, which makes it nice that daddy can bond even more with our baby.

6 Things to Celebrate at 6 Months Old | Baby Chick
6 Things to Celebrate at 6 Months Old | Baby Chick

I’m sure you’ve noticed that your 6-month-old is more responsive to you and your emotions and is more curious. They seem happier and can also respond to their name. It’s also great that our babies now remember people they see a bit more regularly rather than just mom and dad. So if they see grandma and grandpa, friends, or other family regularly, they won’t respond as “stranger danger.” That’s great for us parents to have a little break and still have a happy baby.

If you need inspiration, here are some great ways to engage with your baby.

6. You’re Halfway There!

This is a big deal. You have kept this little baby alive for six. whole. months. You have survived and made it halfway to a year! Way to go for being a rockstar parent. 😉 And I’m sure you can agree that the days feel long, but doesn’t it feel like just yesterday when she was just a little newborn sleeping on your chest after a meal? Now, look at you both! Our babies are growing up. Before you know it, we’ll be celebrating our baby’s one-year birthday. So soak it all in, mama, and celebrate today!

6 Things to Celebrate at 6 Months Old | Baby Chick
6 Things to Celebrate at 6 Months Old | Baby Chick
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