5 Cute Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

5 Cute Pregnancy Announcement Ideas | Baby Chick

5 Cute Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Finding out you’re pregnant is so exciting—but quite possibly even more exciting is getting to share the news with your loved ones. Whether you wait a certain length of time to break the news or are too excited to wait and want to tell people right away, here are a few cute pregnancy announcement ideas!

1. Do a Photo Shoot

Photo shoots can be such a fun way to bond with your partner and to be honest, who doesn’t love getting dressed up and taking gorgeous pictures? Plan a photo shoot with a professional photographer and bring props to announce your pregnancy. You can use a letter board and spell out your news, get big balloons to spell out baby or your due date, or keep it simple with a hand over your stomach and a loving photo you and your hubby will treasure forever.

2. Gift Your Loved Ones

Everyone loves receiving gifts, and what’s better than a little gift that comes with something much bigger? Keep things super personal by gifting your loved one’s little things that let them know your big news. You can give your parents mugs that say grandma and grandpa, your sister a shirt that says “best aunt ever” and your best friend a photo that says “your new best friend is coming” with your due date. No matter what you decide to give, it will be something your family and friends will treasure, and will make the news so much more special than a simple phone call!

3. Incorporate Pets or Other Kids

If you have pets or kids, include them in the photo announcement! Some of the cutest announcements involve another child announcing the pregnancy. Consider putting a pair of baby shoes next to your pup or putting a collar on them that says “big brother” or even filming a video of your other child getting the news—their reaction is sure to be priceless and will make a great announcement to post on social media and send to your loved ones.

4. Host a Get Together

When you find out the news, you’re going to want to tell everyone you love as soon as you can. So instead of telling them one-by-one, why not tell everyone at the same time? Have your closest family and friends over to your house for a brunch or host a small get together at your favorite restaurant. Once everyone arrives, let them know the big news! Then spend the rest of the event celebrating, hugging and basking in the amazing news with everyone you love.

5. Make it Funny

Being pregnant is a serious matter, but you don’t have to take every aspect of it too seriously. Make the announcement fun by showing your silly side. Do a cheeky photo shoot (think a movie poster or your hubby drinking while you eat everything you are craving), gift your best friend or your sister a bottle of alcohol or a box of tampons and let them know you won’t be needing either for nine months or announce your pregnancy at a time no one will expect.

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