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Our Favorite Toddler Bath Products

I've rounded up everything you need to transition your little baby's bath routine into toddlerhood. Here are our Toddler Bath Essentials!

Updated July 15, 2024

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Remember the first time you ever bathed your newborn baby? Those tender moments together—lathering them up, rinsing, and the sweetest little smiles. Then quickly getting them dried off, applying lotion, and putting on pajamas for bed! It seems like those days go by too fast, and before you know it, you’re bathing a toddler. Then bath time transitions from not only getting clean and signaling bedtime to another time your little one wants to be entertained through play!

My 18-month-old son is currently in a stage where he doesn’t always seem thrilled about hopping in the bathtub when it is the time! We have tried to make it fun and something he will look forward to daily. I found various toddler bath products that have helped aid in this. He also loves a good bubble bath with some music! I’m sharing all my favorites to make bath time with a toddler less hassle and more fun.

Toddler Bath Products


Toddler Bath Safety

Bath Treads

Two people standing on a white surface with colorful circles that resemble targets with multiple rings in yellow, purple, blue, and green. The feet appear to be wet, reminiscent of playful moments with toddler bath toys.

Moby Spout Cover

A grey whale-shaped faucet cover, ideal for toddler bath time, is attached to a faucet with water flowing into the sink. The cover features a small hole at the top and a smiling face with two fins on the sides, making it one of those fun toddler bath toys that add joy to every splash.

Bath Thermometer

A yellow rubber duck thermometer, perfect for toddler bath time, features an orange beak and a digital display showing 78.6°F. The display is embedded in the duck's back, adorned with a small sticker. Positioned to the right, this fun and functional bath toy ensures safety and enjoyment for your little one.

Gorilla Grip Bath Mat

A hand lifts a corner of a blue silicone bath mat with a textured, hexagon-patterned surface, perfect for ensuring safety during toddler bath time. The mat is placed on a smooth, light-colored surface.

Griffle Bathtub Mat

A rectangular white cutting board with rounded edges is depicted. It features an embossed topographic contour design with light gray lines, reminiscent of elevation changes typically seen in maps, making it equally appealing as toddler bath toys for educational play.

Snug Spout Cover

A light blue, elephant-shaped faucet cover with the brand name

Boon Drain Cover

A hand is placing an orange, starfish-shaped object over a red circular drain stopper on a white surface, blending perfectly with the delightful chaos of toddler bath toys.

Skip Hop Baby Bath Rinse Cup

A blue whale-shaped water scoop with a handle and yellow trim on the spout, perfect for toddler bath time. The scoop features a smiling face design with a raised fin on top. Inside, the scoop has a yellow edge resembling a fish tail, making it one of the most delightful toddler bath toys.

Safety is always top of mind when it comes to bath time, especially with active toddlers. Inevitably my toddler son will try to stand up in the bath at least a dozen times. It’s slippery in there, and of course, it scares me every single time. Thankfully he’s had only one fall so far, and it was minor and startled him more than anything! Having a bath mat or treads can help a lot with traction. We also like to place a cover over the faucet for extra protection if he falls that way. He also thinks it’s fun, so that’s a bonus!


Toddler Bath Toys for Creativity

Bath Crayons

An arrangement of ten crayons in plastic holders is shown. The crayons, perfect for toddler bath fun, are organized in two rows and feature the colors yellow, orange, red, green, and blue. Each crayon is encased in a rectangular holder with a sliding mechanism on one side.

Bath Finger Paints

An image of five tubes of Crayola Bathtub Finger Paint Soap arranged in a row, perfect for toddler bath fun. The colors from left to right are Bluetiful Blue, Screamin' Green, Radical Red, Flamingo Pink, and Royal Purple. Each tube contains 3 fluid ounces of soap. Perfect for making bath time playful!

Bath Markers

A packaging of Crayola Bathtub Markers with 4 vibrant markers in red, blue, green, and purple. Perfect for toddler bath fun, the label indicates that the product is nontoxic and suitable for ages 3 and up. The packaging also mentions a bonus extra marker.

Bath Art Creations Set

The image shows a

What toddler doesn’t love to get messy?! What better place to get creative than the tub where you can wash the mess away! Let your toddler express themselves during bath time with art supplies. Let them draw pictures with bath crayons or markers. They can also paint a picture on the tub with paint that washes off easily! I love this because it allows your little one to get creative without making a mess all over the house since it keeps them contained in one space and easily washes off!


Active Toddler Bath Toys


A green toy fishing rod with a white and red bobber and blue string, perfect for toddler bath time, holding colorful plastic sea creatures: a yellow fish, a blue and yellow diver, and a pink octopus. The rod has a white circular button in the center. Ideal bath toys for endless fun.

Basketball Hoop

A children's basketball hoop set with an inflatable red rim, attached white-blue net, and suction cups for mounting. Perfect as toddler bath toys, it includes three small, orange basketballs ideal for splash-time fun.

Light Whale Spray Water Toy

A gray whale-shaped bath toy spraying water with a smiling baby in the background. Ideal for toddler bath time, the toy is depicted in different colors (blue, red, green, yellow) in a separate section of the image.

3-in-1 Bath Game, Toy, and Bubble Maker Set

A product image of a blue and green fish-shaped bubble machine for ages 1+, called

Floating Octopus Toy

A purple octopus toy with a happy facial expression is placed in a bubble-filled toddler bath. The octopus is holding various smaller colorful toddler bath toys, including a star-shaped toy and a small fish toy. The background shows additional bath accessories.

Let your toddler get some extra energy out with some toys that will keep them active! Several fun tub games will keep your little one engaged and make bath time even more fun! They can go fishing or play a ring toss game during bath time. Your little one can also practice free throws with a waterproof basketball and hoop. This one comes with three balls and a hoop that suctions to your bathtub. My son has one, and it keeps him busy every single bath time! Or, switch off the lights in the bathroom and enjoy a glow-in-the-dark bath! Your toddler will love this whale that spouts water and changes color. We own it, and my toddler son has a blast trying to catch it!


Educational Toddler Bath Toys

Bath Stickers

A netted storage bag containing a set of

Bath Letters and Numbers

Foam letters and numbers in various colors are shown, perfect as toddler bath toys. The letters

Bath Books

The image shows a collection of colorful cloth books for children. Two stacks on the left display the books closed, while numerous books are spread open on the right and bottom, showcasing various illustrations and educational content for young kids, perfect companions to toddler bath toys.

Bath Pipes

Colorful plastic toddler bath toys are displayed against a white background. The toys include various shapes such as funnels, tubes, gears, and spouts in bright colors like orange, yellow, green, pink, and blue. They are designed to be connected and manipulated for endless fun during toddler bath time.

Connecting Funnels

Image showing a set of eight hourglasses arranged in two rows of four. Each transparent hourglass, with colored end caps in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, dark blue, and purple, appears to be made of plastic and similar in shape and size. These vibrant hourglasses would make playful toddler bath toys.

Bath time can be a great time to get some learning in! You can use stickers and books as an opportunity to talk about vehicles and build vocabulary during your toddler’s bath time! Or work on letters, numbers, and colors with a set specifically made for the tub. If you love STEM learning, these pipes are so neat! Your toddler can use them individually or as a chain to pour water through and suction to the bath wall. The connecting funnels can be played with separately or together to create one giant funnel. Each tube has a different effect that changes how the water flows through it. We own these, and they’re so neat!


Fun Toddler Bath Toys

Ferry Boat With Mini Cars Bathtub Toy

A small toy ferry made of blue, white, and gray plastic with a yellow toy car on its ramp. Below the ramp is a red toy car. Perfect for toddler bath time, the ferry has the text

Barnyard Friends Bath Toys

A set of eight colorful toddler bath toys arranged in two rows. The toys include a horse, cow, frog, chicken, pig, sheep, duck, and owl. Each toy has a rounded, cartoonish design with no sharp edges. Perfect for making bathtime fun and safe!

Crab Bubble Bath Maker

A red toy crab with large eyes, musical notes, and yellow buttons on its top. The crab has two front claws and an orange bottom half. Perfect for toddler bath time, this musical toy will make bath sessions fun with its colorful notes above it. A delightful addition to any toddler bath toys collection.

Little Boat Train

A set of six colorful plastic toy boats is stacked. The boats are in six different colors: purple, yellow, orange, blue, green, and pink. Designed as toddler bath toys, they are perfect for children to enjoy during bath time or water play.

Shark Sea Spinner Bath Toy

A grey, cartoonish shark with a smiling face is inside a blue inflatable swim ring, resembling the perfect toddler bath toy. The shark has small fins and a white belly. The image is set on a plain white background.

Zoo Stack and Pour Buckets

A group of five colorful plastic pails arranged in a playful manner, perfect as toddler bath toys. Each pail features a different design: ladybug on pink, owl on blue, monkey on brown, bee on yellow, and dog on light blue. The pails have matching handles and cheerful expressions.

Splish, splash, we are having a blast! I love these toy options to keep bath time exciting. From boats and squirters to bubbles and buckets, my son loves all of these fun options. These options are especially important if you have a toddler who resists a dreaded bath! Making bath time more about playing will encourage them to look forward to getting clean!


Toddler-Friendly Shampoo and Body Wash

Dreamy Lavender Shampoo + Body Wash

Image of

Wash and Moisture Set

The image shows three Pipette brand baby skincare products, perfect for a toddler bath. From left to right: Baby Shampoo + Wash in a pump bottle (354 ml), Baby Lotion in a squeeze tube (177 ml), and a small jar of cream (85 g). All items are in green containers, ideal companions for your toddler bath toys.

Starter Kit

A baby personal care gift set from Noodle & Boo in a white box with a pink checkered bottom edge. Includes Soothing Body Wash, Extra Gentle Shampoo, and Super Soft Lotion. Each bottle is marked with a small icon: a duck, a heart, and a teddy bear, respectively. Perfect for enhancing your toddler's bath time experience.

Hair Bundle

Three Tubby Todd bath products, perfect for a toddler bath, are displayed against a white background. From left to right: Hair & Body Wash in an 8.5 fl oz pump bottle, Conditioner in an 8 fl oz squeeze tube, and Detangler in an 8.5 fl oz spray bottle.

Tear Free Shampoo + Body Wash

Two bottles of Hello Bello Premium Shampoo & Body Wash are shown. The purple bottles with white caps and pumps feature a boat and fish design, ideal for toddler baths. They are labeled as plant-based, hypoallergenic, tear-free, and made with natural extracts.

Fragrance Free Shampoo + Body Wash

Three bottles of Babyganics shampoo and body wash with a foaming pump. Each bottle has a green cap, white base, and colorful illustrations. The product is fragrance-free, perfect for a toddler bath, and each bottle contains 16 fl oz (473 ml).

Puracy Bubble Bath

A bottle of Puracy Baby Bubble Bath, Lavender & Vanilla variant. The label has an illustration of an elephant blowing bubbles, perfect for playful toddler bath times. It is tear-free, everyday gentle, hypoallergenic, and naturally plant-derived. The 12 fl. oz. (355 ml) bottle ensures plenty of fun with toddler bath toys.

Puracy Baby Shampoo and Body Wash (Two-Pack)

Two bottles of Puracy Natural Baby Shampoo & Body Wash are shown, perfect for a soothing toddler bath. Each bottle is 16 fl oz (473 ml) with a clear liquid inside. Labels display a green tree, product name, and

Although there is lots of fun to be had, let’s not forget about the real purpose of the bath…getting clean! Kid-friendly shampoo, conditioner, and body wash are a must-have when it comes to toddler tub time. A bath bundle that includes everything you need is a great way to get started. Tear-free and fragrance-free options are a must for those kiddos with sensitive skin and eyes.


Toddler Bath Towels and Washcloths

Hooded Towel and Washcloth Set

A hooded baby towel featuring a green tropical leaf print on a white background. The towel has a light green border, includes a small square washcloth attached near the top, and is perfect for toddler bath time.

Dinosaur Hooded Towel

A green hooded towel designed to resemble a dinosaur, perfect for toddler bath time. The towel features a triangular black and white face with two eyes, a nose, and two white horn-shaped cloth pieces. The hood also has black spikes on top. It's partially open and pairs well with toddler bath toys.

Unicorn Hooded Towel

A folded children's blanket with orange and white stripes is shown. The blanket, perfect after a toddler bath, has an attached hood designed to look like a giraffe's head, complete with ears, a face, and small fabric ossicones.

Kids Hooded Towel

A rolled-up grey baby blanket with a hood, featuring an embroidered design on the hood. Perfect for after a toddler bath, the blanket is secured with a grey ribbon which has

Lil Robe

A child wearing a white bathrobe with a hood stands barefoot against a plain white background. The bathrobe is tied at the waist with a belt. Holding a few toddler bath toys, the child appears to be looking straight ahead with a neutral expression.

Bamboo Hooded Towel

A toddler, wrapped in a white towel with a hood designed to look like a bear's face and ears, stands with short hair on a plain white background. The towel has a tag at the bottom edge, reminiscent of cozy moments after their favorite toddler bath.

Bathing Mitt Set

The image displays five adorable animal-shaped bath mitts, perfect as toddler bath toys. They include a green frog, a yellow chicken, a pink cat, a purple owl, and a dark blue penguin. Each mitt features a textured oval on the front for effective scrubbing during toddler bath time.

Organic Cotton Wash Cloths

A pack of six gray Burt's Bees Baby washcloths made of 100% organic cotton, each measuring 9

Innobaby Silicone Bath Scrub

A toddler is sitting in a bubble bath holding a blue fish-shaped bath toy. An adult's hand appears in the corner, assisting the child. The toddler is looking down at the toy with a calm expression, enjoying their time with the toddler bath toys.

Your toddler will be having so much fun with all of these bath essentials that they may not want to get out. But, once it is time for the bath to end, a cozy towel is the perfect way to lure them out of the tub. My son loves to be wrapped up in a hooded towel. We love the animal options with coordinating washcloths as well as the fish bath scrub for scrubbing down!


Bath Storage

Stowaway Bath Toy Bucket

A gray storage bucket filled with various colorful toy figures, including a sun, a monkey, a bee, and other animal shapes, sits inside a blue drip tray. The bucket has a handle and seems perfect for organizing toddler bath toys.

Mesh Bath Toy Organizer

Two mesh storage bags are hanging from suction cups, each containing toddler bath toys. One bag holds bath essentials, while the other is filled with colorful rubber ducks and other animal toys. Below the bags, vibrant foam letters and numbers are neatly arranged for endless fun during toddler bath time.

Stand-Up Bath Toy Bin

A white and gray plastic container with a handle, perfect for storing toddler bath toys. It features small circular holes on one side for ventilation or drainage and has a rectangular opening near the top for carrying. The lower part is gray and appears detachable or removable.

Hanging Bath Toy Storage

A gray and white bath toy organizer hangs on a wall with suction cups. Perfect for holding toddler bath toys, the mesh pocket accommodates a yellow rubber duck, a small cow, and other colorful items. Designed to keep your toddler's bath neat and fun, it's both tidy and easily accessible.

Frog Bath Toy Scoop

A yellow-green frog-shaped bath toy storage unit is mounted on the wall, perfect for organizing toddler bath toys. The frog has various cut-outs in different shapes and colors. A purple bath sponge hangs from its bottom right foot, with several small toys visible inside.

KidCo Bath Toy Storage Basket

A white over-the-tub storage caddy containing colorful foam letters, toddler bath toys like a plastic duck, a blue washcloth, shampoo bottles, and other bath items. The caddy is placed across a white bathtub with a silver faucet.

Once you have all these fun toys to play with during your toddler’s bath time, you will need a place to store them! These options can hold toys, soap, and whatever else you need to store. I also love having storage with holes to promote drying to help prevent toys from mildewing. Various great options hold quite a few toys without taking up much space!

While your toddler focuses on splashing and playing, get to bathing them right away. Once they’re squeaky clean, you can decide whether to let them play for a few more minutes. Finally, never leave your tot unattended in the bath. Ever. Your toddler is more independent now than ever, but he should be left alone in the tub under no circumstances due to slipping and drowning hazards. It’s just not a risk worth taking; even if you think you only need to step away for a minute, don’t! What is your favorite part of tub time with your tot? I’ve got to admit, even though I miss that baby shampoo smell, these days couldn’t get any sweeter!

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