Toddler Tub Time Essentials

Toddler Tub Time Essentials | Baby Chick

Toddler Tub Time Essentials

Remember that sweet, powdery fresh scent of a newborn straight out of the tub? The heartwarming snuggles you’d get from your just-bathed baby, bundled in a warm, plush, hooded towel? I know I do! Bath time with toddlers looks a tad bit different. We’ve officially put away our favorite Puj infant tub, and traded those snuggles for splashes! Luckily for us, some of our favorite bath time brands are growing right alongside us — and I’ve rounded up everything you need to transition your little bathing beauty’s routine into toddlerhood.

Safety first!

Protecting our precious tots is imperative at bath time. This adorable elephant spout cover and these colorful, anti-slip bath treads are both stylish and functional. The perfect addition to my little guys’ bathroom.

Toddler tub time, Puj, Spout cover, Tub safety

Toddler tub time, Puj, Tub treds, Bath time safety, Bath time favorites

Brush up!

Our favorite place to brush tiny teeth is in the tub. It’s fantastic because we are able to let them practice learning to brush independently, and we don’t have to worry too much about them making a mess. Our favorite toothbrush for toddlers is the WooBamboo Toothbrush. And a fun toothpaste to try is the delicious (and all-natural) Jack n’ Jill Paste. Our favorite is the strawberry.

Toddler tub time, Woobamboo, Honest Company bubble bath, Jack N' Jill toothpaste

Scrub down!

Honest Company makes the most delicious smelling and gentle bubble bath for toddlers. The scent reminds me of an orange creamsicle, and I love that I can trust that the ingredients are of the absolute best quality.

Rinse off!

These Puj PhillUp Cups are so handy to have around the house, but for now I find them to be the most useful in the tub as rinsing cups. When my kiddos no longer need them in the bathroom, they can easily be moved and repurposed into a crayon holder in their art room, or of course, as drinking cups in the kitchen!

Toddler tub time, Puj, PhillUp cups, Rinse cups, Bath time favorites

Now that you have everything you need for your tot’s tub time, here are a few tips to make the transition a fun and fabulous milestone for both mama and child!

  1. If you have a toddler who protests bath time, take along some toys to the tub to make the experience more enjoyable. Think outside the bathroom when it comes to tub toys: a colander and funnels from the kitchen are bound to make a splash!
  2. Keep it short and sweet! While your toddler is focused on splashing, get to business bathing them right away. Once they’re squeaky clean you can decide (based on their disposition) whether or not to let them soak a few more minutes. Just remember that extended bath times can sometimes lead to dry skin which brings me to my next tip!
  3. Don’t forget to use moisturizer on your toddler. Sometimes after the newborn days, in an attempt to simplify the nightly routine, we skip this step. But I highly recommend you stick with it. Additionally, a moisturizing massage might be the ticket to a more relaxed — thus more sleepy — toddler!
  4. Last but not least, never leave your tot unattended in the bath. Ever. Your toddler is more independent now than he has ever been, but he should under no circumstances be left alone in the tub due to slipping and drowning hazards. It’s just not a risk worth taking; even if you think you only need to step away for a minute, don’t!

What is your favorite part of tub time with your tot? I’ve got to admit, even though I miss that baby shampoo smell, these days couldn’t get any sweeter!

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