How STEM Learning Starts at Birth – Podcast Ep 22 - Baby Chick

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How STEM Learning Starts at Birth – Podcast Ep 22

parentingUpdated April 10, 2021

by Nina Spears

The Baby Chick®: Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Expert


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All of us parents have heard about STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) learning. But did you know that STEM and language skills start with babies? It’s essential for us to encourage this type of learning early on with our babies. There are certain things that we can do as parents to help. Today, I’m chatting with Dr. Aimee Ketchum, a pediatric occupational therapist and owner of Aimee’s Babies, a child development company and the creator of STEM Starts Now, a digital subscription program for parents of young children to help with early child development and kindergarten readiness. She explains why it’s critical for us to promote STEM learning to our babies early in life and how to do that.

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