The NEW Luna Battery Operated Breast Pump from Motif Review
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The NEW Luna Battery Operated Breast Pump from Motif Review

Motif has recently launched their new Luna battery-powered breast pump and we got to try it! Here is our full review.

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Published July 20, 2020

by Nina Spears

The Baby Chick®: Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Expert

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Clients frequently ask me about my take on the latest and greatest mom and baby products. I am often asked which are the best breast pumps available and eligible through insurance. One of my favorite breast pumps is the Luna double electric breast pump from Motif (read our full review of the Luna double electric breast pump from Motif). Well, Motif recently announced that they have a brand new battery-powered version of the Luna now available! I had to try it out to see if there are any differences compared to their original Luna pump and to see how well it works!

Close up of the Motif Luna battery-powered breast pump

A Postpartum Doula’s Review of the New Luna Battery-Powered Breast Pump

When I first received the pump, I checked out all of the pump parts to see what it comes with. When you order yours you will receive:

  • (2) 24mm breast shields
  • (2) 28 mm breast shields
  • (2) silicone valves
  • (2) backflow protectors
  • (2) tubing
  • (2) milk collection containers
  • (2) milk collection container caps
  • (2) milk collection container covers
  • (2) milk collection container disks
  • (2) bottle nipples
  • (1) power adapter

What I like about the pump:

Here are the first things that I noticed when I first got the new Luna battery-powered double electric breast pump.

Lightweight & Modern Design

I don’t want a heavy breast pump, especially if it is battery-operated, for me to transport and use on the go. This pump weighs just 2 pounds for easy mobility and can be thrown in almost any diaper bag. I also think it’s sleek, modern, and beautiful. It’s not an eyesore sitting in your house or office.

Rechargeable Battery-Powered

With this pump, you are no longer limited to pumping wherever there is an outlet. You can pump in the car or anywhere on the go and still receive the amazing benefits of a strong, double-electric breast pump.

Easy to Assemble

I was able to easily put the pump pieces together in under a minute. If you are familiar with how pumps typically operate, this Luna double electric breast pump is very intuitive. And if you are unsure, instructions are included to help you set it up.

Close up of the Motif Luna battery-powered breast pump

Quick Recharge

I plugged in the breast pump and discovered that it only needed 2.5 hours to fully charge. Once it was charged and I put all of the included items together, I started checking out the system.

Closed System

I love that the Luna breast pump has backflow protection. This helps keep the motor and tubing clean, which prevents contamination and damage to the motor.

Backlit LCD screen

Moms are tired, so we need things to be easy to see and read. I appreciate that Motif has an easy-to-read screen on this pump so I don’t have to strain my eyes to see what’s on the screen.

Close up of the Motif Luna battery-powered breast pump

Quiet Motor

A lot of breast pumps have a loud and obnoxious sound when you are trying to extract breast milk. I liked that when I turned it on it was very quiet, almost like a purr. I checked on the noise level, and Motif says that it’s a quiet, 43-decibel hum. If you need to pump in the middle of the night, this pump will not wake your baby or partner!

Night Light

Speaking of night wakings, I noticed that the pump has a built-in LED night light with three different settings. Just press the button to select the right setting for you. This comes in handy for night pumping. Having this night light allows you to see what you are doing, but you don’t have to turn on any of your house lights and potentially wake the sleeping baby or the rest of the family.

Auto Shut-Off

Sometimes new moms aren’t sure how long they should pump for. While I recommend moms pump no more than 20 minutes per breast, it isn’t unheard of for moms to fall asleep while pumping. I like how the Motif Luna has an auto shut-off feature that turns the pump off after 30 minutes of use. Super handy!

Covered by Insurance

Many women will only look at breast pump options that are covered by their insurance. Luckily, this new Luna battery-powered breast pump is covered by most insurance plans.


The Motif Luna comes with a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty for the main pump and a 90-day warranty for its components.

Now I needed to see how well this pump worked for a breastfeeding mama.

A postpartum doula sitting on the bed with her new mom client helping her with breast pump tips.

Since I am not currently breastfeeding, I had one of my postpartum doula clients test it out. She recently gave birth to her fourth baby, so she is a busy mama! She needs a pump that will help her along her breastfeeding journey and make pumping easier for her. I thought this new Luna double electric breast pump with a rechargeable battery could be a perfect fit for her because I knew that the original Luna pump helped moms get more milk in less time.

Postpartum doula holding the Motif Luna breast pump and baby while she explains things to her doula client.

After taking it home and testing it, she immediately messaged me saying:

Holy cow! I only pumped for 3 minutes and got 4 ounces using the Motif Luna breast pump! I am shocked I didn’t have to sit here for 15 minutes to get that. It has a very strong suction, but not uncomfortable!

I was overjoyed to hear this because I know every minute counts as a mother. Her news didn’t surprise me, though, because a recent comparison study conducted by C+R Research found that 5 out of 6 moms got more milk in less time with the Luna breast pump, and 9 out of 10 moms preferred the Luna over their current pump. Here’s the link to the full study.

Busy Mom of 4 Testing the NEW Luna Breast Pump with Rechargeable Battery

After my client had tested the Luna battery-powered breast pump for a few weeks, here is what she had to say about it.

Mom holding her baby while sitting in bed.

“As a mom of 4, all being 6 and under, I am needed and pulled in many directions at any given moment. Making meals, cleaning up, changing diapers, entertaining, pick-ups and drop-offs, and overall managing a household. I wanted to give my fourth child the same experience of breastfeeding as I did my other three children. This is why having a good breast pump is essential for me.

When I received the Motif Luna breast pump, I was pleasantly surprised that I could pump and get the same amount of milk as my other pumps but in less than half of the time! That means I have more of my time freed up to help my family. Also, with it being battery-operated, I have been able to pump in the laundry room while folding clothes and on my way to pick up my kids from school. Luna’s battery runs the pump for over two hours between charges. That means the battery life has lasted more than a week for me. The other battery-operated pumps that I’ve tried only got two uses before they needed to be recharged.”

Mom using her Motif Luna breast pump while sitting in bed and looking at her phone.

“I also currently share a room with our new baby. The night light on the battery-powered Motif Luna helps with seeing, but not disturbing my baby. The pump is also very quiet compared to other popular breast pump models. I absolutely love the Luna and will recommend this pump to any working, or just busy, mom!”

Needless to say, I was thrilled for my doula client. She even told me that she will be getting rid of her other breast pumps and keeping the Motif Luna.

Baby laying on a bed next to the Motif Luna breast pump.

Final Thoughts

Now that Luna comes in a rechargeable battery-powered version, you can receive the amazing benefits of getting more milk in less time while pumping on the go. This pump is perfect for busy moms and working moms. You will receive hospital-grade suction and ease of use while remaining active and not having to worry about being tied to a wall.

Motif Luna breast pump box
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