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Motif Luna + Motif Aura: The Perfect Pumping Pair

Motif Medical is a favorite of ours for its quality breast pumps for modern moms like the Motif Luna and Motif Aura.

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Published July 19, 2023

Motif Medical is a favorite of ours for its quality, user-friendly, sophisticated breast pumps for modern moms like the Motif Luna and Motif Aura. Our Editor-in-Chief, Nina Spears — The Baby Chick®, has been recommending their products to her clients for years and used them herself when she exclusively pumped for her second child. Motif offers top-notch options that make the pumping journey as smooth as possible. They aim to support parents on their feeding journey – whatever that may look like.

Whether you’re a pumping mom or are weighing your pumping options, we suggest considering the perfect pair — the Motif Luna and the Motif Aura. Keeping up with the demands of motherhood, including supplying the milk your little one needs, can feel overwhelming. Thankfully, this duo makes the perfect pair for pumping moms because one is the powerful primary pump that every mother needs, and the other is a convenient, wearable secondary pump that allows moms to live their busy lives and pump when needed. Here’s what makes each pump so spectacular — individually and when used together.

Hands holding the Motif Luna pumping parts


Motif Luna Breast Pump

This double electric breast pump is Motif’s flagship pump. We’ve been raving about this pump for a long time. The Motif Luna is sophisticated, strong, and soothing. Available in both battery-powered and non-battery versions, the Motif Luna is a powerful pump built for modern motherhood. This pump has been proven to provide excellent output in a shorter time. It’s a perfect choice for use as a primary breast pump!

What’s Included

What's included in the Motif Luna box

Here’s what’s included with the Motif Luna breast pump.

  • (1) Luna breast pump (non-battery or battery-powered)
  • (2) 24 mm breast shields
  • (2) 28 mm breast shields
  • (2) Valves
  • (2) Diaphragms
  • (2) Tubes
  • (2) Milk collection containers
  • (2) Milk collection container caps
  • (2) Milk collection container covers
  • (2) Milk collection container discs
  • (2) Bottle nipples
  • (1) Power adapter

What We Love About the Luna Breast Pump

Here are the top six reasons we love and recommend the Luna breast pump from Motif.

1. The Motif Luna Features a Sleek, Lightweight Design and Quiet Motor

Mom pumping while reading a book in her bathrobe.

The Motif Luna is sleek and modern compared to other electric breast pumps. It is aesthetically pleasing, not too bulky, and, at just 2 pounds, simple to carry from one room to the next. In addition, it has a quiet, 43-decibel hum, so you can rest assured you won’t wake your sleeping baby if you’re pumping while they nap (or throughout the night).

2. Motif Luna Has a Closed System

This pump has a closed system for backflow protection, keeping the motor and tubing clean and preventing contamination. This is super important when protecting the milk your little one consumes.

3. It Has Massage Mode and Expression Mode

Hand changing the cycles on the Motif Luna

The Motif Luna has both massage and expression modes for maximum efficiency. The massage mode — which utilizes fast cycles and a low vacuum — stimulates milk flow by mimicking a baby’s nursing pattern. The expression mode expresses flowing milk faster and stronger with slower cycles and a higher vacuum.

4. The Motif Luna Can Be Used on the Go

Working mom on the phone working on her computer while pumping

Whether you’re pumping at home, at work, or wherever else your day-to-day takes you, the battery-powered model of this pump provides more than two hours of pumping time per charge (and it can be used while plugged in and charging, if needed!). This makes keeping up with your regular pumping schedule a breeze.

5. It’s User-Friendly and Straightforward

We find the Motif Luna intuitive to use, even for beginners. We love how it features a light-up LCD screen to showcase features and functions, allowing you to track how long you’ve been pumping and your pumping mode and level. It also includes a night light with three brightness settings.

6. The Motif Luna is Strong and Powerful

Mom repositioning her pump flange. There is breastmilk in the pumping container. She is sitting in a glider.

Ideally suited for any pumping mom, the Motif Luna is a powerful machine. It boasts a suction strength of 280 mmHg and can be used in 10 massage and expression modes, yielding a customizable pumping session for maximum output. In addition, it allows for double or single pumping, so you can pump on one side while nursing your little one on the other.

Motif Luna is the Perfect Primary Pump

Mom holding her baby in one hand and pumping on the opposite breast

So many factors make the Motif Luna an incredible option for you to use as your primary breast pump. It’s sophisticated, strong, and soothing, allowing you to pump easily and efficiently. In a study done by Motif Medical, 90% of women preferred this pump to others. Motif Medical offers excellent products for modern moms, and the Luna is a superb choice for meeting your typical, regular pumping needs. You can learn more about it and order yours here. And, if you pair the Motif Luna with the Aura, you’ll really be set up for success in your pumping journey. Here’s why.

Motif Aura Breast Pump

The Motif Aura box opened

The hands-free, wearable Motif Aura breast pump is a total game changer when used as a secondary pump with the Motif Luna. The Motif Aura is an ideal wireless and wearable pump to complement the Motif Luna when you need more flexibility.

What’s Included

Everything that comes with the Motif Aura laid out on a white counter

Here’s what’s included with the Motif Aura.

  • (2) Hands-free pumps
  • (2) Diaphragms
  • (2) 29 mm breast shields
  • (2) 21 mm silicone inserts
  • (2) 24 mm silicone inserts
  • (2) 28 mm silicone inserts
  • (2) Valves
  • (2) 150 ml bottles
  • (2) Bottle caps
  • (2) Bottle nipples
  • (2) Bottle rings
  • (2) DC5V, 2A power adapters
  • (2) USB-C cables
  • (1) User manual

The Motif Aura is hands-free, powerful, and discreet. It’s made to fit in your bra, giving you plenty of room to multitask like moms do — all while pumping. You can use this pump with the Motif Medical app to control settings and log pumping sessions. Adding the Motif Aura as a secondary pump to the Motif Luna makes sense for the perfect combination of power and convenience.

What We Love About the Motif Aura

Here are our five top reasons we love the Motif Aura.

1. It’s Completely Wearable, Hands-Free, and Comfortable

Mom looking back while sitting in her car as she is backing out. She is pumping with her Motif Aura wearable pump.

While the Motif Luna is an excellent choice for a primary breast pump, the Motif Aura adds a much-appreciated luxury of unparalleled convenience. The pump is completely wearable and hands-free, which takes the meaning of “on-the-go” pumping to a whole new level. It’s also perfect for short-duration travel or whenever it’s not as easy to take along your Motif Luna. It’s surprisingly lightweight and comfortable, weighing less than half a pound.

2. The Motif Aura is Simple to Take Apart, Clean, and Put Back Together

Some wearable pumps are complicated to handle, with numerous small pieces, but the Motif Aura is simple to take apart, clean, and reassemble. It can even be washed by soaking in hot, soapy water, which comes in handy on extra-crammed days when simplicity makes all the difference. In addition, it features a closed system to ensure your baby continues to receive non-contaminated breast milk.

3. Motif Aura Has Modes and You Can Use It for Single or Double Pumping

Mom doing dishes while pumping with her Motif Aura pump

Like the Motif Luna, the Motif Aura has various levels to choose from in either massage or expression mode. Furthermore, as each of the two breast pumps included with the Motif Aura has its own motor, you can use different settings for each breast. This is a huge perk when pinpointing which settings you respond best to on both sides and can make a significant difference in ensuring optimal milk flow.

4. You Can Control and Log Pumping Sessions in the App

The Motif Aura is easy enough to use as it is, but it also works seamlessly with the (optional) Motif Medical app. The app lets you control your pump settings and log session information, ensuring you won’t fall off your regular pumping schedule when temporarily swapping out your Motif Luna for the Motif Aura.

5. The Motif Aura is Made with the Modern On-the-Go Mom in Mind

Mom pushing the stroller outside while pumping with her wearable Motif Aura pump

The Motif Aura is just the right secondary breast pump for the modern busy mom, providing efficiency, comfort, and convenience when filling in any gaps that a more traditional breast pump might bring. We think it’s the perfect companion to the Motif Luna. You can learn more about it and order yours here.

Every pumping mom knows how important it is to have reliable equipment and options for flexibility when it comes to navigating a successful pumping journey. Moms want to meet their pumping goals and provide the milk their little ones need. Motif Medical offers the perfect solution with its sophisticated, powerful, double electric breast pump – the Motif Luna – and its incredibly convenient, comfortable wearable pump – the Motif Aura. When used together as a pump pair, the Motif Luna and Motif Aura help mothers reach their pumping goals more easily.

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