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The Luna from Motif Breast Pump Review

We've tested out the Luna breast pump from Motif Medical and are sharing our experience and what you need to know.

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Published June 10, 2019

by Nina Spears

The Baby Chick®: Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Expert

As a postpartum doula one of the main things and most requested topics that I work on with new moms is breastfeeding. We go over how to get a good latch, nursing positions, as well as how to pump. Over the years I’ve seen and have worked with a lot of different breast pumps. When I heard about the new breast pump from Motif Medical called the Luna I was interested and excited to check it out. As a professional in the baby world, I like to see how each breast pump works, how easy they are to assemble and use, and how good they are at performing their job before I recommend them to moms. I had heard good things about the Luna pump, but I wanted to put it to the test. I got to check it out with a postpartum doula client of mine and we are sharing her personal experience as a breastfeeding mother and my professional opinion as a postpartum doula. Here’s our review of the Luna breast pump from Motif.

The Luna breast pump from Motif Medical
The new Luna breast pump from Motif Medical.

Motif Luna Breast Pump Review

When we received the product in the mail, we saw that it included:

  • (2) 24mm Breast Shields
  • (2) Silicone Valves
  • (2) Backflow Protectors
  • (2) Tubing
  • (2) Milk Collection Containers
  • (2) Milk Collection Container Caps
  • (2) Milk Collection Container Covers
  • (2) Milk Collection Container Disks
  • (2) Bottle Nipples
  • (1) Power Adapter
The new Luna breast pump from Motif Medical.
NEW: The Luna from Motif Breast Pump Review | Baby Chick

Pretty Design

One of the first things that I noticed was the sleek design. Let’s be honest, some pumps can be an eyesore. Some look like a box of plastic that hasn’t been updated since your mother had a breast pump. This breast pump is actually pretty. It has a more updated and modern design with a pop of teal. It’s made for this generation of moms.

Easy Assembly

To start pumping, all we had to do was plug in the power adapter to the pump, connect the tubbing to the backflow protectors and the pump, attach those protectors to the breast shields, attach the silicone valves to the bottom of the breast shields, and screw on the milk collection container. It may sound like a lot but it took me less than a minute to do. We like that there aren’t any confusing pieces and it’s easy for moms to assemble.

Postpartum doula showing a mom how to assemble the Luna breast pump from Motif Medical.

Intuitive Design

When starting the pump we discovered that it has a very intuitive design and is simple to use. We love that it provides a lot of pumping customization options. With a press of a button you can adjust the suction level and cycles individually to your preference and comfort level. The instructions that come with the pump are also easy to follow if you need more guidance.

Adjusting the levels on the Motif Luna breast pump.

Easy to Read

What’s really nice is that the Luna pump has a night light, which my client said is an amazing feature. The LED night light has three different settings which is perfect for pumping at night. It also has a backlit LCD screen. This screen makes it so much easier on your eyes to read–daytime or nighttime.


One of our favorite things about the Motif Luna is how quiet it is when pumping. It’s not completely silent but it is so much quieter than other pumps. My client has been able to pump next to her sleeping daughter without waking her which is a win! She’s also a working mom and has been able to pump at her desk without her coworkers noticing. Any other pump you would definitely be able to hear what’s going on. We absolutely prefer this whisper versus the OTHER sound pumps make. We all know that sound. 😉

Mom with her postpartum doula and daughter using the Motif Luna breast pump.
Mom with her postpartum doula and daughter using the Motif Luna breast pump.
Mom with her postpartum doula and daughter using the Motif Luna breast pump.

You Get More Milk in Less Time

We wanted to see how well this pump worked and wow! It quickly gets the job done! My client pumped equal amounts of milk in 1/4 less time — 5 oz per side in 8 minutes versus 10-12 minutes with other pumps. Incredible! Any pumping mom will tell you that the more time you can save and the faster you can pump the better. This point alone is reason enough why I would get this pump!

Memory Mode

My client loves that the Luna remembers what her previous pump settings were. The Memory Mode allows you to select your preferred setting for the best mode for you. This way you don’t have to fiddle around and change the level and suction each time you turn it on. This saves you more time!

The Luna from Motif
The Luna breast pump from Motif Medical.

Closed System

What’s also nice about the Luna breast pump is that it’s a closed system. That means that there is backflow protection which keeps milk from getting into the tubes and the motor. This ultimately prevents destroying your breast pump and, even worse, bacteria infecting your breast milk! Thankfully this pump also comes with a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty for the main pump and a 90-day warranty for the components.

Automatic Feature

I really like how the pump automatically turns off after 30 minutes of use. It’s actually better for moms to nurse or pump more frequently throughout the day in shorter sessions than feed or pump for longer sessions less frequently. This helps stimulate and build your milk supply. This auto turn-off feature reminds moms that they should be done with your pumping session if they happen to doze off (been there) or is distracted with work (or social media) if they’re pumping hands-free.

Postpartum doula sitting with a mom showing her how to use the breast pump.

Single or Double Pump

Whether you only need to pump one breast or both, you can pump how you want with this breast pump. If baby wants to nurse on one side while you pump on the other or you need to double pump, you can with the Luna from Motif!


This breast pump is very lightweight–only weighing 2 pounds. Its compact design allows you to easily bring it with you in your bag and have it at work, on vacation, or wherever you need to go. We do wish that it was wireless, but that doesn’t stop us! When you are getting more milk in less time, you’ll definitely bring this pump with you anytime you need to pump.

Mom with her daughter while she is using her breast pump.
Mom with her daughter while she is using her breast pump.

Overall we give this pump two thumbs up! I particularly love that they made this high-quality pump at a lower price and that families can be eligible to receive the Luna through insurance. Motif Medical really listened to mother’s needs and made a great pump for all moms.

If you’re interested in a battery-operated breast pump, read our review of the Luna battery-operated breast pump.

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