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10 Postpartum Period Perks of Mom Life That I Miss

A mom shares 10 postpartum period perks she misses, such as getting to wear pajamas all day and having bigger boobs.

Published August 31, 2023 Opinion

Carrying and delivering a baby is no joke. And while the postpartum period can be incredibly tough on new moms, too, I’d be lying if I said there weren’t also some pretty awesome parts of life as a mom in the first few months after having a fresh baby.

While I was glad to move past the days characterized by fluctuating hormones, hair loss, and near-total sleep deprivation, here are 10 perks of postpartum mom life that I miss.

10 Postpartum Period Perks of Mom Life That I Miss

1. Getting to Wear Pajamas All Day

Or lounge clothes. Or whatever I felt like, and not feeling bad about it. Sure, I might still be sporting my yoga pants, bike shorts, and oversized tees a year postpartum. But wearing lounge clothes 24/7 in the early days of being a new mom came with a feeling that they fit the part (because they did).

2. Having Bigger Boobs

After breastfeeding two babies for the past 2.5 years, I’m now a bit more lopsided, droopy, and pancaked-out than I was as a new mom. I know, I know, mothers’ bodies change after having babies. I’ll be honest, though: I miss the bigger, rounder boobs I had before my milk supply regulated – and before my babies made their preferred sides known.

3. Having Guilt-Free Permission to Eat

People tend to show much more concern about making sure new mamas are fed early on in the postpartum period than they do later on down the road. As a breastfeeding mom of two growing and increasingly busy little humans, I’m still just as hungry as I was two weeks into life as a new mom. I miss having permission (and even being encouraged) to feed myself three (or more) times a day – and not just steal a bite of whatever’s left over (and cold) from my toddler’s plate.

4. A Divine First Postpartum Meal

On the topic of food, there’s nothing like that hard-earned first postpartum meal. Whether you opted for something as simple as a Chick-fil-A sandwich or a fancy steak and potatoes dinner, when else do you get to be served whatever mouth-watering dish your heart desires, and right to your bedside?

5. Having Someone Wait On Me During the Postpartum Period

Although I was in rough shape immediately after the deliveries of each of my little ones, I was blessed with the presence of highly attentive, caring hospital staff who made sure I was taken care of. Especially the second time, when my husband was home with our toddler. They were true angels. While I’d wish anyone a smoother recovery than I experienced after my complicated emergency C-section, I miss getting waited on as I did afterward. And thank you to all the incredible nurses who, I’m sure, jump into action just as quickly for any new mom out there.

6. Having Permission to Take It Easy

From not getting behind the wheel to waiting to hit the gym until the doctor gives the thumbs up, the postpartum period – albeit for a short while – encourages new moms to rest and refrain from the hustle and bustle of life. While I certainly don’t take the ability to do whatever I want daily for granted, I miss having permission and being encouraged to take it easy.

7. Family and Friends Checking In During the Postpartum Period

The attention people give new moms is an incredible gift. But that attention and postpartum support fade once the excitement of the new-baby phase wears off. The thing is, though, things don’t settle down for growing families. Moms still need postpartum support and to have someone check in on them as they settle into motherhood – weeks, months, and even years later. I’m always happy to send family and friends updates on my kiddos. But I miss people checking in on me.

8. More Hands On Deck

Villages look different for everyone, but I was grateful to have a handful of core people my husband, children, and I could count on to help keep us afloat throughout my initial postpartum period. It was much easier to ask for help in those early days, and I miss having more hands on deck now and then.

9. Family Time During the Postpartum Period

As a stay-at-home mom whose spouse maintains an unpredictable schedule and is frequently at work at all hours, I miss having him home – around the clock – for the short time I knew he’d be here and nowhere else. Life as a mom of two littles is exciting, but I miss the slower-paced days spent soaking in the everyday moments as a whole family of four.

10. The Magic of Starting a New Journey With My Baby

Every bit of motherhood is a blessing, but I was unprepared for how fast time really flies – especially once the newborn phase is over. Parts of the postpartum period are always a bit of a blur. And downright messy and exhausting, at that. But selfishly, I still miss the magic of those messy, exhausting, short-lived days with my tiny bundle.

The postpartum period for any new mom is a blip that can easily bring about intense emotions and experiences. I don’t miss all of it, but in hindsight, it wasn’t so bad. And if I’m being honest, I do miss these particular perks of postpartum life.

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