5 Postpartum Body Changes You May Not Expect

5 Postpartum Body Changes You May Not Expect | Baby Chick

5 Postpartum Body Changes You May Not Expect

When you are pregnant, your body is undergoing so many changes each day. It’s hard to keep up! But even after baby is born, the body continues to change and for many women. They may see permanent changes to their bodies and minds postpartum. If you are currently pregnant or recently given birth, you are probably already prepared for changing breasts, irregular periods and even hair loss. But what about those postpartum body changes that you aren’t prepared for? We discuss a few here!

Your feet size may change.

My own mother’s feet grew one size with each kid! After two kids, she had to officially throw out all her shoes and start her collection over again. When I was younger, I thought this was crazy but it’s actually extremely common. When we are pregnant, our feet swell and for many women. The ligaments and muscles that swelled never return to their original state. This is also true for your hands. Many new mothers have said that even after all their baby weight has been shed, their extremities like their hands and feet remained at their new, larger size.


 Your hair color may change.

This is true for texture, too. Many moms have reported seeing their bright strands turn a bit darker or even change from super straight to curly seemingly overnight! Hormones may be to blame for the hair change. However, with your body changing so much, it makes sense that your hair would follow suit.

If you are concerned about your hair changing, don’t be! Blondes can keep their hair bright post-baby by seeing a colorist or at-home hair dying. Those who don’t want to reach for chemicals can use a purple shampoo instead, which help to instantly brighten locks with one wash. As far as texture changes, invest in some good hot tools, try out new hairstyles, and embrace the new you! You may come to love your new post-baby look.

You’ll be reaching for more water.

It’s a small change, but after you give birth, you may seem to never quite be able to quench your thirst. For women who are breastfeeding, the thirsty feeling may be intensified even more. This is likely to subside after a few weeks or so, but in the meantime, the best thing you can do is keep water near you at all times! This includes while you are on the run: invest in a water bottle you love and take it with you everywhere. Not only will this keep you from feeling thirsty all the time, but it will keep you and baby extra healthy.


That confused feeling may not go away.

Do you remember that feeling during pregnancy where you were easily forgetting things and seemed to just feel a bit lost? This is a phenomenon called pregnancy brain, but it’s actually not just for pregnancy! Pregnancy brain can live on post-baby for many women—so many in fact, that it has been dubbed “mom brain” instead. Your hormones are raging, your body is changing and you suddenly have this huge responsibility you didn’t have before, so it’s okay for your brain to have a hard time keeping up. If your mom brain gets to be too much, try meditating, taking deep breaths and most of all, giving yourself a break!

Increased fertility.

This is one most new parents don’t even consider. You just had a baby, you aren’t thinking about another one yet! But in fact, after you give birth, your fertility increases and it may actually be easier for you to get pregnant than during your normal cycle. Breastfeeding can suppress this, but for moms who aren’t breastfeeding, it’s important to take precautionary measure to ensure you don’t get pregnant too soon.

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