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Squishy and Sexy: Learning to Love Our Post-Baby Bodies

Sometimes it’s hard to feel beautiful in our post-baby bodies. But that shouldn't be the case. Learn why you are perfect the way you are.

Published November 28, 2016 Opinion

I think we can all agree that pregnancy (and even the birthing process itself) is beautiful. But sometimes, it’s hard to feel beautiful in our post-baby bodies. We often feel more like strangers; everything is foreign, and nothing is where it should be. Many of us are a little bit bigger and squishier than we were when we started, and this can be challenging to make peace with. Loving our new babies is easy. But how do we learn to love this new version of our former selves?

We have to learn to embrace our imperfections wholeheartedly. “Imperfections” like…

Droopier Boobs

Sure, they aren’t nearly as perky as they once were — but who really cares? These droopy boobs sustained and gave life to three beautiful little girls. And I would choose those girls over these “old girls” any day of the week. Pregnancy and breastfeeding have made me appreciate the miracle that is my body like nothing else ever could or ever will. Besides, some procedures can put them back where they belong. Or make them even more fantastic than they were pre-babies. 😉

A Wider Waist

There comes a time and a place when you no longer care what other people think. This begins in the delivery room (with the multitude of strangers checking out your nether regions) and hopefully remains throughout the entirety of your grown adult life. After all, your waist is wider for a good reason. You carried and brought your babies into this world, and your body after baby should make you proud of your accomplishment. And who doesn’t love shopping for a new wardrobe? Let’s be clear; perfection exists in new babies (they are ALL perfect), and that’s about it.

Stretch Marks

One of the most common post-baby body souvenirs. Also, proof positive that you carried a sweet little bundle of joy for nine months. Give yourself a break, you created a HUMAN! You have stretch marks because you have a baby. I’d say that’s a pretty good reason! You are beautiful, you are strong, and you earned those tiger stripes. Rock those stretch marks proudly, mama! And welcome to the sisterhood.

Mommy Brain

Trust us, mommy brain is a real thing.1 Give yourself a break! Motherhood is HARD. It’s a huge life change. Sometimes we all need a little trash TV and a great glass of wine after bedtime. I know I do! You are no less of a woman. You are an enigma. And you are a life force to be reckoned with — eventually, you will feel more like your old self, maybe even more so like your true self. You just have to give yourself adequate time to heal and adjust.

Your children think you are a superhero. Why should we think of ourselves as anything less? As a mom, I recognize that it isn’t about ME anymore. It’s about loving and caring for my babies well. Not that I’m advocating against self-care. For the record, I am not. But it’s okay to be a little less toned; it’s okay to let go of former ideals to allow room for the creation of new ones. Post-baby body happens to every woman and we shouldn’t be ashamed of any of it! Many women say they learn to embrace a much healthier lifestyle post-kids — not only for themselves but also for their families. I’ll admit I am still working on this and hope to make some major strides in the New Year. I hope you will join me! It all starts with self-love.

Remember: you are beautiful and perfect, just the way you are!

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