DIY Valentine’s Day Cards for School

DIY Valentine's Day Cards for School | Baby Chick

DIY Valentine’s Day Cards for School

Here comes Valentine’s Day! Are you ready? I admit I only (finally) put my Christmas tree and decorations away a few short weeks ago. By February first, I am usually ready for a tropical vacation sans children and maybe even husband. (I would settle for a bubble bath, a package of Girl Scout cookies, and a large bottle of wine.)

We don’t really make a huge deal about Valentine’s Day in our house. We usually try to have something special for breakfast (donuts or pink pancakes) and exchange small gifts (candy or fun jewelry and maybe a new stuffed animal for the girls) — but we try to keep things relatively simple. Because with so many gift-giving “holidays” so close in proximity, how much stuff do we really need anyway? But as my girls have gotten a little older, and have started attending school, MDO, and extracurricular activities like dance, I have come to realize that every event and occasion is a cause worth celebrating. And I would never want my kiddos to only be on the receiving end. What does that teach them? But I’m NOT one of those moms who believes in diving headfirst into the deep end. Mostly because I am not particularly creative, and also because my time is limited. These DIY Valentine’s Day Cards are the perfect “craft” for moms like me. Simple, fun, and it doesn’t include candy. Which is ideal because how much candy do they really need anyway?

I am so excited for my Savannah to bring these Valentine’s Day cards to school for her friends! And you can make them, too.


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A package of plastic animals (check your local Dollar Store)
  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • FREE “I Am Wild About You, Valentine” printable from blogger Sarah M Style
  • Colorful crayon (let your kiddo choose)


Here’s how you do it:

  1. Determine how many cards you will need to print (four per page). I recommend printing them on inexpensive card stock (check with your local printing store for pricing). Or you can DIY print at home!
  2. Cut out each card individually and have your little cutie autograph them for his or her classmates, using the crayon of choice.
  3. Using the scissors (or an exacto knife), cut little slits into each of the cards — along the pink markings.
  4. Next, place an animal on the card and strap him down: push the twine through the top hole, then wrap it around the animal, and push it back through the bottom hole to tie him off. Not too tight, or you might bend the cards! You could also substitute dinosaurs for the wild animals. Whatever your kiddo is into is always best.


Happy Valentine’s crafting! What are your littles making for their school and play date friends? We’d love to see!

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