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50+ Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Kids

gift guidesUpdated January 22, 2021


When I was a kid, my mom left Valentine’s Day gifts for me to find at the end of my bed when I woke up on Valentine’s Day morning each year. The presents were usually a cute, new casual outfit and a small, heart-shaped box of chocolates. These surprises always made me feel special and loved.

These days, I like to leave little heart-themed trinkets for my girls in their Valentine envelope-shaped chairbackers that my aunt gave us a few years ago. I typically find fun goodies like cups and pencil toppers in the Target Dollar Spot to fill their chairbackers every morning of the second week of February. It’s so fun to watch my daughters’ eyes light up when they see their surprises like mine did!

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids

Here are some Valentine’s Day gifts for kids that are sure to make your children feel extra special and loved this February!

Arts & Crafts

If your little one likes to do arts & crafts, these are some great options to fill their Valentine’s day basket.

valentines day gifts for kids

Crayons like these stacking heart crayons by Ooly.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids | Baby Chick

Stickers like these Donuts Heart Stickers from WaaHome.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids | Baby Chick

Craft kits like this Valentine’s Craft Kit from Kid Made Modern.

valentines day gifts for kids

Coloring books like this Valentine’s Day Coloring Book for Kids from Be My Love Press.

Pencils with toppers like these Valentine Pencils with Giant Eraser Toppers from Konsait.

Play-Doh Valentines Bag Dough

These Play-Doh packets are another great option!

valentines day gifts for kids

A journal or diary, like this Heart Pattern Shakable Sequin Secret Lock Diary from EverCreatives.

Paint by number kit like this DIY Oil Painting Paint by Number Kit for Kids from Colour Talk.

Or a tie-dye kit like this One-Step Luau Tie-Dye Kit from TULIP.

Books, Puzzles & Games

Add to their library or game collection with these lovable options.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids | Baby Chick

Picture books like Love from the Crayons by Drew Daywalt or Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse! by Laura Numeroff are also great for Valentine’s Day gifts!

Finger puppet books like Little Love Bug by Chronicle Books or I Love You Every Day by Cottage Door Press are adorable for your littlest ones.

valentines day gifts for kids

Little Blue Truck's Valentine

Board books like Llama Llama I Love You by Anna Dewdney and Little Blue Truck’s Valentine by Alice Schertle.

Puzzles like these Magical Unicorn Magnetic Puzzles from Mudpuppy.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids | Baby Chick

Card games like this 6 in 1 Fun Pack from Hoyle.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids | Baby Chick

LEGOs like this LEGO BrickHeadz Valentine’s Puppy Building Kit.

PLUS PLUS – Mini Maker Tube – I Love You Hearts – 70 Piece

Interlocking mini-puzzle blocks like this I Love You mini maker tube from Plus Plus.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids | Baby Chick

Tic Tac Toe game like this Handmade Wooden Tic Tac Toe Game from The StoreKing.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids | Baby Chick

Bookmark like this Tree of Hearts Beaded Bookmark from Peter Pauper Press.

Reading light like this Cute Rechargeable LED Eye-Care Book Light from Vekkia Store.

Hair, Body & Bath Accessories

Here are some cute options for her hair or their bathroom as fun Valentine treats!

Hair clips like these Heart Hair Clips from Lurrose.

Scrunchies like these 4 pack Chiffon Heart Print Hair Scrunchies.

Bubble bath like this Party Aromatherapy Bubble Bath from California Baby.

Bath bombs like this Bath Bombs Gift Set from Aofmee.

Jewelry like this Glitter Heart Chunky Bubblegum Bead Necklace & Bracelet Set.

Nail polish like this Non-Toxic Kids Nail Polish Set from Airdom.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids | Baby Chick

Temporary tattoos like these Valentine’s Day Tattoos from xo, Fetti.

Lip balm like these Lip Butter with Fruit Flavors from Chap Lip.

A cosmetic bag like this Cute Frogs with Hearts Cosmetic Bag from NEWzone.

Hair chalk like this Hair Chalk Set for Girls from GirlZone.

Food & Drink

Whether you make your own delicious treats or enjoy one of these sweets with a cool cup, your kiddo will enjoy the love on Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids | Baby Chick

Cup like this Insulated Hearts Cup with Straw from Simple Modern.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids | Baby Chick

Chocolates like these Milk Chocolate Covered OREO Cookies from Philadelphia Candies.

Cookbooks like this American Girl Parties one from Williams-Sonoma.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids | Baby Chick

Baking supplies like this Kids Baking DIY Cake Pops Kit from BAKETIVITY.

Bendy straws like these Heart-Shaped Party Straws from SITAER.


Want your child to look extra sweet on Valentine’s Day? These options are the cutest!

Valentines Day pajamas

Pajamas like these Valentine pj options from Hanna Andersson.


This adorable knit your love cardigan in pink from Chicwish.


Rain boots like these classic red Hunter boots.


Heart-shaped purse like this one from Janie and Jack.

Valentine socks for little girls

Fun valentine’s day socks like these striped and heart print 3-pack or these sheer heart print socks.


Festive flats for your sweet girl like these heart print bow flats from Janie and Jack.


Swimsuit like this red heart print ruffle 2-piece from Janie and Jack.


If you are looking for something for your little girl to dress up in on Valentine’s Day, this adorable colorblocked quilted heart dress is too precious.


Your little guy can also look snazzy on V-day with this classic heather grey Love You tee.


And don’t forget some dapper red leather boat shoes to finish off your little guy’s look.

Room Accessories

You can also find some things to dress up your child’s room for Valentine’s Day!

Plush Valentine’s Day Hearts Throw Blankets

Plush throw blankets like this red and cream Valentine’s Day one and this pink mini heart one from Target.

Plush Conversation Hearts - Set of 12 Stuffed Valetines Day Toys

Plush conversation hearts like this set of 12 stuffed Valentine’s Day toys from the Fun Express Store.

String lights like these Red Heart Shaped Fairy String Lights with Remote & Timer from BOHON.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids | Baby Chick

Stuffed animals like this Harry Hugglesmore Stuffed Animal Puppy Dog with Hearts from Bearington.

Valentines Felt Garlands

Felt garlands like this Love garland or this Valentine felt ball garland both from Etsy.


valentines day gifts for kids

Thumbtacks like these Polka Dot Heart Creative Colorful Thumbtacks from Yalis.

Outdoor Toys & Accessories

Let your little have fun and stay cool this Valentine’s Day with these gifts!

Bubble wands like these Neon Heart Bubble Wands from SKKSTATIONERY.

Natural Wood Toy Bow and arrows

Let your little one play cupid with this natural wood bow and arrow toy from Etsy.


valentines day gifts for kids

Water bottle like this Stainless Steel Hearts Tumbler from Simple Modern.

Kids sunglasses for Valentines Day

Sunglasses like these red kids sunglasses or pink heart-shaped sunglasses or these red heart-shaped glasses.

These Valentine’s Day gifts for kids are sure to make your little one feel the love.

Valentine's Day gifts for kids collage

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