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32 Best Valentine’s Day Books for Kids

Do you love giving books that match the season to your kids? Here are some Valentine's Day Books for Kids they'll love!

Updated July 7, 2023

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It’s almost time for hugs and kisses! The day we celebrate love, Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. One of my favorite things to do each holiday is add books to the bookcase in his room, matching the month’s theme. There are so many precious Valentine’s Day books for kids. It would be fun to give your children a valentine’s gift basket with a few of these books to enjoy leading up to the holiday!

A fun way to enjoy them as a family would be to choose one to read nightly before bed. You could also build a fort using pillows and blankets to read them in. Read about Valentine’s Day with your favorite childhood characters like Clifford, Baby Shark, Arthur, Berenstain Bears, Pete The Cat, and more! I’m sharing all my favorite Valentine’s Day books for kids that you can add to your library and cozy up with your kiddos to read.

Valentine’s Day Books for Kids

1. Love From The Very Hungry Caterpillar

LOVE spelled out with a caterpillar on the L

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Short, sweet, but full of love! These beautiful illustrations from Eric Carle will draw you in.

2. Love From The Crayons

Crayons around a piece of paper that says LOVE From the Crayons
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Perfect for teaching and reinforcing colors for toddlers! A great message about loving everyone no matter what.

3. Disney Baby, My First Valentine’s Day

Mickey, Minnie, and Dumbo surrounded by hearts
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An excellent Valentine’s Day book for babies! It will appeal to their kinesthetic side since each page has touch and feel. The Disney characters add to the fun!

4. Happy Valentine’s Day, Little Critter

Two animals standing in front of a heart holding cards and looking at one another
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One of my favorite children’s series growing up was Little Critter. Cute stories and illustrations that always have a good moral. This book includes flaps the reader can pull back to reveal Valentine’s Day surprises!

5. Happy Valentine’s Day, Curious George

Curious George holding up a giant heart card
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A classic children’s storybook character: Curious George! This book also includes liftable flaps that surprise the reader with various elements.

6. Little Blue Truck Valentine’s Day

Little Blue Truck
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This beloved series is a current favorite of my son’s! It has such fun, colorful illustrations and includes a large gatefold at the end of the story.

7. Baby Shark Valentine’s Day

Baby Shark holding a heart next to a fish
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Baby Shark is a big deal at our home! This is less of a story and more of an interactive craft book and includes stickers, cards, and a paper fortune teller you can make.

8. I Love You

Two bunnies kissing
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The sweetest touch-and-feel board book. Nothing says love like baby animals!

9. Huggy Kissy

A baby hugging a dog and getting kissed by the dog
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Is there anything more adorable than a baby and a dog together?! This board book has both! Simple enough to keep babies and toddlers engaged.

10. Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse!

A mouse standing next to a heart with confetti
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Join Mouse and all his friends for a Valentine’s Day you won’t forget! Each Valentine in the story represents one of his friends and what he loves most about them, giving it a personal touch.

11. I Ruff You

A dog with a heart nose and blue eye
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This cute board book is perfect for babies! There are a pair of plush dog ears that stick out. I love the simple language and message of the story.

12. Biscuit’s Valentine’s Day

A dog inside of a heart pulling thread with its teeth
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Cute puppies and love go together! Follow Biscuit on his Valentine’s Day adventures. There are some pull-back flaps for extra fun!

13. I Love You, Stinky Face

Different animals laying around reading a book
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A funny book about love. What kid doesn’t adore anything “stinky?” Giggle your way through this silly story.

14. I Love You, Little Pookie

A big pig hugging a smaller pig
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Funny illustrations and words from the heart make up this story’s declaration of love! It’s part of a series of books that would be a fun collection.

15. Corduroy Bear Board Book

A bear holding a heart balloon and heart cards
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Corduroy the Bear is a classic and precious children’s literature friend! This festively shaped board book is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

16. How Do Lions Say I Love You?

Two lions cuddling
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Perfect for toddlers learning their animal sounds! This tale is about how baby animals love and bond with their families.

17. My Fuzzy Valentine

Elmo holding a heart card
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Ideally, hands-on for babies and toddlers! This Sesame Street book is designed with sturdy board pages for durable reading and fun.

18. Love Monster

A red fuzzy monster looking up holding a toy and a heart
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A charming story about a hair monster who wants to fit in! He finally finds love when he least expects it.

19. Snuggle Puppy

A big dog hugging a small dog inside of a heart
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A sweet little love song about a puppy! Perfect for singing aloud with your littles.

20. The Berenstain Bears Love One Another

The Berenstain Bears hugging each other
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Classic storybook character friends, The Berenstain Bears, always teach the best lessons in their stories. This one reminds us of how to find ways to love each other!

21. Click Clack Moo I Love You

A duck holding up a heart garland sitting on the floor next to art supplies
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The farm animals are at it again! This time Little Duck is throwing a Valentine’s Day party. This series has such cute illustrations!

22. Arthur’s Valentine

Arthur holding a heart
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Our beloved friend Arthur takes his turn on Valentine’s Day! He tries to guess who his secret admirer is and is surprised once he does!

23. I Love You, Spot

Two dogs hugging each other
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Perfect for shorter attention spans and little hands! This board book allows you to join Spot as he surprises his mom by showing her how much he loves her.

24. You’re My Little Cuddle Bug

A ladybug standing on a hill
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I call my son bug, so we love this story! Chunky pages and die-cuts throughout will keep little hands engaged throughout.

25. Love From Giraffes Can’t Dance

A giraffe floating around the word LOVE
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Our friend from Giraffes Can’t Dance is back! It’s the perfect trim-size story celebration of love, music, and dance.

26. I Love You, Funny Bunny

A big bunny holding up a little bunny pretending it can fly
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This book full of read-along rhymes is perfect for any time of year, especially for Valentine’s Day! It describes how the parent bunny loves funny bunny and will make you grin throughout the story.

27. Clifford Loves

A girl hugging Cliffords nose
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Clifford is big and red with an even bigger heart! Enjoy this heart-shaped board book and share the love.

28. I’ve Loved You Since Forever

A big fox and little fox looking at each other
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Such a sweet story about love. I received this as a baby shower gift and have enjoyed reading it!

29. Pete the Cat, Valentine’s Day is Cool

Two cats on a skateboard and one is holding a heart that says love
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Our fun friend Pete the Cat does Valentine’s Day! He makes anything and everything cool, as evident in this story.

30. Franklin’s Valentines

Franklin the turtle looking at a basket of Valentine cards
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A classic children’s book character, it’s Franklin! A sweet and lovely journey with our favorite turtle on Valentine’s Day.

31. Love You Forever

A baby on the floor next to a toilet playing with toilet paper
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An absolute classic that any children’s library isn’t complete without! I sing part of this book to my son before bed, just as my family did growing up. A must for any little one!

32. How to Send a Hug

How to Send a Hug book cover with child hugging papers and sitting in front of mailbox with a duck
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This sweet book shows how to send hugs through handwritten letters in this story about a grandmother and granddaughter who live far apart but stay connected through their letters.

I hope you enjoyed this list of Valentine’s Day books for kids! Another fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with these precious books would be to give them in a fun “love basket.” Fill a basket with Valentine’s Day pajamas, books, and other red/pink-themed items to celebrate! Give the basket to them with plenty of time before Valentine’s Day to fully enjoy all the items and the holiday. Make the celebration special by baking special treats as a family and enjoying a love-themed movie together. Enjoy starting new traditions and making more memories this Valentine’s Day!

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